I Feel Pretty Review

The movie I feel pretty with Amy Schumer is a must see for every girl! Too often do young girls, pre teens, and even adults fall victim to the unrealistic view of how women “should” look like. The media and fashion magazines say women should have a thigh gap, and be a size 2.

The scene where Renee (Amy Schumer) goes into a boutique and is approached by the sales woman and asks, “shopping for a gift?” Renee says, “no, for myself.” She says “oh well we have limited sizes in the store, but you maybe able to find your size online.” I felt so bad for Renee. Too often are women treated like that in the stores.

There were so many good scenes in that movie, like when she is at the cycling studio and she is trying to workout among all the thin girls. I have felt like that before at the gym. I remember when I first started I was self conscious and insecure. People at the gym seemed so fit. We are all on different journeys when it comes to wellness, and I just try to not think about it and do me.

The movie I feel pretty is so relatable to every woman out there. I am sure we can all see a glimpse of ourselves in Renee, but it shouldn’t take a soul cycle studio accident to make us realize that we are pretty, confident.