Pitt Stronger Than Hate

Pitt Stronger Than Hate

In the morning, I went and got my  free Pitt Stronger than Hate t-shirt at the William Pitt Union. At 12pm, Nancy and I went to the Memorial for the Tree of Life victims. The memorial was held on the lawn of the Cathedral in between the Cathedral and Heinz Chapel.  There were thousands of people there.
Image result for pitt stronger than hateChancellor Gallagher made a speech, and so did Bill Peduto and Rich Fitzgerald. This was the first time I seen Bill Peduto in person. It was a cool experience.

On the way back, Nancy and I stopped at Taco Bell in the William Pitt Union and got lunch, then went back to the office.
After work I had the politics and history of higher education class. Julia and I had to give our oral presentation on Title IX. We both were ready and prepared for it. After a group did an engaged learning activity, we went up to present. We did so well and we made the time limit. I was so proud of us.

When I got back to my seat, I fired up my computer and she posted the grade of our presentation 60/60. Whew! Now I need to find out what I received on my second paper. 2 more assignments left. One more summary to complete, as well as the final paper on my philosophy of education. I am going to start the paper this weekend I think. I am ready for the end and for Christmas break!

Last Day of Grad School for the Semester

This morning, I woke up ready for whatever was going to go down. Today is the last day of the Spring semester. My first semester of grad school is behind me.  I am so glad that it is over. It was a rough and rude awakening into academia again. I haven’t really studied the trends in Education since my associate’s degree. I received my associates in Teacher Education. My bachelor of arts is in English Studies. I didn’t want to continue on with Education anymore, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to teach, but if I did want to, all I would have to do is get certified and take the Praxis I and II.  Now I am back to studying education. Well not just education in general, but higher education.
When I arrived at my building, I printed out my article for my oral presentation. I had to give a 10-min talk on campus shootings. We signed up for our topics on the first day of class and lucky me. I get to present on the last day of class. Way to end the class on a good note, talking about campus shootings. Luckily, I did most of my presentation earlier in the semester, but I still had some loose ends to tie up, which I did last night. I wasn’t sure about it.
When it was time to go up to class, I had a thought going up the escalators. My first semester of grad school is almost over. I was losing steam, but I wanted to finish strong, as strong as I could. I was ready, but I thought I hoped I savored it enough and really it took it in enough. When I arrived at the classroom, there was a group of people talking about the final exam review, and asking if  I completed it. Yes, I did. We had a review today.
The review session wasn’t bad. I knew more than I thought. She said the review session and the power points should be able to get us through the exam. I am a horrible test taker, so any advice is welcomed advice. For the review session, we went around the room and we each answered a question. The professor elaborated where she needed to, and if she didn’t she just let us continue on. Our answers were from the powerpoint, its not like we pulled this information from our heads. We are able to use our notes on the final, and the internet, so we will see.
After the review, we had the Higher Education Administration class, I turned in my second paper.  I was over it. In class, we had an activity in groups to discuss the readings and the podcast that we had to do for today. I just laughed. There is no way I read with all that was due today. It was not happening. We talked about the disadvantages of low SES students in higher education, and what can be done to help them.
When we arrived back to the classroom, and there was candy at every seat. Max treated us to candy for our last night of classes. After the candy, and discussion of what we discussed with our groups, it was time to prepare for my oral presentation. There were three of us presenting tonight. I only thought here goes nothing. The guy before me talked about campus carry, and what states/universities have that policy where professors, staff, and students, can open carry.  Then, it was my turn, I got up and got up in front of the classroom and gave my presentation. I read from the script that I had prepared. I didn’t memorize, didn’t have time, and part of me didn’t care.
After my presentation, he said goodbye to us and how he had a great time this semester and looks forward to seeing us again in the fall. I was out of there quicker, than a bat out of hell. I went downstairs to the parking garage and waited for Drew to come to get me. When he arrived,  I got in the car, kissed him, and he asked about my last night of class. he said that he was proud of me. All that stood in my way is the final on Wednesday for methodology.