Mother’s Day

We went to my in-laws for dinner. We were in the guidelines when it comes to having small groups of people together. We were under 10 people.  I was tasked with making a salad. I was glad to see everyone and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Also, I was able to spend the past couple days with my mom and see her even though we couldn’t do anything special because everything was closed. I did promise her a pedicure once the salons open up again.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, especially the ones who are trying to be mothers.


This morning, we got up and I made pancakes. They are called Kodiak cakes. They are full of protein, and are probably keto friendly, if you don’t put syrup on them. 🙂 I have to have syrup on my pancakes.

We took his dad to home from NTB. He had to drop his car off, then we took him home. His car is supposed to be done this evening. Once we got back to his parent’s, his mom was laid up on the couch. She just had her 5th and hopefully last ankle surgery. It was good to see her, but I wish she would get better soon. We talked about her surgery, my interview that is coming up, etc.

When we left their place, we went to the wave pool. I had the car packed, and my swim suit on, under my romper. The weather had other plans in mind. It was pouring down rain when we left his parents. The rain stopped when we got to the pool, but after we paid to enter the pool, and were walking towards the green turf. One of the workers said, there is a lightning delay and we have to wait 30 mins before we can get in the water. The owner passed me and said, “I know you just got here, but I don’t want to take any more money from people. I will give you a pass if the lightning continues.” We figured we would wait and see what happens. We stood under the shelter of the bath house, and the rain started to come down. Andrew and I decided it was best to take the pass.

When we got home, I got a shower, and then put on some comfy clothes and started to clean the house, and do some laundry. We did need to clean, and do things around the house, and perhaps give our skin a break. Around 3:30pm, we went to the mall, and Drew bought some polo shirts for work. He desperately needed new ones. I didn’t buy anything for myself.

When we arrived to his parents, Drew went with his dad to get his car, and then he came back to his parents. His dad started to make dinner. He served us steaks, potato, and broccoli. We also had a piece of almond torte cake for dessert. Everything was so good. We are so spoiled.

After dinner, we relaxed and watched the Pirate game. We left his parents around 9pm.

Waffles Missing

This morning, all we could think about Waffles and how he was out there somewhere in the cold. All day at work I was trying to focus, but I couldn’t I kept thinking about Waffles and where he was, and if he was even alive! I followed my brother-in-law’s Facebook page for updates and comments. It broke my heart to see his missing poster.

Drew and I kept checking Facebook throughout the day to see if there were any updates. I couldn’t focus at work. I had to sit on on meeting and take the minutes. I was asked how my weekend was, and I said it was good up until yesterday. I told them about Waffles. I was frazzled and emotional.

The faculty member said that I think you have a good excuse to not be here today in this meeting. I said, are you sure, I can take the minutes. She said no it’s fine we can manage. I said, thank you and I got up and left. I typically try harder to not let my emotions get the best of me, but this one was hitting me hard.

At the end of the day, I saw a post, that said someone saw paw prints by Waldameer and Sara’s campground. After work, I called some businesses in that area. Everything is closed for the season, or no one answers the phone. I did manage to get a hold of someone and I alerted her about Waffles and if she could please call me and let me know if she sees any prints around the area.  I texted my brother-in-law and he was thankful that I was trying to reach out.  He said he would keep me posted, and I promised to keep him posted if I were to hear anything.

We all were expecting the worse, except for my mother-in-law she was hoping for a miracle.

Grandma’s 84th Birthday

Grandma turned 84! We had a party for her at the rehab center. My mother-in-law had a sandwich ring, cake, and potato chips. My parents attended, as well as Stephanie (Drew’s cousin, who is pregnant), Aunt Paula (Stephanie’s mom). Grandma was so happy to see everyone. We are blessed to have her with us!

Christmas Day

This morning, I could tell Drew was a little better, but not one 100%. We still were going to go to his parents for Christmas. My parents were meeting us over there for dinner. I was excited to spend the day with everyone, but I was worried about Drew. He wasn’t doing so well.

When we arrived to his parents, we hung out and opened gifts with Tommy and Megan.

Tommy and Megan got Drew a nice Eddie Bauer zip up, and they gave me a pink champagne 3-wick candle from Pier 1. I love Pier 1, candles, and pink champagne. They also gave us a $50 gift card to Lowes. We gave them together with a gift card to Amazon and I bought Megan a little wine glass ornament with a Santa hat on it.

I finally got to meet Waffles. I was glad to finally meet him. He has the sweetest little personality. He just comes right up to you and kisses you and pounces on you.

Butters on the other hand, just wants you to throw him the ball. He is not about kisses and cuddles. Tommy and Megan said he is the athlete.









After gifts,  Drew and I went to get Aunt Toostie. We took his mom’s car. Chippewa is a bit of drive from his parents, but we made it. Aunt Tootsie was so glad to see us. She filled us in on what has been going on with her.
When we arrived back to my in-laws my parents arrived shortly after. I was glad to see them. I love it when we are all together. I just wish Drew felt better. Dinner was a huge spread. Drew seemed to have an appetite. I was glad of that.
After dinner, we hung out for a while, we decided not to go see Grandma. We would see her sometime during the week. We didn’t want her getting sick and getting what Drew had.




Wake Up Call

This morning, I woke up in the guest bedroom of my in-law’s house. I didn’t sleep that well the bed was not that comfortable and I could feel the dip in the mattress. My hip was a little sore. Outside it was still raining. My productivity was going to be so low today. I could just feel it.

When I went into their guest bathroom, I noticed they had a scale. Typically I avoid scales like the plague. I don’t like to get on them, as soon as I do I obsess about it and it isn’t good, but I decided what the hell I will get on it. I tapped the scale with my foot and waited until it read 0.0. Then I stood on the scale and tried to make sure I was standing tall and even, but I was looking down. I didn’t want to make any noise and drag the scale across the floor. I didn’t want anyone to know I was weighing myself. I hadn’t weighed myself in so long, so maybe I wasn’t standing as even and tall as one should to make my weight distribute properly. The scale read 180.0. I said, there is no way (I did have clothing on.)

I got off the scale and then went downstairs. My husband was sipping coffee on the couch with his dad watching the News. I was so in my head. I made some coffee and then went to go sit on the other couch. Drew smiled at me and I smiled back. In my head, I was obsessing about the scale.

When his mom woke up, she made some coffee and was in the kitchen. I asked her how accurate the scale is in the upstairs bathroom. She said it is pretty accurate, why? I said, well then I am in trouble. It says that I weigh 180 pounds. She said, oh wow. I said I know. We started talking about the Keto Diet. My mother-in-law has been doing it for three years now and has lost weight and is in much better shape than she was. I looked through her recipe book and I was determined to try it. I needed to do it. I needed to make a change. She said, “No more Starbucks.” (She knows me so well). She said, “When you go to Starbucks, get a coffee with espresso and cream. No fancy drinks.” I nodded. She is right. I need to cut out sugar.

For breakfast, his dad made us omelets with eggs, cheese, ham, and veggies. I looked at his mom and said, “can I eat this?” She said, “Yes you can.” She toasted me a piece of her Keto bread. It was a little softer than real bread and not as crunchy. It was going to be an adjustment, but I needed to do something. I needed to change. I forced down the bread and enjoyed the omelet.

Today was going to be the day that I start the Keto lifestyle. My mother-in-law packed up some leftovers for us, and something to help me start the Keto process. She printed out her cream sauce recipe that is Keto friendly, that she used on all her meats in order to keep it from getting boring.  I can do this. It is just going to require some meal prep and effort.

On the way home, I stopped at Lens Crafters and picked up my glasses. They needed adjusted a bit, and I was good to go. When we got home, we brought the stuff in the house from his parents, and I went downstairs to fold laundry from the dryer. While I am downstairs folding laundry, I have my new glasses on, and I am stacking the folded laundry on the dryer.

All of the sudden I see something scurry out of the pile of plastic paint tarp that Drew left in the basement, this thing made it’s way to the center of the basement, where the sewage drain is that drains the water. It took me a minute for my brain to register that it was a mouse. I screamed and then yelled for Drew. He ran down to the basement and saw the mouse. I grabbed a bucket and put it over him, but he crawled right out of the bucket. Drew grabbed the laundry board and pushed him back into the center of the basement. He said, “Babe, we need something that is airtight. Something he won’t slip out from under.” I looked around and grabbed one of my half-burned Yankee Candle jars and put it over the mouse. He was trapped now.

Please don’t judge me for this post and what I am about to tell you. Once we got him trapped, Drew and I looked at each other. I said, “We have a mouse.” He said, “Yup.” I said, “I am glad we caught him now, instead of at 9pm at night.” This mouse just came out in the light and moseyed on over to the drain, like no big deal. Typically they come out at night, or when the light is not on. “Who do we call?” Drew said, ” I don’t know.” I called Dave my parents handyman. He came over within 10-15 mins.  When he came over, he came into our basement. I said, “Please watch your step.” He looked down at the glass container and saw the mouse. He said, “That’s good you guys have him trapped.” He took a paint can out and put it on top of the glass candle jar. Dave said, “Do you guys just want to put something under the glass container and take him outside?” I said, “No then he will find his way back in. When he dies, we will take him out to the trash.” I know it is cruel, but we were going to wait until he suffocated. I know this is wrong. It is so sad to suffocate an animal. I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me, but it was the only way to ensure that he wouldn’t find his way back in.

When Dave left, Drew and I cleaned up the basement. We swept up and he took the paint tarp out of the basement and was going to take to the garage. I was so over this day already and I had some reading to do for the class to stay on top of things a little bit. Eventually, Jasper, the mouse passed away. I asked Drew if we should say a few words. He said, “Do you want to?” I said my Catholic prayers and asked that God take him to heaven and forgive us for what we did. I looked back at Drew and I said, “Anything you want to say?” He looked at me then at Jasper in the glass container and said, “Thank you for messing up my day.” Drew went over to the glass container and shook the mouse from side to side. He didn’t move and was stiff. I grabbed some gloves and a garbage bag. Drew grabbed a flat tool to place under the glass container. We dropped the glass container and Jasper into the garbage bag and Drew walked Jasper to the garbage.

While he was disposing of the mouse, I got on my hands and knees with a brush and some bleach water and cleaned up the area where Jasper died. I felt a little like shit about all this, but it was what it was I guess. After the mouse fiasco, Drew went to the gym and I got a long hot shower, and put on some relaxing clothes and did some reading. I am loving these glasses!

For dinner, I heated up the leftovers. We split a sweet potato, but I had butter and cinnamon on mine because butter is Keto friendly! I had some veggies and some steak. After dinner, we cleaned up, and then watched Smallville. As I was laying on the couch, I could feel myself craving something like chips or a Reeses’ cup. I laid there and fought the craving. Drew felt a little bad for me but supported me and talked me through my sugar craving. I felt strong enough to do this.  I have this app on my phone it is called carb manager. It breaks down my carbs, fat, and protein, etc. I ate a total of 25 net carbs today. This is the maximum that I can have. I am definitely going to try this for a while. I am excited about the results.

Also, that evening we laid down mousetraps, in the corners and along the wall on the floor. Hopefully, we do not have any more mice!

Pitt Panthers vs. Penn State Lions

Today is the biggest game of the year. It is the Pitt vs. Penn State game. This is the 99th time they have played each other. I so desperately wanted Pitt to win this game. There is this rivalry between the two schools. I tried to get tickets, but decided we would have more fun watching the game with his parents. His dad was going to make steaks on the grill. Plus it was going to rain all day!
During the day, I did some laundry, and cleaned up the house a bit. I was able to finish my reading for the weekend. I was ready to go for class this week. I just needed to do some things for my internship. I figured his mom might be able to help me. She had to write her own job description, so I know she will be a good person to ask.
Around 4:30pm, we got the car packed up and drove to his parents. When we arrived his mom opened the garage door and said, “Hey Roomies!” She was so happy to see us. I was glad to see her and be able to just relax this evening. We cracked open a Truly and brought our stuff in.
We sat down to eat dinner around 6:30pm. We had steak, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, broccoli, green beans, sausage, hot dogs, peppers, etc. We were so grateful for dinner and to be able to have the time with them. Dinner was so yummy. I was so full. After dinner, I painted my nails a grey color. My mother-in-law uses the OPI infinite shine polish. I love it. I need to invest in it.
After I painted my nails, it was time to get ready for the game. We all sat in the living room and watched Pitt mess up the coin toss. Pat Narduzzi looked so mad. I thought this is not a good sign. We scored first. There was so much cheering and yelling. We thought Pitt was going to win and that they had this.
As the game went on, Pitt was making serious errors and in the end, Pitt fell to Penn state with a score of 51-6. It was heartbreaking. After the game, we got ready to go to bed. I wondered if I would see the players around the campus on Monday, or if they will try to keep a low profile.

Sunday, Drew’s Parents for Dinner

This morning, we took it easy. We drank some coffee and watched Smallville. We are on season 3 now, Clark meets Lois for the first time. I am such a sucker for Superman, especially Tom Welling. After Smallville, we got ready and went to the gym. I was going to try to get a really good work out in and run again. I am really trying to get back into it, without thinking about it too much.
The gym was a bit packed, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to stay, but whatever. I went to it. I got on a treadmill started out at a 3.5 speed on a 3.5 incline for about 10 mins, then I turned the incline down to 0.0 and increased the speed to 4.5 and started to run for at least 4 mins. I used to be able to run for 7 mins, but it’s not happening as of late. I can’t wait to get back to that. I did another walking session back at 3.5 speed and a 3.5 incline and walked for 10 mins, before kicking it back up again and running again. I did this for about 30 mins, and then I got off the treadmill. I used to do an hour of cardio, but I have been talking to a few people and they said, that all you need is at least 20-30 mins of cardio anymore than that is ridiculous.
After the treadmill, I did some weights. I did the lat machine three sets of 20. I was sore the last time I did this, and I like that feeling. After the lat machine, I did the hip abductor. I looked over and saw Drew in the weight room lifting weights, he looks so in his zone. I am struggling so bad getting back into this.
After the strength training machines, I went home to get a shower and get ready to go to his parents. I put on some comfy beach pants that I got at Old Navy. I am so in love with that store. I paired the striped blue and white pants with a white tank top. I was just going comfy. When Drew got home, he got showed and then we were on our way to his parents.
When we arrived, his dad was already cooking on the grill and the dinner was almost ready. It has been a while since we were over there for dinner. His dad made steaks, potatoes, hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, some cheese spread with cut up pastrami over peppers, baked potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I was ready for a steak. I was so sick of hamburgers and hot dogs. We talked about work, school, grandma, Tommy and Megan’s new dog waffles; I can’t wait to meet him. For dessert, we sang happy birthday and had cake, chocolate covered pretzels, and because they know I am not a fan of chocolate cake they bought me a piece of vanilla cheesecake. I am so hormonal and thanked them for the cheesecake, but told them I am going to have a small piece of cake today.
After cake, Drew opened the gift he got Bose wireless headphones. We are not too sure what happened to his other headphones. The cake was so good. It had pieces of chocolate chips in it, so yummy. I got up and went into the living room and laid on the couch. I was so full. I ended up falling asleep.
While I napped, Drew helped his mom set up her Fitbit. We gave her his old one. After he finished setting it up, Drew came over and kissed my cheek to wake me up. He is so sweet. He said, “Want to go soon?” I said, “Okay.” I smiled and got up from the couch. His mom packed us up at a doggie bag to take home. I love when they do that, because it is helpful to us. The leftover food will help with his lunches and dinners for a couple of days. It seems like Drew had a great birthday weekend, now to get home and start a new week again.

July 4th

This morning, we got up and got ready to go to the pool. We wanted to get there right when it opened. We didn’t have too much time to relax at the pool before our families were arriving for 4th. We were having a cookout. I always wear my American flag dress on the fourth of July dress. I didn’t bother with a selfie this year.

After we came back from the pool the madness set in. Once we came home, I got a shower and got ready for our parents to arrive. While I was in the shower, I listen to music on my phone (I keep my phone in the bathroom, in a glass container. I was listening to Florence and the Machine. I had the music going and the bathroom fan going. Thankfully, I was finishing up, but I heard Andrew yelling for me, “Danielle!” He was standing at the bottom of the stairs. He didn’t bother coming upstairs to tell me that his Dad was 15 mins away with Aunt Tootsie. I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me and opened the door and said, “I can’t hear you.” He said, “Turn the music down.” I said, “come up and talk to me.” He just laughed, then said, “My dad is on his way with Aunt Tootsie they will be here in 15 mins.” I said, “Okay, I am coming down.” I got dried off and dressed in my American flag dress. I have to wear shorts underneath, it is a bit too short in the back. It is cut weird. I got it at the goodwill.

When I went downstairs, I started making buffalo chicken dip. His dad arrived with Aunt Tootsie, walked in through the living room and said, “Where’s Dwarfy?” He calls me Dwarfy because I am short. I am 5’3 and everyone else is so tall in this family, including Andrew. I said, “I am in here.” When he came into the kitchen, he said, “What are you making?” I said, “Buffalo Chicken Dip.” While I was waiting for the oven to heat up, I started making guacamole. It was going to be one of those days, where I rarely sit and enjoy the company.
A little while later my parents arrived, the gang was all here. When I went to the movies with my dad, my dad opened his trunk of his SUV and gave me 75.00 of fireworks. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with them. I know they are legal now in Pennsylvania, but I have nowhere to set them off. We have neighbors and trees our HOA would be so mad if we burned our grass. I didn’t see how we would have any use for them. Well, last night, Andrew and I sorted through them and we were able to pull some small ones out that we could set off, but the ones that have artillery shells were going to have to wait for another day. My dad is so into fireworks and setting them off, and I think it’s cool, but there is a time and definitely a place for all that. It’s not the same anymore, where liability is a huge issue.
Andrew and his dad cooked dinner outside on the grill. His dad brought his grill, of course, Andrew had his.  It was nice for them to grill together. I was happy they got to spend some father/son time together. My dad hung outside with them as they grilled. I made sure everyone was staying hydrated. Dinner was fabulous; Burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, chicken salad, fruit, and Aunt Tootsie’s German chocolate cake! It was nice to spend time together.
Around 5pm, Andrew’s mom left, so did Dad and Aunt Tootsie. I sent some leftovers home for everyone. My dad, my mom, myself, and Drew set off some fireworks in the backyard. I am such a Daddy’s girl. The look on my dad’s face, when I told him we couldn’t set any of those fireworks off was just too much. I hate bumming him out. I am glad we were able to set off some. My mom was talking about making this a tradition. We will see. 🙂

Kelly and Ryan’s Wedding

This morning we went to the Wave Pool and enjoyed the sun for a while, then we went home and got ready for Andrew’s cousin’s wedding.
I didn’t know too many people at this wedding just a few on the Bride’s side: Mary Jo, Molly, Kelly (the bride), Uncle Carl, Carl Jr, Aunt Paula, Stephanie,  Uncle Tom, Mike (Stephanie’s husband).
The wedding was at a Methodist church in Cranberry. The ceremony only lasted a half hour. I am Catholic and our weddings seem to last longer. However, I cut the Eucharist out of mine, because Andrew wasn’t Catholic (That only makes it longer). I didn’t want anything separating us from each other that day, but I guess that if your wedding is long, or short the meaning lies within the love the couple has for one, another. The Reception immediately followed the Ceremony. The reception was at Twelve Oaks Mansion in Cranberry. We were there once before for Ben and Tricia’s Wedding.