Magic Wand Princess Parties Mini Road Trip

I went over to Tracy’s around 1:30pm, and hung out with her before we got in costume. The Snow queen and Snow princess were headed to Slickville, PA. It was a bit of a drive away.

On the way to Slickville, I started to feel a little nauseous. Sometimes I get car sick. I had to crack the window a bit. I felt better once we were finally inside the venue and setting up.

One of the people at the party had an Olaf costume on. Olaf greeted us with a hug and said, “There are my friends!” It was cute.

We Tracy sang, “into the unknown” and “Let it go” while, I operated the snow machine. We danced the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. I truly have so much fun. The birthday girl was so surprised.

A little after 4pm, we left to go back to the castle.

When we got back to her house, we changed out of our Princess costumes and then went to dinner at the hop house. We try to get out once a month and do something that is not Princessing.  We have so much fun chatting and sharing stories. I princess again until February 23rd.

Countdown to Noon

Countdown to Noon

Today, the snow queen and snow princess were honored to be a part of Party Lane’s countdown to Noon! The countdown to noon is a children’s version of New Year’s Eve ball drop. It was so cute.

The snow queen sang to of her songs. I operated the snow machine. We danced with the children. There were 80 people in attendance. It was the coolest thing to be apart of.

At noon, balloons dropped from the ceiling. We all danced and celebrated the new year. It was so adorable.

That evening, Drew made me a delicious steak dinner. We switched back and forth between Carson Daly, and Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Eve programs. I am partial to Carson. He is my favorite and is a trademark of my pre-teenage years watching TRL.  We managed to stay up for the ball drop. We popped champagne and our neighbors set off fireworks.


Frozen Surprise

Frozen Surprise

This afternoon, Tracy and I surprised Drew’s cousins as Elsa and Anna.  Tracy sang a couple songs for the girls, we took pictures, and signed autographs. It was so cute. They loved it.

When we left the house, I changed in Tracy’s car into normal clothes, so I could go back and join the party. I was hoping the girls wouldn’t recognize me. Tracy was invited to join the party, but had other plans with her family.

When I walked back in to the house to join the party, I said, “Merry Christmas Everyone!” The twins were walking around with their pictures of Elsa and Anna. I was waiting for them to tell me who was there. I hugged Drew’s cousins. I asked one of the twins what they had in their hands? They showed me their autographed picture of Elsa and Anna. I said, “Oh wow! When did you see them? Did they come here?” They nodded. One of the twins looked at me closely and said, “You is Anna!” Then it caught on to the other cousins and they started saying, “Who ever thinks she is Anna raise their hand!” I said, “I am not Anna.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Fun Slides Carpet Skate Park

Fun Slides Carpet Skate Park

This morning, I had an event at Fun Slides Carpet Skate Park with Tracy. We were being the holiday version of the Snow Queen and Snow Princess. I have never been to Fun Slides before, or did carpet skating before. I was excited to try it, if we had the opportunity.

When we arrived, we got the sound system set up and the snow machine. After we set up, in the dining area, Tracy and I went to the carpet skating rink, which was all dark, but lit up with black lights, and neon colors. Children were running around, skating and sliding off of platforms. It looked so fun. There were other sections that had a dodgeball area, and other obstacle courses.

We took pictures with the kids, and I even tried out my carpet skating skills. Let’s just say the kids are better at carpet skating than I am.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party

This morning Drew had this first birthday party as Spidey!
IMG_3188.JPG He did so well. On the way there, he was so nervous. We met Tracy in the parking lot and she gave us the run down of the games. She was so grateful we were able to help out with the party.

When we walked into the party room, everyone was so excited to see Spider-man. They all said, “Hi Spider-man!” They ran up to him and some hugged him. It was cute. Immediately, the parents wanted pictures.

After pictures, Drew played some games with them, and did the superhero training. He just jumped right into character. It was so cool!

After the party, we went home and got the house ready for our Christmas party. I could tell Drew was a little worn out from being Spider-man, but he did such a great job!

I was excited to see Stephanie, Mike, Emma, and Stephen. My parents stopped over for a little bit. Stephanie and the kids arrived before Mike. Stephanie brought buffalo chicken dip, little pigs in a blanket, and some snacks for the kids, as well a case of Truly and a little bottle of Christmas cheer. I am so grateful for our friends.


New Castle 4th Annual Holiday Craft and Vendor Show

When we left the airport, we made our way to New Castle. When we arrived, I changed out of Cinderella and put on the Ariel costume. I love being Ariel. The wig is so comfortable to wear.
Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak, smilingIt is hard to see in the picture, but the Ariel dress is the one she wore on the boat with Prince Eric, when she didn’t have her voice. I felt just like Ariel.

When I made my way out to the photo back drop. I took a seat on the bench, and waited for children to arrive.

Unfortunately, Ariel is not all that popular compared to Elsa and Anna. I was a bit bummed. I sat there for awhile and really only greeted 4 or 5 children.

Tracy and I convinced the owners to let us break fro lunch early, and then come back as Elsa and Anna. The children kept asking about Elsa and Anna. The owner agreed. We ate lunch and took our time to decompress. Then Tracy and I changed costumes. As soon as we came out to the floor, the children were so excited. We took picture after picture.  One little girl who saw me as Ariel, I thought for sure would know it was me, as Anna as well. Thankfully, she didn’t recognize me. After awhile, the excitement was wearing off and there weren’t any other children arriving. It was a long day. When I got back to my car it was around 4:30PM. I was exhausted.
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

Early Morning Princessing for a Good Cause

I met Tracy around 5:30am in the morning dressed as Cinderella to go to the airport with her. She was going to be dressed as Belle. We were collaborating with the Snowball Express organization. The Snowball Express is an organization that sends the families of fallen soldiers to Disney. Tracy and I were to go to the gate with them dressed as princesses to see them off. It was going to be so emotional, but we were not prepared for how emotional it was actually going to be.

When we arrived at the airport, we parked in the short-term parking lot, and entered through the doors to ticketing. We were unsure where to go? Someone recognized us and said, I think they made their way way over to the gate already. We listened to him and made our way over to security. Security said, we needed gate passes to be able to get through to gate side. So we went back over to the ticketing counter, and approached the american airlines ticketing counter and we got our gate passes, then made our way back over to security. We made it through security, and were greeted by Patriot Guards.

When the families, were making their way through security. we stood next to the flag bearers and were able to be part of the procession to the gate. It was so emotional. The families were escorted a member of the armed services that served with their loved one, whom they lost. Tracy and I were so emotional, but felt we had to be strong and hold it together.

When we arrived to the gate, they had a nice little set up for the families. Santa was there too. It was such a wonderful thing to be part of. There were a few children there who were happy to see us, but it was mostly older children.

After the airport, we made our way to New Castle for another Princess event.