31st Birthday and 3 Year Anniversary

Today is my 31st  Birthday, as well as mine and Andrew’s 3rd wedding anniversary. I was not looking forward to going to work, but I did anyway.  On my way to my building, I called my dad first and he sang Happy Birthday to me. Then I called my mom and she did the same thing. It was sweet. After I got off the phone with them, I sat down at my desk and started to work. Nancy came in and wished me Happy Birthday.

A delivery man showed up with some flowers and asked for me. I smiled when I saw the flowers. I was so surprised. I had to take a quick picture. I was in the middle of a project with Nancy. I called Drew and thanked him for the flowers and we face timed for a minute so he could see them. He was glad I liked them. He is so sweet.


Around 9:30am, we ate a catered breakfast in the conference room and had a staff meeting. Linda called us together to go over somethings and some procedures. She also announced that it is my Birthday! Everyone wished me happy birthday and I also told them that today is also my 3rd Wedding Anniversary. They wished me Happy Anniversary, as well. It was sweet.

After breakfast, I sat down and got some work done, until 1:00pm. Andrew and I were going to lunch at Fuel and Fuddle. When he came to my office, Melanie and I were going over a project and getting things ready for the Fall schedule.  We are meeting again at 3:00pm. It was going to be a busy  afternoon.

At lunch, I didn’t behave with my Keto Diet. I ate nachos, and Drew had an appetizer and a burger. We will be good tomorrow. 🙂 It is a celebration today. We had a good lunch and didn’t want to go back work.

Around 3pm, I met with Melanie and got things straightened out and we had a plan. I went back to my office and it was about 4:00pm. I started packing up to leave. I had to go meet my TA for my Politics and History class. She was going to look over my paper and give me some pointers. I still need to get the rest of the paper looked over by my tutor. I am starting to get nervous. This is too much left to close to the weekend. I wanted to be able to put it past me before the weekend arrived.

When I arrived to the TA’s office, she wasn’t there. I waited around until about 5pm then walked back to Posvar. I received an e-mail from her. Her meeting ran late and she apologized. I said it’s okay. She said she would come by office tomorrow whenever I wanted. I said that I had nothing going on tomorrow and I look forward to seeing her. I am getting so anxious.

Around a quarter to 6pm, my friend Julia approached the bench I was sitting on outside of our class room. She and I complained about the semester and etc. I told her my issues with the TA and she said that sucks. This is why I try to get things done as early as possible.

Leadership class went well. We got our papers back, our group got a 48/50. Whew! I wasn’t sure what we were going to receive. I was glad that we did so well. We also started to give each other performance reviews. I had to review Julie. She was so cool with everything I said and agrees with me.  I felt relieved.

After class was over, I met with Drew outside my department. I told him about my grade. He said, babe you are kicking ass!  I said, “I know right!” We went into my office and got my flowers so I could take them home. I didn’t want to leave them at work.

When we got home, I got a shower and put on some pjs, then we opened cards together. It was a sweet moment. Then it was bed time. We both were so tired. It has been a crazy week, but I had a great birthday and anniversary.

Grad Committee & Pitt Game

Grad Committee & Pitt Game

Today, I had my one-on-one with Phyllis. I didn’t really have anything for her, but I told her what I was working on, and my documentation. I told her about my one-on-one with Linda, and how she liked my documentation. We talked about self-appraisal reviews that are coming up. They are due in May, but to start thinking about how I am going to answer, some of the questions that are on the appraisal. I need to make a list of the workshops I attended, etc.
In the afternoon, I had my meeting with the Grad Committee. Sometimes they take forever in the meeting. I am to take notes and document the meeting. One of the items on the agenda was how to keep track of our alumni. I wanted to interject, but I didn’t know i was supposed to play the role of the silent observer, so I raised my hand formally and offered a suggestion to their alumni tracking issue. I proposed the use of the software Advance. I was already pretty lucky to have gained access to Cognos. Now didn’t have to fill out a data request form anymore and can generate the data ourselves. I explained what advance is, and how CMU and Pitt’s IA department use to keep track of alumni donations, and how we as a department can use it to track alumni, and eventually develop our alumni campaign if we are able to solicit for donations or not is another discussion. They all were really receptive to it, even the one I didn’t think would be, was and Melanie told me to look into it and get back to her. I was so excited and so ready to go on this project.
My experiences with talking to Alumni have been so positive, and so fun. I loved it when I used to call the alumni at RMU. Even though my main goal was to get a donation for the Presidents Fund for Engaged Learning, but still I was able to hear their stories and connect with them. I wanted this project. I wanted them to get Advance.
Another reason, I want to learn Advance, is because it is a widely known tool in Higher Education. If you know how to use it, you are more marketable within any University position, between that and Cognos. I am golden. I am sure there is more, but that is the only two I can think of now. I couldn’t wait to get started.
After the grad committee meeting, I went back to my desk and did some work before meeting with Ellen. Ellen is a grad student in the sociology department. We were going to go grab a beer at Fuel and Fuddle, then I had plans to go to the Pitt Game. After I locked up the office, Ellen and I walked over to Fuel and Fuddle and it was a bit packed at the bar, so we sat at a table. We chatted about the department, about sociology, about her dissertation. It is awkward to build a friendship from the start because you are so new, you almost don’t know what to talk about. I think we did a good job and avoided awkward silence. We shared a tomato and basil pizza. We both had one beer, then we went back to Posvar.
When we arrived back to Posvar, I had every intention of studying for my midterm until Drew was ready to go the game, but then I went to the Porch and had another beer with Mark. We talked about England and about the Sociology Department after a while Drew texted me and told me to meet him in Hogwarts (which is the first floor of the cathedral of learning).
When I finished my beer, Mark paid for it. I felt bad. I offered to, but he didn’t mind. I left to go meet Drew. Once I saw him I knew it was a long day for him. He has been so busy at work. We walked to the car so he could drop his things off at the car, then we took the shuttle to the Pete. I was excited for the game. This was probably going to be the last home basketball game we go to this season.
When we arrived to the Pete, we went up the escalator, and showed the guy our tickets, he read them, and said, “Wow lower right-hand corner. You must know someone.” I smiled and said, “yeah, I like to think I do. thank you.” I truly had no clue where our tickets were. I think Drew had a good idea but wasn’t sure. We walked down the walkway to our section. We then had to go down some stairs. The attendant looked at our tickets and said, all the way down on the right-hand side. We walked down the stairs, and I looked back at Drew. his face was all lit up like a child. It was so cute. We walked down the stairs, we were practically on the court. The players were right in front of us, and the faculty suite was right next to us on our left-hand side.

This was going to be a once in a lifetime experience probably to sit this close. We saw the one professor that I work within the faculty suite. We said hi to him and his wife. I introduced Drew to Mike, my contact in athletics, who got us such great seats! I was hoping for a Pitt win.

I really wanted them to win. The first half they looked so good and they were on point. However, things turned around in the second half, and the Pitt Panthers fell to Boston College. They play again on Saturday against FSU. The best we can hope for is a win, but no one is really optimistic about the Panthers. It is sad to see, but I still consider myself a Panther fan. Throughout the game, Mike came to talk to us. He brought us goodies. He gave Drew and me t-shirts. I was touched and so grateful.


This morning, I had a busy day ahead of me, and we decided to drive in so I could get there a few minutes earlier. I ended up being a little late walking into my office. Thankfully no one noticed. I was hoping for a better day today.
Yesterday afternoon, I got an e-mail from Rooms and Scheduling because they didn’t have enough rooms to accommodate our Tuesday and Thursday class schedule. I was upset, because Nancy isn’t here to help me figure out these changes, and I haven’t been trained really how to build the schedule, so I went where I thought I would find the answers. I still had some things to iron out.
Around 10 am, I had to attend training for Cognos, a new tool the grad admins are going to utilize for pulling data regarding student information, scheduling, enrollments, etc. It is the same tool Drew uses, but he has different access and uses it for different things. The man who hosted the training is someone I met previously through Drew his name is Chris. He recognized me. It was cool that I pretty much knew the person training us, because of my husband. I felt popular for a split second.
After training, I went back to my office and met with Suzanne (the chair) regarding the schedule. We were able to figure out things for now. We still have some more details to attend to, but it was intense for a minute. I was thankful that I got everything straight when I spoke to Rooms and Scheduling and forwarded the changes onto them. It will be so interesting to see the proofs.
After the meeting with Suzanne, the afternoon flew by. I was doing last minute things until Mark and I left to go to the Porch. We were going to meet Drew there to discuss our England trip. Once we got to the Porch, Mark and I sat at the bar and waited for Drew. We ordered a couple beers, and then Drew arrived shortly after. We moved to a table and discussed England, Academics, Philosophy, Sociology, England politics, etc. Everything nothing was off limits.
When we left, it was around 9:30pm. Drew and I stopped off at Wendy’s on the way home. We didn’t eat at the Porch. Mark wasn’t ordering any food, so we didn’t want to eat in front of him, and talk. It just was weird. I decided to call my mother-in-law. I wanted to get an update on Grandma. She had some internal bleeding and had to be rushed back into the OR. She is now resting in ICU, but I am just wondering when is enough, enough for this poor woman.

Last Friday of My ’20s

Last Friday of My ’20s

At work today, I had to sit in on the Gen Ed Requirement meeting with the faculty. It is best if I sit in and see how I can assist them. I have a good idea of what the proposal packet consists of, but I am the central person for the answers, to their questions.
The meeting went really well. I have a better understanding and I think the faculty does too of what is required for the proposal packet.
After the meeting was over, I went to the Porch and got a grilled cheese and soup, then sat by the  Schenley park fountain. I needed some fresh air and it was nice outside. I talked to my mom for a bit. Drew mentioned it being the last Friday of my 20s and thought maybe we could have some people over tonight. I invited Anthony, Dylan, Leanne, Dan, Maci, and my parents. My parents said they would stop by around 7pm-7:30pm. That is when people are going to arriving.
When we got home, we got ready for people to come over, and I got a shower and changed. He took the garbage down. I was ready to just let loose and play drinking games. Leanne, Dan, and Maci were the first to arrive. I hadn’t seen Maci in so long.
Then my parents arrived, shortly after Anthony and Dylan showed up. We played cards against humanity and drank. It was so fun. My parents didn’t stay long. Leanne and Dan stayed for another round of drinking games then left. Maci was getting so sleepy. I missed her. Anthony and Dylan stayed until  about 1am, then it was time for bed.

Division Retreat Lunch with Frank

This morning, we had a division wide retreat. This retreat was going to take place in the anthropology lounge. This was the third event regarding our Myers Briggs’ test results. This event was catered to stress. How do our personalities work when we are stressed and how can we avoid being stressed? It was pretty informative. For the first part of the retreat, we had to listen to a story. It is called a draw bridge story, and there were some characters in it, and you had to figure out, who was the least responsible and the most responsible.

The second part, we were put into groups and talked about what gets us stressed and how we can avoid it. After that the retreat was over, it was nice. The things that she passed out about the various personality types and what to look for, when the types are having a bad day. It was a good retreat.
When I got back to my desk, I did some work, then I went to the Music Department to meet up with Frank. He and I decided on Taco Bell. I needed to get my steps in, so that is why I walked to Music, then to the WPU, instead of just meeting him there. It took forever to get our lunch.
Once we got our lunch and sat down at a table, we talked about Jazz, the seminar, and the concert. We talked about the music building, and etc. After he was finished eating, he had to leave. The Jazz Committee meeting was at 2pm, and it was already 10mins to 2pm. I ate my last taco by myself, then called my mom on my way back to Posvar. We chatted for a bit, until I got to my building. Then it was time for my one-on-one with Melanie. I always leave her office with so much to do! It always makes Thursday and Friday go so fast!

Better Week

This week was a much better week. I was busy and there was no drama whatsoever.

Tuesday, we stayed home and did some laundry and relaxed. We ate some left overs. It was rough day getting back to it after having a long weekend.  However, the athletic director of student advising and I are becoming good friends. I have been assisting with getting the athletes into various classes and he made some comment saying, “I may hire you in our department.” I said, “actually, it is funny you say that. I am a huge Pitt fan. I have a helmet in my office, and love going to Pitt games. I have been considering applying after my year is up in Sociology.  You will have to keep me in mind if any open positions come up after my year.” He said, “I would be happy to discuss sometime.” I said, “Perhaps we could meet up, have coffee, and we could discuss your department where might be a good fit for me, so when it comes time to apply, I will know what I am looking for.” He said, “Ok, lets reconnect next week.”  This is so exciting!
When I told Drew, he was jealous. He thought that would be so cool. I know there will be tons of benefits, but it’s so cool to be a part of Pitt in general. I am not pushing my luck.

Wednesday, we drove in, but we had to drop Drew’s car off at the park n ride. When he was getting in my car, I realized that I forgot my tennies. Nicollette and I were supposed to take SAFE self defense class today. I guess I could do it in my socks. I was sort of hoping she would cancel on me. When I arrived to my office, Nicollette said she couldn’t attend the class tonight. I was relived.  I had two events today both the UClub. The first one was with the Assistant Dean’s office. They wanted to have a meeting and go over our responsibilities and address any issues, as well as answer any questions.
Then I had to go back to my desk and work for two hours, then go back to the UClub for lite refreshments and to meet the big Dean of Arts and Sciences. Georgia came down around 11:30pm to my office. I was waiting for Nancy to come back so we could go over together. Nicollete was on her way down to my office as well. The four of us went to the Uclub together.
When we arrived, I got to meet the new Dean. It was pretty cool. She welcomed me to the Arts and Sciences Department and to Sociology. She seemed really nice. We all took a seat after we got a small plate of cheese and crackers. The new Dean gave a speech and told us about the innovative things they are working on in the Dean’s office and how they want an open door communication with the members of arts and sciences. It was nice.

On our way back to the office, Nicollete and I stopped at Starbucks for PSLs then it was back to work. When I got back to the office, I did little things until it was time to leave. The afternoon did drag on a bit, but then Mike asked me to make him copies of a quiz. He is having the football players come to the conference room today.  He sai

Thursday, I met up with Paula at the Farmers Market for lunch. This was the first time I saw her since her mom passed. She and I talked about the funeral and Jewish Traditions. It was so nice to see her. I told her that Jacob requested me to help at Music, but ended up not needing me. She said, he came to the funeral. She encouraged me to go to Geri’ service next Thursday. I really don’t want to and I told her my reasoning and she seemed to agree with me, but since I worked for her and with her it would be nice for me to go. I think it would look good for me to be there. I said I would sit with her. I asked Drew if he wanted to go, and he said, he would probably just stay at work and then meet me after since it is at 4pm. We are driving home anyway, because we are going to stay at my parents that night and that weekend.
When I left the farmers market, I went back to my desk and ate my salad. I text frank and made lunch plans with him for this month. I want to get his input on how things are going since last time we talked.

Friday, today, I am so happy it is Friday! It was a short week, but there was a lot going on. I am ready for another weekend. We drove in today. I had to make spinach dip for this party today in the Soc department. It is a welcoming event from 3-5, but I can leave at 4:30pm, which I am super glad about.  Tonight, we are just hanging at home and ordering pizza. Tomorrow we have a few things to do, but it should be a relaxing weekend.

Pulling Back

Today,  I was 15 mins early walking into the building. Paula wasn’t even there yet. She was walking in, as I was putting my lunch away in the fridge. She said, “You are early today?” I said, “Yup, we caught the early bus, and I said, Paula will be happy.” She laughed. She told me she had a workshop today, and I had a meeting with Emily, so we caught each other up on the plans for today, and then I went back to my office. Shortly after, Frank came in and got to work.

When I left for my meeting with Emily, Paula was already gone. My meeting with Emily, went so well. She was so informative and gave me such good advice. I was so glad to meet with her and she made me feel so ready for my interview. When I got back to the building, it was a bit before 10am, and Paula wasn’t there yet. I went back to my office, and filled out my time card since it has to be approved for Thursday this week. I know she will make me edit it. I don’t have much else to say at the moment, but I am extremely bored today and tired. I want more coffee. Oh, I had to cancel my happy hour for tomorrow. I can’t be wondering around here at night to the parking garage, or to catch a bus, so I will just go back to my parents since our tub is getting put in tomorrow.

Once word got that out that I was not going to be a part of my own happy hour. They all flipped out on me. They kept teasing me and asking me how I can’t be a part of my own happy hour, so it is back on. I have to find a way to get back to the bus stop.