A Night Out

On my way home from Robert Morris University, I stopped at Starbucks for an iced coffee, no classic syrup, a shot of espresso with cream. I needed my espresso. When I got home I kissed my husband, got a shower, and got changed. I kissed my husband one more time, then I was out the door to go to Anthony’s.

There was so much going on in Pittsburgh; Garth Brooks concert, open carry rally, etc. I knew traffic was going to be a nightmare, but I grew up in Crafton and now how to get around traffic. I took the parkway 376 to the Greentree exit. Everyone that was in front of me seemed to be staying straight and heading towards Downtown Pittsburgh. I then took the back way to the West End, which didn’t have any traffic at all, then I hoped on 51 to Mount Washington. It was a piece of cake. I called Anthony when I was 2 mins away. He met me outside. I parked and we hugged it has been too long since we hung out just us.

When we entered his apartment, Dylan was on the couch. I said, hi to him. Then I sat at the table and did my make up while, we got caught up on the latest drama.

Once we were ready, we got in Anthony’s car and I played the usual tunes the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, etc. We parked in the parking lot next to the Shiloh Grill.  We went there together several times before I got married and moved out of Crafton. I turned Anthony onto this place. Image result for the shiloh grill

They have this item on the menu called, “The Britney Spears.” they are chicken tenders. We had to order them because we love Britney Spears and there is so much going on about her in the media right now. We just want her to know that we support her are ready for her when she is ready.

These are the Britney Spears chicken tenders. They come with two dipping sauces. It was a cute presentation. I had to show you all. Anthony and I split the tenders.

At dinner, we talked about the latest gossip, what was going on at work, his dating life, my internship, work stuff, and what the plan was for tonight. At dinner, Dylan really didn’t say too much.

Also, at at dinner Anthony had this drink called a Happy Ending. It is a cucumber spritzer. It was good. I had a Moscow mule.

After dinner, we checked out the Night Market in Market Square. I was already getting tired. There were some cute things at the Night Market, but nothing I couldn’t live without. We walked past the PPG place on the way back to the car and there were children jumping in and out of this water fountain where the ice rink typically is in the winter time. Summer was coming!

Once we got back to Anthony’s we hung out it was still a bit too early to go out. I knew once I sat on the couch I was going to fall asleep and not want to go out. Anthony got a shower and Dylan and I watched Titanic together. We always recite the lines when we are together. Anthony makes fun of our love for Titanic. He took a snap chat video of us just sitting in the same pose watching the movie.

Around 10:30pm, Dylan left to go home. Anthony and I got in my car and we made our way to the Southside. I haven’t been out to the south side in so long. I drove down East Carson and tried to find spot to park, which is half the battle. Luckily it didn’t take me too long to find one. I parked and we got out of the car and made our way on foot to go up East Carson. All the sudden, a younger man approached Anthony and me and said, “So where are you guys going tonight?” I laughed and looked at Anthony and he laughed. We just kept on walking.  Anthony said, “that was so weird.” We walked into the bar called, “Jimmy D’s.” Anthony has never been there before. I have I won Mardi Gras Queen here back in 2010. When I told Anthony, I won Mardi Gras Queen he was like, “You won Mardi Gras Queen?” and laughed. I said, “yes, I did.” I tossed my hair off my shoulders to be sassy. We walked upstairs and there was no one on the dance floor yet. Once we  approached the bar and saw a sign that says, “Cash Only.” I said, “Oh Cash Only.” Anthony laughed. The bar tender said, “yea, but we have an ATM.” He pointed in the direction of the ATM. I looked back at the ATM and then back at the bartender and then at Anthony. I said, “No thank you.” Anthony and I walked away and down the stairs. Anthony said, “You have an ATM, so does PNC, but I don’t get there to get a drink.” I laughed.

We made our way towards Foxtail (the old Diesel) then we saw this baby in a thing that has wheels on it, and you put the baby in the middle. I don’t know the name of this thing, but lets call it a walker. The baby was cruising around on the sidewalk and almost out in the middle of the street. Anthony  grabbed my arm and started laughing. he said, “Let’s go this way.” We walked in the other direction towards 18th Street. We went to the Tiki Lounge. I asked, if there was a cover? the bouncer said, “1 dollar.” I laughed and said, “I don’t have cash.”  He said, “I am just kidding.” We showed them our IDs and walked in to the bar. The Tiki Lounge has an island theme to it and typically is packed. There were people sitting at the bar, and at tables along the side. I looked back at Anthony. He said, lets go straight back. I walked to the back, and saw only two men on the dance floor just eyeing us up. I looked back at Anthony and pointed towards the front. He laughed and said, “Yea back to the front.” We walked out of the Tiki Lounge and back up towards Nakama where we saw the baby in the stroller.

Across the street we heard some decent music at this one bar. I said, “Lets go over there.” we had to cross the street first. We crossed quickly and entered Bar Louie. This was a multi level bar. We got a drink at the first level of the bar. Then explored the different levels. We walked up the stairs and there some people dancing around the electronic jukebox on the wall. We stood by the wall and watched all the newly 21 year olds. The guys in their khaki board shorts and t-shirts. Anthony and I shared looks and laughed. Things have changed a bit since we were newly 21, or perhaps we were just getting older.

Anthony told me he said, “I saw so many guys checking you out.” I said, “really?” He said, “Yea, especially when we were downstairs.” I just don’t notice it really anymore. I have been married for 3 years.

After we finished our drink, we moved onto the next bar. We walked back across the street to Foxtail. Foxtail used to be Diesel. Diesel has so many memories for me. I blacked out there once (thank God I was safe), past moments with someone from my past, etc. I went here several times with my friends when I was 21. There was no cover. When we walked into Foxtail, the layout of Diesel was the same, but it was less millenial techno club, it was packed. There were some nights where Diesel wasn’t packed.  The neon blue lights with black decor that was once Diesel was gone. Foxtail had a wooden look to it. The DJ booth was still placed above the dance floor. Platforms for dancing and for security to peace keep still existed. I do miss the old Diesel look and the memories that it held, but nothing lasts forever.

The dark creepy hall way still existed with the bathrooms off to the left. The dance floor was packed. The music was blaring. We got a drink. I had one double titos and soda water. Anthony had the same. He bought this round. We went to the dance floor and it took a minute to get into it again and it back at it, but we were dancing and looking around. It was different. It took a minute to get assistance from the Titos to help the dancing and for it to feel normal again.

Two double vodka and sodas, and (one single shot of Titos and soda water later). We were dancing on the dance floor and having so much fun. We would move around to make sure no one creepy would try to dance with us. At one point Anthony spotted a guy with highlights. He said, “I see high lights!!” We laughed. I love going to gay bars with him, but I like dragging him to straight bars too! We have so much fun together. I really needed this time with him. I needed to cut loose and that I did. When I went to the rest room, I was swaying. I knew then I couldn’t drive, so I called my parents. 31 and I call my parents to bail me out of situations. 🙂 My mom was happy that I called and said, it’s 1:30am we will call you when we are close.

When I exited the restroom, I told Anthony and he said, “okay.” I said, “lets go dance!” We went back out to the dance floor and danced until my parents called me. At one point, my mom said,  we are here where are you?” I told Anthony my parents were here. He said, “okay lets walk to the car.” I stumbled out of Foxtail and gave Anthony the phone so he could talk to my mom. We walked to the car and parents met us there. I gave my mom my keys. Anthony called Drew, my husband and told him that my mom came to get us, and she is going to drive Danielle back to their house and drop him off at home. He was happy we were safe. Anthony said, “She needed this ya know cut loose a little.” I am sure Drew agreed, but was happy I was safe.

After my mom dropped Anthony off at home, she took me home. I walked into the door of my parents and my mom made me an egg sandwich. My dad was sitting his chair and looked at me while I ate and said, “Are we a little old to be doing this?” I sneered at him. I said, I am always the grown up and taking care of everyone. I was responsible.” He laughed a little.

After I ate my egg sandwich, my mom gave me some pjs, and a tooth brush. I brushed my teeth, changed, and went to bed. I was hoping to not have a hang over the next morning.


Thanksgiving 2018

This morning, I got up early, showered, and got ready to go to my parents. I was going to meet Drew over there at around 2:30pm. I wanted to help my mom get ready and prepare dinner. Andrew’s family was coming over to my parents and I know she was going to be really busy. This was also an opportunity for my mom and me to have some quality time.
When I arrived at my parents, I got snuggle my dogs for a bit and then made the green bean casserole as part of my contribution for Thanksgiving dinner. I was so ready to eat. I couldn’t wait for Turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. When Andrew arrived, he hung out with my dad and watched football. Eventually, Andrew’s mom, dad, and Aunt Tootsie arrived at my parents. It was nice to everyone in the house and over my parents.
After dinner, we ate dessert, relaxed and then got ready to go to his grandma’s. Andrew’s grandma is in a rehab center, and we were going to bring her some leftovers. She was doing so much better. She is a fighter.
When we walked into her room, she was watching the Wizard of Oz. I loved that movie as a child and still do. Grandma was so happy to see us. I gave her a big hug and we visited with her while she ate some leftovers. It was so good to see her and just like that Thanksgiving was over.


This morning, my ankle was so sore. I was holding back tears as we were walking out the door to get into the car. I hate crutches. I am not coordinated enough for this. One really has to focus when using them.

When we arrived at Oakland, Drew parked underneath my building and made sure I got to my office okay. I am so grateful for his support. Once at my desk, he helped me get my foot propped up on a chair. I was ready to work.

Throughout the day, people asked me about my ankle and how it happened. Nancy the other admin I work with reminded me to ice and prop it up higher so it keeps the swelling down. Everyone was supportive. Nancy left around 12pm.

The day went smooth for the most part, but my day was long from over. After work, I had to report to RMU for my internship. I was helping out with the Colonial Theater. I had to sell tickets in the lobby before the show. I refused to bring my crutches to RMU.

On the way to RMU, I had to stop home and get my computer. I was going to need it for the card swiper. I had to use the card swiper to keep track of students, who were attending the play.

Once I arrived at RMU, I was walking decently and had two shoes on which was nice for a change. I parked at Nicholson lot and walked to the Student Development offices and picked up the money for the ticket sales tonight. I was nervous about how this was going to go.

Then I got in the car and drove to Massey theater and was able to park close to the walkway. I got out and carried the little money safe, my computer, and my tote bag down the walkway. I walked into the theater and introduced myself to the theater students. Hannah was the house manager, and Allison was the theater director. I also met Skylar who let me use his computer. My new Mac doesn’t have the USB ports. I forgot to bring my connector. I would remember that tomorrow.

After I got set up, students started coming in. We didn’t have too many students due to the rainy weather, but I was able to swipe their card and sell some tickets to a few people. Once the house opened and the show started I waited 5 more minutes before shutting the computer down and packing up.

When I walked back to my car, I got in and drove back to Nicholson to take the money back to the office and lock it up for the night. My ankle was sore and I was so tired at the end of the night, but I had fun and I enjoyed meeting new people. Also, I sent John Locke an e-mail of how many tickets we ripped and how many tickets I sold.


Christopher Robin Movie Review

After work, I went with Anthony to Cinemark to see the Christopher Robin movie. It was discount on Tuesday! Andrew and I joined the Cinemark movie club for 8.99 a month you receive 20% off snacks, credits towards tickets roll over each month, waived online fees, etc. Andrew and I used to go to the movies more often, but the movie club seems worth it. However, we have been streaming movies lately, on our firestick.

When I arrived at Anthony’s, he came outside of his apartment and got into my car. I figured I would just drive. I  don’t mind. On our way to the movies,  we talked about work and the new boy that entered his life.  It is so good to catch up.
The parking lot was jam-packed. It was a Discount Tuesday Day after all.  Once inside, we got popcorn, and I filled up my refill cup with Sprite. I made sure they scanned my membership so we could receive points. Anthony buttered the popcorn, and then the usher scanned our tickets.
After we got our seats, the theater wasn’t so packed, but there were a lot of children, of course. I couldn’t wait for this movie. I thought for sure it was going to make me cry. The previews before the movie were mostly Halloween movies for children.  It is a habit when we got to the movies to comment on the previews and tell each other which ones we wanted to see and didn’t want to see. The Dumbo preview looks good, but it looks so sad too.
As the lights dimmed for the movie, Anthony looked at me and said, “This shit better be good.” We laughed, then it was time to get serious for the movie.  I forgot how Winnie the Pooh starts, and where he lived in Hundred Acre Manor. There were so many parts of the movie that touched my heart and made me we want to be a kid again. Pooh wanted a traveling balloon. Christopher Robin (older now) says “You don’t need a traveling balloon.” He said, “I don’t need one, but I would like one. It would make me happy.” I almost lost it. Christopher Robin got him a red balloon. I was so touched the whole movie was so cute. I really enjoyed it.
However, there was this young child, who was screaming and sometimes crying throughout the movie. It is what it is. You will have children in a theater for a children’s movie.  I tried to tune it out.

After the movie, we stepped outside, and it didn’t feel too humid. I drove us back home and we listened to music and talked more about this new boy. I am excited to hear what happens with this one. I hope something good comes out of it. I just want him to be happy. I really do.  Once I got home, I told Drew all about the movie, and he was glad I had a good time and that I liked it. I told him he has to see it.

Traveling Back to the States

This morning we got up early, got dressed, ate our last hotel breakfast in England, then back to the room to make sure we had everything packed up. I did not want to leave at all. This was the best trip ever! We had an 8-hour flight ahead of us back to the states. Once again, another layover in Philly. I was so bummed, so was Drew.
When we arrived at the airport, we got checked in and went through security, and decided to check out the shops in the airport. I was checking out Harrod’s. They had two stores one that was just clothes, and high-end designers. The other was their name and accessories.  I forgot to go to Harrod’s when we were in London, but it was nice to go there now, even though we were at the Airport. Drew realized he forgot his Fitbit in security, he went over and gave them his information, and said they would page him if they found it.
Then we checked out Harrod’s accessories in their brand. Drew bought me a super cute tote bag. He surprises me sometimes. We got coffee from Starbucks and picked up a London mug. It was from the Starbucks anywhere collection. Then it was time to head to our gate. It was soon time to board the flight. We got on the plane, got settled in our seats. As we circled the runway, I said goodbye to England. I was so upset. I had to hold it together though.

When the plan was in the air, the flight attendants eventually came around with the beverage cart. We ordered our drinks. I had two vodka tonics, and Drew had two whiskeys over ice. Dinner was yummy, it was a roast, potatoes, and veggies. It was hard to be sad about heading home when you had such good service.
At one point, I finished the last episode of the Miniaturist that was uploaded on to the televisions. I can’t believe what happened and how the guy died, but his wife will be just fine I know it! I was hoping to catch more episodes at home, our Firestick. I also wanted to check for GoggleBox, as well. I am already missing English television.

After the miniaturist, I watched I, Tonya.  It was pretty good, better than I thought it was going to be. I was surprised. Margot Robbie did a good job. I do feel a little bad for Tonya Harding, so crazy though! I do remember that controversy and what happened to Nancy Kerrigan. I was young, but it was a big story.  After the movie, I read some more of Hemingway. I couldn’t sleep. I was running on adrenaline.

When we arrived in Philly, it was 3:00pm. We were in desperate need of a beer. We were drained from our flight. Drew said, the first bar we find. We found this one bar, (I forget the name) everything is a touch screen. We took a seat, ordered our first American beer.  I chose a Summer Shandy. We ordered some cheese fries to hold us over until we got home. The fries were so salty and the beer made me feel so bloated. Ugh, I already miss the food and the beer over in England, it had no preservatives and just made fresh and so good.

After our beer, we made our way to the gate and waited to board the flight to Pittsburgh. I couldn’t believe it we were in the states. Once we landed in Pittsburgh, my mom met us at the baggage claim area. Once I saw her I gave her the biggest hug. I did miss my mom and I know she was glad we were home safe and sound. She helped us with our luggage and my dad pulled up the curb and gave us both a hug. He loaded up his car with our luggage. They had so many questions for us about our trip and wanted to hear all about it.

When we arrived at our house, we brought our stuff into the house and then we ordered pizza. They wanted to hear all about our trip. We gave them their gifts. We bought my mom a little plate with Harry and Megan’s picture on it from the Royal Wedding. We bought my dad a shirt with Union Jack on it. He requested one. We showed them the gifts we bought for ourselves and they were so happy we had such a good time.
After the pizza arrived, we sat down and told them more about our trip, but we were ready for bed. I couldn’t wait to just lay in our bed and go to sleep.

The 30s are for Paying for your Drinks

On Saturday, we went to dinner at my cousins’ in Monroeville. Angie was so excited to see us. We had carb loaded dinner. potatoes, chicken casserole, green bean casserole, rolls. It was good, but so carby. I felt so full after dinner. Mackenzie asked me what we were doing later tonight. She said, “I am trying to get out of here for a while. Want to go have a drink?” I said, “Ask Drew. he is the deciding factor.” I was hoping he would say no. He didn’t care if I wanted to go out, but I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to go.
Mackenzie drove her car back to our house in Moon. On our way back to Moon, I texted Anthony and asked if he wanted to go to Tequila Cowboy with us. He said, “Sure, I will let you know when I leave the Airport.” When he called me, he just got home. Mackenzie and I were going to drive over there to his house before we went out to pick him up. Drew was letting us take his car. Now I know I had to be extra careful. Mackenzie did my hair and put in my hair extensions. I loved wearing them.
When we got to Anthony’s, he just got out of the shower. We all hung out for a bit, then we left to go to the Northshore. Mackenzie wanted to play her rap music, but I told her no. Anthony can play his music. I already listened to her music, while we were getting ready she complained and bitched. Then she made comments about my driving. I said, well this is not my car, I need to be careful. This is Drew’s car, and people stop out of nowhere on this highway all the time, and that is how accidents happen. She is a know it all because she is 21.
When we got down to the Northshore, I parked in a lot, it was $7. I paid the lot attendant and parked. We got out of the car and walked to McFaddens. When we walked in, it was so busy. I forgot what it was like to be out again. Everyone looked either really old, cougar, or freshly 21. The freshly 21-year-olds looked 12. I looked at Anthony and he looked at me. We kind of shared glances like what did we get ourselves into. Mackenzie drank a couple cranberry and vodkas. I stuck with Coors Light. Anthony had a Coors Light. We did a Green Tea shot.
Then we went to Tequila Cowboy When we arrived, it was so packed. They all thought were in the wrong bar, because the entrance said, “Little Red Corvette.” I said, there are multiple rooms. This was the R&B and 90s room. There was a karaoke bar and a country room. The bathrooms were all in the back by the Karaoke bar. It was as so packed. The crowd was a mixture of everyone but mostly, the type that would be at Barroom and Saddle Ridge, before they tore it down. This is where everyone went now.
On our way to the bathroom, I spotted Todd the bartender, that I went on one date with back in 2009. He was a bartender at Saddle Ridge back then. I remember he used to always hook me up with free drinks. I approached the bar, on our way back from the bathroom. He noticed me, and we chatted for a bit. He asked what I was drinking and what my cousin was drinking. I told him. He didn’t charge us. He said, good seeing you again. We walked off. I was feeling so big headed, that was about to change.
When we went back to the 90s and R&B room, we were dancing and the more Mackenzie drank the more she wanted attention. She was craving attention. She wanted a guy to notice her, or approach her. She noticed that guys were looking at me and giving me attention, and I think it bothered her. If you look like you are craving it, you won’t get it. If you smile, and are confident then you get attention. She isn’t confident and I think it shows. I understand it maybe hard for some people, but it’s no one’s fault and it shouldn’t keep you from having a good time.
At one point, we went back to get a drink from my bartender friend, and he charged me! I gave him cash. I looked back at Anthony and Mackenzie, and handed them their drinks. I said, “So the Thirties are for paying for your drinks, and the 20s were for getting them for free.” They all laughed. I was a married woman now, and 30. I felt so cool there for a second.
Around 1am she wanted to go back to McFadden’s, she said, that she was hoping she would see more guys there that would notice her. Anthony and I just kept sharing glances we knew what was about to happen. It was only a matter of time. I could have stayed at Tequila Cowboy, but anyways. We went back to McFadden’s, it was closer to where the car was parked.
When we approached McFadden’s, it was a $5 cover. If I had known that, then we would have just stayed. I didn’t like the crowd there at all. Thankfully, Mackenzie paid the cover for all of us. I didn’t drink anymore. I was over it and ready to go home to my Husband. While we were at McFadden’s, Mackenzie was drinking a double vodka and cran. I am not sure how many she had at this point, but she went to a table and started to cry. I approached her and she said, “I just want someone to think I am beautiful. Someone that is my type.” I said, “You can’t go looking for attention in places like these. These guys are just looking to hit it and quit it. You are worth so much more than that.”  She is in a dark place right now. I understand that place, but I never questioned myself worth and I know what kind of men are at these bars. I had to learn the hard way. I dated one I met on my 21st Birthday; huge mistake.
After a while, I told Anthony it is time to go. We left McFadden’s and went to the Eat n Park in Moon. She cried the whole way there. She apologized and just broke down about EVERYTHING. Anthony and I did our best to listen to her and give her advice, but this was too much. When we got to Eat n Park, we sat down in a booth and then I ordered fries and cheese, Anthony ordered the sampler platter, and Mackenzie got chicken strips and zucchini. She was pretty drunk, but I was so over it at this point.
When we finally got home, I got changed, brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed with Drew. I was so happy the night was over and I found my Prince. I am so happy to have him in my life and to be the woman I am today.

Matt & Spenser Cousin Reunion Pt. 1

On Friday,  On my way to my parents, I picked up my wedding rings. They looked brand new! The rhodium dip made them sparkle and shine! I can’t stop looking down at my left hand.

When I arrived at my parents’ it was around 11am. My mom was due to get off of work around 12pm. I wanted to get over there early and help her get things ready around the house, and of course, see my dogs.  While we waited for my mom to get home, my dad and I sat outside and listened to some 90s music, and talked. My mom stopped and brought home Subway for us, to hold us over until dinner. We weren’t going to eat until around 7pm.

After she came home, we ate lunch, then relaxed. My mom and I laid in bed and watched the movie, Belle. I love a good period drama. She had never seen the whole movie, just bits, and pieces because she falls asleep while watching movies. I do too sometimes, but I do love my English and French period dramas.

When we got to the store, we picked up the catering that my parents had ordered for the party, and it is always a trip to go anywhere really with my parents. When we got home, we unloaded everything into the house. We weren’t sure what time people were going to start arriving, but she was thinking not until 6pm. I went upstairs and changed my top. I put on a strapless top, that had some ruffles going down the bottom. I love baby doll tops. I remember feeling not too sure about what to expect out of today. I just kind of went with the flow. There was some drama in my family, in the past. It had nothing to do with us, children in the family, but more to do with our parents, and my aunts and uncles. Not so much the family out of town, but I am sure everyone knew a little about the drama that took place in Pittsburgh. Two of my cousins were coming, that I hadn’t seen since 1997.

Back in 1997, I was probably 10 or 11. I was in an awkward phase. My hair was short, and my bangs were straight across my forehead. I was heavily into Hanson and the Spice Girls, and I think I was a bit chunky, or at least a bit thicker, back then. So yes, things have definitely changed since then.
Around 6pm, the first of my family to show up was my cousin Marilyn and her husband, Chuck and their little boy Charlie, who is now 6 years old. I met him when he was a baby. He was only 5 months old, now he is a little man. He doesn’t really say too much to me, then again I am a girl. :p

After they came in and sat down started visiting with us in the living room, my cousin Amanda. I went to the back door to greet her. I asked her where her girls were, and she said that her mom and dad are bringing them.  When Amanda’s parents arrived, my Uncle Tom and Aunt Phyllis, they parked out front. I went to the door and asked if they needed help. They were good. Olivia ran up the front steps to greet me. I love that they remember me. She gave me a big hug and went on inside. She was a leaf girl in my wedding. They unloaded their car with Liliana and Isabella who is the newest little edition. She was in a baby carrier. She has gotten so big since the last time I saw her, which I think was back in March or April. My Aunt Phyllis grew up in my parents’ house, so I welcomed her home. She laughed and said thank you. They haven’t been in our house in probably 12 years. It is sad, but I think a new leaf is turning.

When I went to the back door, I saw that Becky and David had arrived and they brought with them, Spenser and Matthew, the two boys I have not seen since 1997. I introduced myself as their cousin, Danielle and shook their hand. I felt like I didn’t know them well enough to hug them, and I didn’t want to be weird.

As the evening got underway, Matthew played his guitar for us. He had Uncle Larry’s guitar that he had bought in the 70s. His grandmother, Sharon gave him the guitar. Larry would be his grandfather. He played so well. I took a little video of him. He is a rapper. He played 50 Cent In da Club, and Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow. It was a great time.
After dinner, and after the rest of the family had left, Spenser and Matthew wanted to go out and experience Pittsburgh’s nightlife. Andrew wanted to, but he was so tired from working all day that he decided to go home and go to bed. I understood. He worked all day, I didn’t. I was looking forward to getting out for a bit. I haven’t been out since, Anthony’s birthday, last month.
Around 11pm, the boys and I drove to Mount Washington so they could see the Overlook. Matthew didn’t really care. He wanted to get a drink. Spenser, he is more the laid back, artist-intellectual type and he loved the visual arts, so the view was more for him, then the bar scene.  After taking a few pictures, and checking out the view. The boys and I left and said goodbye to my parents, Becky, and David, and then we were on our way to the Southside. I figured that it is a good place for the younger 21-23-year-old crowd.

As we’re driving through East Carson Street, Matthew made a comment and said, this looks a little shady. I said, “Yes, it’s not that great of a place to be anymore, but this is a historical part of town, and always known for bars and restaurants. There has always been bars and restaurants on East Carson, dating back to the days of the Steel boom.” He kind of gave me this look like I am crazy. I have always been fond of history, culture, and human experience.

Aside from chatting, I was trying to find a place to park, and the parking lot that I like was full. Southside has many memories for me, good and bad. I found a spot that I could parallel park in, but I was failing today at parallel parking for some reason. Matt hoped in my driver seat, and I got into my passenger seat and he was able to park my car for me.

As we walked up towards East Carson Street, the first bar I wanted to take them to, was the Tiki Lounge. I just love the layout of the bar. It has this Island theme to it. When we walked up to the door, we handed the bouncer our IDs. Matt’s was broken and an end was chewed off. The bouncer asked about the ID, and he said, “My German Shepard chewed it.” I wanted to laugh, but it was true. I do remember him saying something about his ID on the way down here.
Once inside Tiki Lounge, we walked down the stairs, to the bar. We ordered our drinks. He wanted a Tangeray with a lime. The bartender must have thought we were together because she made two. Spenser got a Rum and Coke. I bought them the first round, and we went upstairs to where the dance floor is, we wanted to sit at a table, but I wanted them to get a feel for the bar before we sat down.
When a booth opened up, we made our way to the booth and took a seat. I asked them what they thought of this bar? They liked it but also wanted to go somewhere else. I said, Okay, once we finish this drink, we will go somewhere else. I wasn’t sure where else to take them. When we left the Tiki Lounge, we walked down East Carson. Girls were Stripping in the heels. One girl was wearing only one shoe. Oh, Southside. I  don’t miss being down here, but it is nice to venture down here once in a while, it is just so bad down here anymore.
Once we approached Diesel and Skybar. I thought they would like it, but there was a cover charge. I thought with only an hour left until the bars close, a cover charge isn’t worth it. We walked on. We stopped at this bar called Local bar and kitchen. It seemed pretty chill. I haven’t been in there before. We decided to go there. We walked in, and the bar was crowded. Matt found a spot and squeezed in and ordered us our drinks. He bought this round. They switched to Titos and vodka. I  switched to Coors light. We went upstairs, and on our way upstairs, people were trying to come downstairs. It was crazy.

Finally, there was a break in traffic, and we were able to make our way to a table. Once we sat the table, we talked about where they are from? the family? uncle Larry (their grandfather), we just talked about anything we could think of.  They never been to a big city before and thought the girls and the crowd were different, then what they are used to seeing at bars back home. It was fun getting to know them. Throughout the evening, they both lit up cigarettes. I guess they chimney smoke when they drink.  Around 10 minutes to 2am, they closed the top section and said we could go downstairs and finish our drinks. We went downstairs to the downstairs bar, and hung out at a table, finished our drinks, and then walked outside.
Once we were outside, we walked back towards the car, dodging the streams of people, most of them were drunk. It was a little intense, but then we made it back to the car. I got it in, and at that point. I probably had three beers and a Tangeray with lime. I was feeling pretty good. I probably shouldn’t have driven home. I should have asked for an Uber, but I did. I drove them back to the hotel. I could tell Matt was feeling good. He was drinking all evening. Spenser might have been buzzed, but not as bad at Matt.
Finally, I got them back to the hotel, I parked the car and I had to go pee so badly, so I walked with them up to the room, so I could use the restroom. The one downfall about drinking, having to pee all the time. When I came out of the bathroom, I said goodbye to them, and then I went outside to my car and drove home.

When I got home, it was about 3:30am. I got changed and crawled into bed with Drew. I was so tired. It had been a long time since I had been out that late. Tomorrow was going to be another crazy day.

Pumpkin Patch/Scarehouse with Anthony

Today, we were on our way to the chiro, and there was a line all the way down 79. It was the line for Soergels. I guess it was the start of Pumpkin weekend. The line was so long! We were late to the chiro and my adjustment felt so amazing. Drew was out of the woods with his back, but still couldn’t lift anything super heavy. I was happy to hear that he was better.

After the chiro, we went to Janoski’s farm and picked out our pumpkins. We got 2 big ones, and one small one. I am using the small one, as a part of the dip decoration for Leanne’s Halloween party. I was tired for some reason. We laid down and hung out on the couch, and watched some television and waited for Anthony to get off work. We were going to Scarehouse tonight with him.

Anthony came over around 9:00pm. We left and went to the zoo to park our car since they shuttle you over to the Scarehouse by a school bus. We got on the school bus, and Anthony started singing, “Memories..” We started laughing. I always laugh so hard when I am with Anthony. I was scared a little in the house, but not really. We were with this one couple, and they were walking so fast. We kind of missed everything. At one point, they told us to slow down and they shut the door on our face. I agree we were walking too fast.

At the end, I was ready for something different next year. On the bus back, we decided to go to a Haunted Hayride next year, and do something different. I love this season. It just goes by too fast. We stopped at Caddy Ranch for a drink and Anthony and I got caught up with each other on our lives. Andrew was getting tired I could tell. We didn’t get home until 2am. Once we got home, we went to bed. We were so tired.