Transfer Student Ice Cream Social

I do not repot to CMU on Fridays unless there is an event happening, where I have to check in. I still want to be able to help at RMU when I can. Today was one of those days. There was a Transfer Student Ice Cream Social Happening. I met with Natacia in the Center for Student Success to help her create a flyer in Canva for the event. We talked about the social, and the itinerary for the event. I was excited to apart of this event.

When I went to RMU, I was a transfer student, a commuter student, and a first-generation student. The transfers, commuters, and first-gens hold a special place in my heart. I am passionate about them and want to see them succeed.

When I arrived to the event, which was held in the Franklin Center. Believe it or not this was the first time I have ever been in the Franklin Center. I logged in and turned on my Spotify and started playing a playlist for the social.

A few minutes later, Natcia arrived and I helped her set up. Once the students arrived, we got started with the ice cream. Sewickley Confectionary provided the ice cream. Then Natcia conducted some ice breakers with the students. After ice breakers we introduced ourselves and the contacts from the Career Center spoke about ways they could help the transfer students. Natacia also spoke about the Center for Student Success. It was a good event, but only a handful of students showed up. I wish more students would go to these events, but we do what we can to show that RMU cares.

Ice Cream & Handmaid’s Tale

So I have not been going to the gym lately. I am having a hard time getting back into it. This morning, I had every intention of trying to go to barre class after work today, but it just didn’t happen.

After work, I waited for Anthony to come over and then we went to the Sewickley Confectionery and got ice cream. This place is so cute. It looks like your old fashioned neighborhood ice cream place. They have scoop ice cream, and not soft serve. They also have gelato. I was to get some gelato for Drew on our way home, but for now, we were going to enjoy our ice cream.

When we went outside to sit, the tables were wet from the rain last night, so Anthony wiped his chair down a bit. I didn’t care I just sat down. I got bananas and cream ice cream on a cake cone. Anthony got chocolate cherries? I am not sure. He had him in a waffle cone. We talked about the dates that he was getting ready to go on, and how he just doesn’t seem to care about dating anymore. We all go through phases.

After ice cream, we went back to my house and watched Handmaid’s Tale. This is the second to last episode before the finale. We were screaming at the TV. Girl don”t do that! Girl you are wasting too much time, get going! I am so nervous for the finale. We planned to watch it together next week and get ice cream again!

A Day with Mom

On my way to work, I stopped at Starbucks for Victoria and me. I had a free drink, well the woman gave me my drink for free as well. I gave her a little confused look. She smiled, I said, thank you. Today was a good day at work. I sent over a couple agreements. Victoria tried her hand at cold calling, and got an agreement. I was proud of her. I taught her well. We also went to the bank to deposit money. After work, I went to my parents my mom was going to the dermatologist, and wanted me to go with her. She was going to get a few things removed.

When we arrived at the dermatologist, the derm said that they appear to be warts on her, and that they should be biopsied. She said I could stay in watch, but wanted me to sit on the other side of her. I held my mom’s hand as she was numbed, and then the warts were taken off. She wasn’t feeling that good today. I felt bad for her. She is a bit overweight, and her blood pressure was pretty low. I want her around for a while, and I wish she would go to the gym with me, or at least go to the gym, period.

After the dermatologist, we got ice cream at dairy queen. Then we went home. When I got back to my parents, I said hi to my dad and the dogs, and then it was out the door and home to husband. We were supposed to go to Leanne and Dan’s today, but he rescheduled with Dan for Thursday instead. Drew needed one more day. I felt so bad that he still wasn’t 100%.

For dinner, I made tacos, and green beans. It was a nice dinner, but the Pens Game was coming on, and we had to get ready for the game! We lost. It sucked. I was so tired too for some reason

Fastest Labs Offer

Today, Dave started working on the deck. When he came over, the sun was out, but when he got set up to start working it started to rain, so he had to stop. It rained off and on, but he was able to get most of the deck finished. He was going to come back the next day to finish and he was bringing his son Will. Will is my ex-boyfriend. We dated off and on a few times, but he never knew what he wanted and he wasn’t a good match. If you look back into my dating history, that always seemed to be the case with the guys I dated in my past. Will found himself hanging out with the wrong crowd and wound up getting into drugs. He was trying to be a rapper at that time, as well. I do have a soft spot in my heart for him, because obviously you don’t want someone you know getting into drugs, and potentially dying, but you cannot save everyone from themselves.

While Dave was working on the deck, my phone rang and it was Chris from Fastest Labs. He offered me the job. I graciously accepted the position. I figured I could supplement the position and use it for now, until Pitt calls or something else comes through. I just had such an ick feeling when it came to dealing with people’s urine and I never had to deal with it before, and it was a new experience for me.

After I got off the phone with Chris, I called Drew and told him. He congratulated me and told me that it was probably best for me to take this position for now. You never know where it could lead, but if Pitt calls obviously you should take that one instead. I agreed with him. What harm could it do? I need to work anyway. I was getting so bored just sitting around the house.  I called Earl after I got off the phone with Drew. He said, just do this job for now. I wouldn’t recommend you if I didn’t think you could help this guy grow his business. I agreed. Then he said, you never know where it could lead. I told him that you are going to end up at Pitt at some point, but she can help you, for now, so Chris is aware that I am not trying to stay here.

Shortly after Dave left for the day, Drew came home. We got ready and went to Home Depot. Then we went and got ice cream to celebrate my new job. He is so sweet. He tries.

Laundry. Applications. Ice Cream

This morning, I woke up to a phone call from Leanne. I didn’t answer it, then she texted me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk today. I had some things I needed to do here. I wasn’t feeling like I would be good company. I got a shower, called my mom, and then called Leanne. Leanne said she was feeling queasy as well. I told her I was feeling the same way after eating that shamrock shake. She said I think it is going to rain today, anyways, but I wanted to walk. I said, yea, but it looks pretty cloudy out here as well. She said, she was just probably going to watch television all day, but I wanted to watch Dawson, and do some things around the house.

When I got off the phone with Leanne, I threw some laundry in and made some coffee. I put dinner in the crockpot and threw some onions and carrots in, along with some seasoning, so dinner will be ready by the time Drew gets home. Now I am watching the last episode of Dawson’s Creek for today, and typing up this entry. I keep checking my phone, refreshing my e-mail, and checking PittSource. I am trying not to go insane. Drew texted me and told me that he is feeling off today. I hope feels better throughout the day. I rely so much on him when he gets home. He is my own interaction sometimes after a day of being in the house by myself, but hopefully, this will change soon!

When Drew got home, we had dinner, then we went to Cold Stone to get ice cream. He texted me earlier if I wanted to go and try to soak up this nice weather. I am so down for ice cream. When we got to Cold Stone, I always get the birthday cake remix, but I was in the mood for something a little less sweet, and not so childish. I got banana-flavored ice cream with caramel and walnuts in it. It was the perfect amount of sweet that I wanted that day. I don’t particularly care for Cold Stone, but I know Drew likes it. I am more of a simple kind of ice cream gal, and that is Dairy Queen. I haven’t had Dairy Queen in so long! Cold stone was yummy, and when we went home, I kept noticing how nasty his car smelled. We both couldn’t figure out why. He thought it was the coffee thermos that he just brought in that did have some coffee left in it.