Annual Doctors Appt

This morning, I had my annual PCP appointment. I haven’t been to the doctors for an annual appt since 2016. I just haven’t felt the need to go. I am young (32) I keep myself healthy, so why bother? unless I am sick, then I go to the doctors, because I don’t have time to be sick.

While there, she took my height and weight. I am down 4 lbs. Not bad, all that walking really helps. Drew and I have been talking about trying to start a family (which may mean another blog or at least another section to this blog). I brought it up to my doctor and she said, I am at a good weight, and kind of told me now is the time, considering I am 32. This is the prime time to start our family. I do agree, but is it bad that I don’t feel like all maternal yet? Honestly, grad school takes a huge chunk of my time, and Andrew and I are pretty busy now as it is, but if it were to happen, it wouldn’t be terrible. Drew and I have also been flirting with the idea of going to Paris at least one more time this year.

When I got home, I talked to Drew and originally we decided to forgo Paris and try a family this year. In all reality, we couldn’t really try until March, because I have to build up a reserve of supplements (prenatal vitamins), so I have enough nutrients and folic acid in my system to help the baby’s spine develop properly. I started prenatal vitamins. I think deep down we are both pretty excited, but nervous about what is to come.

I worked on some more of my homework and then reported to RMU to assist John with an event happening at the theatre and this deserves another post dedicated to the events that occurred in the evening!


After CMU, I went home and a shower. I got some comfy clothes on and turned on AMC Fear Fest and Halloween H20 was on. I love Michael Myers. I started my homework for the weekend. I managed to get most of my internship blog completed. I have yet to finish my presentation, blog post, and summary for assessment, but it is started.

Andrew came home around 8:00pm he had class, and then his parents came by and dropped off somethings for us. I put my homework away and spent the rest of the evening watching Halloween Resurrection, and starting the first Halloween (1978) before heading to bed.

I feel like this week has been insane, but I have better handle on my assignments now and will continue to do more work tomorrow and into the weekend.

Starting to Feel Better

Today, after CMU I  went to Pitt to check in with my group for the functional area project. She was still having trouble, so I suggested we create a sway instead. So I created a sway, and trimmed the audio, so we wouldn’t have to re-record our audio. I added some pictures and some text, and then sent it off to one of the members for approval and then submitted it. I was over it.

In class, I got some confirmation about the projects that are due next week (after this weekend). I feel better and I am just going to do the best I can with the time that I have and I have found that it typically is okay in the end. Julia, my friend in the program said, she thinks we will survive. I agree with her.

After class, I went home and tried on my birthday present from Andrew. He got me Hunter rain boots. 🙂 I have been wanting a decent pair of rain boots for so long! I am in love.
Image may contain: shoes and boots

It is supposed to rain the next couple days here, and I am so excited because I have really cute boots now to wear in the rain!

A Case of the Mondays

When I arrived at CMU, I worked on presentation for the Staff Meeting. I was giving an update on the Late-Night stuff. I started thinking about all that I have going on  and I was starting to get overwhelmed. I had to meet up with my group today after CMU to work on the functional area presentation. We needed to put the final finishing touches on the presentation and submit since it was due today. Also, I was due to present my HEd Talk. Oral presentations make me uneasy. The last time I did a presentation. I got a C! I never got a C on an oral presentation before ever in my academic life. It was my first oral presentation of graduate school!

After CMU, I went to Pitt’s campus, and walked into Posvar Hall. I thought about how I used to work in this building full-time. It seems like forever ago, but it was only a few months.  I waited for my group in the seating area of the School of Ed. When my group members arrived, we moved into a quiet study room and started to work on our presentation. While we were working on our presentation, I thought I smelled incense. Then I thought okay, now it smells like campfire. We just kept working through the smell. We finished our audio recording, and someone came into the room, and told us that there is smoke in the building and they are evacuating.  We packed up our stuff and left the study room, and as we made our way to the escalators, the fire alarms went off.

As we made our way outside, we stood around on the patio. I texted my husband and told him that there was smoke and a fire possibly happening in Posvar. He asked if I made it out safe? I texted back and told him I was safe. I looked around for people that I used to work with. I remember in the summer, when they were doing the construction in the building, the fire alarm would go off all the time. Nancy would tell me, “Take all your stuff with you. In case they don’t let us back in.” I would quickly pack up my purse and go outside. She and I would stand around and chat until they let us back in the building.

While we were outside, I texted my group and said, “I guess we are done for the day.” I wondered about submitting the project as is. I saw my instructor outside, and his capstone class was standing around with him. Some of them, I am in class with this semester. Then, another professor that I had last semester, who was supposed to teach class at 4:30pm, ended up combining her class with the other instructor outside on the patio. I went over and talked to my old workers, Nancy, Patty, and Cody. Nancy pointed to Cody and said, “he didn’t bring his stuff.” I said, “Oh you will learn.” I was telling them how think this time it is legit, because I could smell smoke as we were working on our group project.

A few fire trucks arrived, and Pitt police blocked off the streets and the building. It was legit. I decided perhaps I should just head home. Not living in Oakland, and living elsewhere I either have to stay on campus or go home? I had class at 7:15pm. I wasn’t sure. I took the bus, and my parents picked me up (Drew had class), by the time I got the bus stop and my parents picked me up, my dad took me back to Pitt’s campus, because the building was open and class was still on!

When I arrived back to Pitt’s campus, and walked back into Posvar it was like nothing had ever happened earlier! I went into class, and there were some students in there already since the class before in that room was cancelled, or held outside. It was just a weird day.

When my instructor entered the room, and class began we signed up in a particular order for our presentations. I was second. When it was time for me to give my presentation, I just wanted to get it over with. I was ready to go and should have done this two weeks ago, but I wanted to wait and see how everyone else did on their presentations. I think my presentation went well. I get nervous anymore doing presentations.

After class, I received my grade and it was an A! I was happy. I did agree with some of his feedback, and there are things to consider for my next presentation. I was so ready to go home. I met up with Drew downstairs by the bagel place, and we got ready to leave. I also received some texts from my functional area group that the presentation as not working. The audio was not matching with the video. They wanted to utilize the grace period. I just wanted to submit this thing. I hate last minute issues. I also needed to just go home and go to bed.

Full Day

This morning, I had a meeting with my assessment group at Chatham University. We were meeting with the assistant resident director to assess their LLCs. Chatham’s campus is gorgeous.  It is so peaceful and so serene. I just want to sit outside and do work, or even just mediate. It is gorgeous.

Our meeting with the assistant resident director went so well. We have a better idea of our assessment project. They basically have it mapped out for us in a sense. We just have to hit the ground running.

After Chatham, I had some down time so I went to my parents. I fell asleep on their couch. I was so tired.

Around 3:30pm, I went to the Peterson Events Center to meet with the baseball team. Chris gave me their schedules, and then I met with a few of the players to introduce myself and to get a sense of what they were working on. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of the things we discussed for our next meeting.


Advisor Meeting

This afternoon, before class I met with Max, who is now my present advisor. We talked about paid internships. He mentioned one that came across his desk with athletics. He asked me to reach out to Chris to see what the position would be about and how much it would pay.

After our meeting, we walked to class, when I walked in, I sat with my assessment group and I opened my computer and I sent the e-mail to Chris. I have met him before. When I was working at Posvar, athletics borrowed apart of our floor while the Pete was getting remodeled. Chris reached out to me immediately, we set up a meeting to meet at the Pete on Thursday, which is the same day I am to mentor the football player. He e-mailed my advisor and he told my advisor that unfortunately, the position is unpaid. My advisor said, that I was free to explore, but would advise against an unpaid position. I totally understood, but at the same time. I really wanted experience with athletics. I would have to talk to Drew some more about this. I was still going to meet with Chris on Thursday.

HEM Cookout

In the morning, I fed the dogs and took my time packing up our things. I always seem to forget things when we dog sit. My parents were due home in the early afternoon. I had some things I needed to accomplish before we attend a cookout at my professor’s house.

When I arrived home, I made the spinach dip and cut up some French bread. I also packed a ziplock bag of crackers. I was afraid of not having enough up and crackers for such an abundance of spinach dip.

Around 3:30pm, Andrew and I left for my professor’s house. I wasn’t sure who all was going to attend the cookout. When we arrived, my professor has such a cute house. Most of the professors in the HEM program showed up. Most of the students were either in their last year of the program, or the first year. There were only 2 part time students there like myself, who weren’t in the cohort that were graduating in the spring, but we also not in their first year. It is one of those weird things. I had a good time mingling and chatting with my professor, who hosted the cookout. It was good for Andrew to meet the professors, that I have worked with and some of the students, who I worked with during other classes.

We left around 6:30pm, in time to watch the Steelers game and get ready for another week of school!