Christmas Party

This morning Drew had this first birthday party as Spidey!
IMG_3188.JPG He did so well. On the way there, he was so nervous. We met Tracy in the parking lot and she gave us the run down of the games. She was so grateful we were able to help out with the party.

When we walked into the party room, everyone was so excited to see Spider-man. They all said, “Hi Spider-man!” They ran up to him and some hugged him. It was cute. Immediately, the parents wanted pictures.

After pictures, Drew played some games with them, and did the superhero training. He just jumped right into character. It was so cool!

After the party, we went home and got the house ready for our Christmas party. I could tell Drew was a little worn out from being Spider-man, but he did such a great job!

I was excited to see Stephanie, Mike, Emma, and Stephen. My parents stopped over for a little bit. Stephanie and the kids arrived before Mike. Stephanie brought buffalo chicken dip, little pigs in a blanket, and some snacks for the kids, as well a case of Truly and a little bottle of Christmas cheer. I am so grateful for our friends.


Back in the Groove

Today was my first day back at CMU since being out sick for two weeks. The Yoga Nidra helped, but I was hoping the pressure in my ears would go away soon.

I had a pretty full day. I met with AB Special events and we talked about the last day of classes event. Then I met with Bhangra in the Burg. I feel terrible for not going to their event on Saturday. If I wasn’t sick, I would have been in attendance. There aren’t any  regularly scheduled advisor meetings for Bhangra in the Burg in the Spring, unless it is just to wrap up their expenses from their event. I am so glad I got to meet theses women and was able to co-advise them. I learned so much from them.

After CMU, I met with football player that I tutor. We worked on his last paper. I helped him with some research and gave him some pointers on his paper.

Maci’s 7th Birthday

This morning, I got our things put together in my old room, so when Drew came back from the chiropractor we could pack up our cars. I am always ready to head home after we have been in Crafton for awhile. I miss our home. It is nice to get away every now and then.

When Andrew came back to my parents’, I took the dogs out one more time, and then got them settled. We left to go to JCPenney’s. He had to go pick up the shoes he ordered online. I found a round table cloth that was the color that I needed. It was originally $50. We paid $13.00 for it! I love sales.

After JCPPenney’s, we went to Starbucks, and I tired the Ultra caramel Frap. They were so busy. It took forever to get our drinks. Andrew and I didn’t mind the wait. We sat on some chairs and just enjoyed not being at work, and cooped up in the house. It was our Saturday and we were going to enjoy it, even if we were in line at Starbucks.

Once they called my name, I realized they forgot my shot of espresso. I told the lady that she might have forgotten my shot, and she said I did. I am sorry. I said would you mind pouring it right on top, I don’t mind if it is not mixed in. She did just that, it was a bit messy I cleaned off the side of the cup. I was happy. It didn’t make any difference to me. It was good, but I am not sure if I will get it again.

When we left the mall, we went to Walmart and bought Maci’s birthday gift, a card, and cards for our mamas. Mother’s Day was tomorrow! After we left Walmart, we went back to my parents and hung out until was time to go to dinner. I made us hot dogs and fries for lunch. We were not going to be hungry for the party.

My parents arrived home from Washington DC, and the puppies were so happy to see them. They gave us the gifts they bought for us. I am so spoiled. Andrew’s gift was going to arrive later. They had to special order it. After we ate lunch and spent time with my parents, we left to go to Maci’s Birthday.

When we arrived at Leanne and Dan’s we parked in the back by their garage. We backed into a spot, so we could just drive up the driveway and onto the street when it was time to leave. We weren’t sure how long were going to stay. When we walked up the walkway, Maci ran to me and hugged me. I wished her happy birthday and gave her a big hug. She is getting so big.

There were so many children running around the lawn and the adults were sitting around a table under a tent drinking, and talking. We said hi to the people we knew and I went inside and set our gift down on the table. I grabbed Andrew and me a beer and we said hi to Leanne and Dan.

Shortly after, Cinderella arrived at the party and she was a hit with the children. She was so good and stayed in character the whole time. It was so cool to see her. The woman that was Cinderella owns this business called Magic wand princess parties. She has a couple people under her, who play other characters. What a business! She charges $100  an hour.  What am I doing wrong? I could do that, but I can’t sing. I wouldn’t feel comfortable singing, but there are other characters, who do not sing.  It would be so fun to do. Cinderella sang for the children, took pictures, signed autographs, and danced. It was so fun to see the kids interact with her. I even got a selfie with Cinderella! She was so nice.

After Cinderella left, Maci blew out the candles on her 7th birthday cake and opened gifts. It was so cute. She looked so tired from opening all the gifts. She is a spoiled and blessed little girl, who is very much loved.

After gifts, Drew and I hung out for a little while longer before going home. When we got home, we watched the Handmaid’s Tale. She got captured and she is back with the Waterford’s. knew she would be. The episode ended with her seemly successfully brainwashed by Aunt Lydia, but we will see what next week brings. I think Drew is a little into it, but it is hard to tell. After the episode was over we went to bed, it was another busy day tomorrow.