Sunday=Homework All Day

This morning, I made bacon for breakfast for Drew and I, had some coffee, got a shower, watched one episode of Reign. Then I and sat down at the computer and started to get to work on my revisions for my paper. I felt pretty confident. Sure there were some areas that I could expand, and minor punctuation fixes, but other than that I feel confident. I am ready to see my final grade and go to England!
After my paper corrections, I saved them and moved on to the next assignment which was my two home work assignments for Methodology, they were easy. Questions like find the answer in the article where this happened, or that. No math, and no formulas. I like easy.  After I finished the homework assignments, I e-mailed the professor and asked her when we would know the grade that we received on our paper. She said, she was working on them now, but won’t be able to release them until Dr. Lane gets back to her about a question she had regarding grading. She did also say, that I would not be disappointed.
After I finished the homework for methodology, I completed my oral presentation prep for Higher Education Administration. This is the same class, that I have been revising my paper for. I feel pretty confident about it. Me and someone else are the last people to give our presentations. I am not all that nervous. Public speaking is easy for me. It is just the time limit I am concerned about.
When I finished up for the day, it was around 4:30pm. Drew finished the laundry and started dinner. He is so helpful and is there for me 100%. After dinner, we watched the Office, and just relaxed the rest of the night. I got an e-mail from Dr. Q saying the grades for the paper are posted. I logged on and I received a 20/20! I got 100% on paper! I was so happy! I am ready to take on the week.


This morning, I had a meeting with Phyllis. We went over everything that was coming up. I really didn’t have too much to discuss with her. We chatted about life and my review coming up. It was pretty easy. I was not looking forward to going to class tonight.
Overall the day went well, I had a lot to accomplish and get finished. I succeeded with my work day, but then there was night class.

When I left the office, I went up to the classroom, which is only and escalator away. In my first class, we had a guest speaker teach us Qualitative Methods. I am not going to lie, I feel like I am good on qualitative methods. It was referenced so many times throughout the course, why do we need a whole day devoted to it?
After the first class, I went downstairs and got a bagel. I know I shouldn’t, but I was so hungry and I already had anything to hold me over for the long day. When I went back upstairs, people from my second class started pouring in and taking their seats. We had a guest speaker in this class as well. She was the VP of students in student affairs. She told us all about the college she works for and what her job was like. It was interesting, but I am so over this. I am ready to be done for the semester, and I didn’t really care what this person did for a living.
After she left, we had 2 people giving oral presentations. One did really well, the other kind of glossed over her topic and didn’t do so well. I felt bad for her, but it also petrified me. I have to do that this weekend. Mine is mostly finished, but I feel like there is still some more work I need to do. I give my presentation on Monday. The same day we turn in our second paper.
After class ended, I went downstairs to meet Drew. He was in the parking garage. When  I walked out into the parking garage he greeted me. My day was finally over. We had to stop and get gas, then it was home to bed!

Writing All Day

This morning I woke up, I felt so much better. I was no longer hung over and disgusting. I got dressed, and made some coffee. Then, I went upstairs and started on my second paper. I had no clue. I started to talk more about the institution, then I just dove into it head first. I was on a move, but then I realized I forgot somethings in my office, in a drunken haze, and hurry to get out of the office. I forgot to grab the materials for my paper.
When Drew got out of the shower, he offered to drive down to Oakland with me. On the way we stopped at Dunkin and got coffee. When we arrived to Oakland, parked, and entered my building. I unlocked the door to Sociology department, and it was pitch black. I used my phone as a flash light to find my way to my office. I unlocked the door, grabbed my things and then we left. I was going to be back there sooner, than I liked to think.
When we arrived back home, I finished my paper with 2 pages and a source left to go. I am so ready to just be done. I like it, but damn I am glad it’s almost over, the semester that is.
After I finished my paper for the night, we ate dinner, and I was able to relax with Drew until it was time to go to bed. I had a long day tomorrow. I was hoping to feel more confident about this paper eventually.

Prep for Paper 2

Around 11am today, I met with my professor and we discussed my thesis for my second paper. This paper is centered around William’s text Strategic Diversity Leadership. I have to pick a University’s strategic diversity plan and analyze it according to William’s text. I already had a paragraph of the paper completed before the meeting, but that is it so far.
During the meeting, we discussed the text, the diversity plan that I picked, and the University. He told me that the plan is rather intensive and thinks it maybe a good idea if I narrow my it down to one or two goals to analyze in the plan. We talked about a plan of attack and what sources might be good to look into.  I took some notes on our conversation. I am so ready for this paper to behind me. I am not looking forward to sitting down and writing it. We also chatted about my oral presentation that I am due to present. My oral presentation is scheduled the same day as the paper. I know there is no possible way to get an extension without my grade suffering, so let the games begin. Overall, my meeting lasted a half hour. I have a better understanding of the second paper, and needed to get it done.

On my way back to the office, I ran into class mate from Max’s class. He asked me what I got on the first paper. I said, a B+. I asked what he got, and he said an A-. I am convinced he gives part-time student’s B+. As I was about to comment, Max walked by. He said, you didn’t make it very far. I said, I know right. I watched him go down the escalator. I looked back at Steven. He said a few other girls in the class that are part-time students got a B+ too I said, “well one of the Julia’s got an A- and she is a part-time student. I do remember Max saying in class that there isn’t much difference in grad school, when it comes to a B+ and A-. I think this guy was trying to stir the pot. I was hearing so many things about this professor. There are so many rumors. When I got back to my office, I did some requests and the day went by pretty quickly. Nothing much else to report.


This morning, I woke up at 5:40 am. We drove in today, instead of taking the bus. I have to meet with my group for Higher Education Administration Management class at 4:30pm today. I am semi prepared to meet up with them, but not really. All I have to do is sum up the intro of what a Director of Libraries does for a University. It isn’t due until the week we come back from Spring break. I am more concerned about the paper that is due for that class.
When we were on our way to Pitt, I told Drew how tired I was. He said, you slept for 9 hours. I said, I felt like I could sleep for longer. He laughed. When we got to Pitt,  we got coffee at the Cathedral. When Drew and I parted ways, I walked to my building and called my mom. I told her about how tired I was and she said, well you are busy girl. I sighed. I am, but it is better that way.
When I got to my building, I opened the department, put my lunch in the fridge, and sat down in my office. I started reading for grad school and printed out some articles for the meeting tonight. I was hoping it wasn’t going to last long. I have yet to look those over. I have the easy portion I think.
When Nancy came in, we started looking over the issues with the fall schedule. Things weren’t adding up in our allocation. We are trying to project who is going to receive a fellowship, and how many grad students are coming into the department, and etc. It is a mess and it is all up in the air. It’s a struggle to plan, when we you don’t have all the information yet. You almost have to play and guess with the data you have. It is a mess.
Presently, Nancy is out to lunch, and I am sitting here typing up this post. Hopefully I will have an update for you soon.
When Nancy came back, I went into the kitchen and read for grad school, while I ate lunch. While I was reading, a professor came in, the one that I used to share the office space with and he said, “How goes it Scholar?” I said, “It goes well, gentleman.” He and I shared a laugh and then he walked out of the kitchen. I really feel like I have made some friends in this department.
After lunch, I went back to my office, and worked on some requests throughout the day, talked to Nancy off and on, and then it was time to meet with my group for the leadership presentation, which only took about 15 mins, then I was on my way to meet Drew at the Cathedral.
When we were on our way to our car, we talked about what we wanted to do for dinner. I kind of wanted to get out for a bit. He felt the same way, even though it was a rainy day. We went to IHop and had Pancakes. He loves it there. I personally like Eat n Park better, but I don’t mind going to IHop. I had the cupcake pancakes. They were so sweet and so good. It is exactly what I needed for my hormones. Drew had an omelette and three buttermilk pancakes. He ate every bite. Typically he swims at lunch and this makes him even hungrier throughout the day.
After iHop, we went home. I got showered and changed into some comfortable clothes, and we watched the Office, until we went to bed. Somethings in the Office are hilarious. Somethings are not so funny, but I was battling hormones and waiting for my monthly visitor, so nothing was funny. Tomorrow is another day.

First Day of Grad School

First Day of Grad School

In the morning, right before we left for the bus stop. Drew took a picture of me with a sign that said, “First Day of Grad School.” He is so cute. It was his idea. I had my book bag on and I was ready to go, do or die.
After work today, I went up about 10 mins early to get to my classroom. When I finally found it, I took a seat near the back. I didn’t want to be so up front. The professor introduced herself, talked about her background, and how she is a statistician. I opened my Mac, and prepared myself for the start of Grad School.
When she started to lecture, I took notes on my Mac. I felt like I understood the material and didn’t really need to ask questions. I felt like I got it. Our first homework assignment was to write a discussion post about ourselves. The second homework assignment that is due is a practice quiz almost on the material we covered in class. Then, of course, read for the next class, it’s not too bad so far.
After class was over we took a break, and then I got ready for my next class. I wasn’t sure what to expect for my next class. It seemed like it was going to be my favorite at first, but now I felt like that was going to change.
When the professor came in, he introduced himself and started talking about the syllabus, the expectations, upcoming assignments due, and etc. We really didn’t start talking about the readings until the last half of the class. This professor’s style was more like he asks probing questions, and the class leads the discussion with their answers. It is not really what I am used to. I wanted to show that I read the material and watched the documentary, so I tried to answer as much as I could and participate.
Right before class was over, we split up into groups to work on the state board or accreditation project that is due early February. After this class was over, I felt so overwhelmed. I didn’t know how I was going to do this. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, or if I was even cut out for it. I talked to the professor after class for a while, he told me that I will be okay.

The first paper is always the worst because you never know what to expect. I agree, but when papers are worth 50% of your grade. I better know what to expect, as much as possible.  He encouraged me to go the writing center for my sentence structure if I have issues with it, but I need to find someone who works with graduates, not undergrads (oh the glory days……..).
When I met up with Drew, who was downstairs by the bagel place, he was open arms and saw how drained I looked. I told him how I felt. He knows I am quick to get so down on myself and be tough on myself.  He said, “Baby, it is your first class. Give it a chance. You will do great.” I know he is right, but damn that second class is going to whip my ass. I just know it. When we got home, I went upstairs and got ready for bed. I was so tired.