Today, nothing so far. I have a jazz committee meeting at 12pm at Panera. I am sure that will be so interesting.  Geri called me and told me earlier that week to fall back at the meetings and not to say anything. I was very offended, because I thought my input was allowed, even though I was a temp in the position, but I still interviewed for the position and was doing most of the work on Geri’s end to help prep for the event and this is how I am treated?

At the meeting, I did exactly that, and when I was asked about something, I didn’t offer any input. I just said whatever you need me to do I will do. Amy sat next to me and let me use some of her oils. She gave me balance. I needed to balance out my emotions and calm down. The entire meeting I was huffing the oils, and breathing in the scent. I feel like such a druggie, but hey it worked.