My best friend in the whole world came over after work today. He picked up Chinese on the way to my house. Andrew joined in with us at dinner. It was nice to just eat Chinese and enjoy the evening. I drank a couple cans of Truly, the rose flavor. I needed to relax a bit. We ordered the Chinese from this new place called, Little Toyko. I have never ordered there before. Andrew, Anthony, and I all got the same thing to eat; General Tso’s Chicken, Egg Rolls, and Shrimp Tempura roll. It was amazing!

After dinner, we played games on the television with our phones and had a few good laughs. Then we played quite a few games of Mario Kart on the Nintendo switch. Anthony left around 11pm, then it was off to bed for us. I wanted to get up early and get started on my essay and summaries. It was going to be a weekend of homework and writing.

Christmas with My Parents

The day after Christmas Day we celebrated with my parents. We opened gifts. I got my Dad a gift card to the movies. My mom got some pieces to her Winterberry collection. I was anxious to see what we got from my parents. I think I already knew what I was getting, but Drew knew for sure we were getting the Nintendo Switch. I had asked for it for Christmas. Drew and I can’t stop playing it when we go to Best Buy.

It was our turn to open gifts, Drew got some beer glasses for his man cave. The glasses have his name on it. My parents gifted us with a Nintendo Switch, the Mariokart game, and a Paris calendar for our kitchen. We both received a little bit of money from them as well. I was so thankful and so happy. We couldn’t wait to go home and play Mariokart.

When I was younger, my dad and I used to play Super Nintendo. I am not a gamer, but I remember playing that console for hours. The graphics have come such a long way since the 90s. It looks so real now.

As the day went on, I started to feel a little sick in my stomach, but I was going to pull through it was Christmas. I wasn’t as bad as Drew, but there was something going around, plus we were eating all this different food.

At dinner, Drew and I prepped the food, and served my parents. It was nice and relaxing to finally be able to celebrate Christmas with my parents.


Best Buy

It was one of those weekends, where we just took it easy. Andrew was on call for work, and it only happens like twice a year, so I can’t complain. Yesterday, I had a much-needed visit to the chiropractor. All the stress from the work week was just built up in my neck. I needed adjustment. ┬áMy neck popped so loud. It felt so good.

When I got home, I started organizing the basement and getting rid of somethings, and we took things to the garage. I hate clutter. Once we got to the garage, we started throwing away stuff that was old in a laundry hamper. My monthly visitor arrived later on in the day, as I was cleaning the house, and it slowed me down a little as I was making dinner. I never let it stop me from doing things. Drew helped me make dinner and clean up.

After dinner, I got changed, and then we went to Best Buy. Drew surprised me this week, and told me that he wants to buy me a Mac for my birthday! I am all for it. We are going to get one through Pitt because they will be able to do a payroll deduction. Instead of us having for it outright. After we looked at Macs, we decide to walk around the store. Typically, when we got to Best Buy it is for a purpose and then we leave. We never walk around and check things out. The movie section is so thin, and DVDs are still there, but barely. There are a couple video game consoles set up, but that section was pretty thin too. It is weird. We walked up to the Nintendo Switch and checked it out. I was like oh my God, the Nintendo. I used to play the original one it was a huge grey one, and then I had Super Nintendo. My dad and I played Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. Drew and I decided to play the switch and give it a try. We played three games of Mario Kart. It was so much fun! All the graphics look so different now, and so high tech and so real. It is not like it used to be when I was younger. It took everything in our power to not walk out of there with the Nintendo Switch.