Pitt Clinic

Besides it being a typical Monday. I had to make a stop at the Pitt clinic on my way to work. I woke up and my eye was so swollen and puffy. It was a little red in the corner. I bet it was from all the make up I wore over the weekend.

After I was seen they determined it was just a sty and it will go away in couple days. I am to put warm compresses on my eye 4-5 times through the day until it breaks open on it’s own, gross!

My eye was bothersome throughout the day, but I made it through. I wanted to get out of class, but I decided to suck it up and go. I was glad I made it through.

Pitt Clinic & Tonsilitis

This morning, I went to the Pitt Clinic (a MedExpress for Pitt Employees). We drove in to work today, and arrived in Oakland a little earlier, then expected so he dropped me off at the clinic, before parking the car and going to work. I was concerned. When I arrived at the front desk, I had practically no voice. They checked me in and took me back right away.
When the Nurse Practitioner came in, she examined my mouth and my throat with the light and said, that I have tonsillitis. She gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin to take three times a day for 7 days, great!
When I left the office, I called Drew and told him. He said, “Oh wow, that sucks! are you going to be able to drive home?” I said, “Yes, can I just come to get the keys?” he said that he can bring them over to me in an hour so? Since I might want to let the traffic die down a bit since it is rush hour. I agreed.
When I got to my office, I sat down in my chair, and I was so miserable. I was burning up. I was losing my voice. I just wanted to leave. I called my boss and told her. She told me to just go home, instead of only entering 3 hours of normal time and the rest sick time for the day. I agreed that was stupid.
When I got off the phone with her, I packed up and called Drew.  I told him to please meet in Hogwarts with the keys. Phyllis said I should just go home since I am sick. He agreed. He met in Hogwarts with the keys. He could tell that I was miserable. He said, “Do you want me to see if I can take you or home? Or if Bill will let me work from home? I said, “If you want to baby, I will be here.” I took a seat and waited for Drew.
After a while, Drew texted me and said that he was able to come home with me and work from home. Drew drove us home. On the way, he stopped and picked up my prescription, Gatorade, and Kleenex. This was going to suck. I hate being sick.
When we got home, I tried to relax. I was coughing and hit hurt to cough, and swallow. It felt like razors in my throat. How long is this going to last? Tomorrow I planned to go to my PCP and follow up.

Pitt Clinic & Applebees with Anthonly

This morning, I went to the onsite clinic for Pitt staff, faculty, and students. I wanted to get my left big toe checked. I thought I had an ingrown toe nail, so of course I tried to get it out myself, but it was bleeding oozing, so I figured might as well, go get it checked.
When I arrived, there was no one in the waiting room. I thought this is going to be better than MedExpress. When the doctor came into the room, she looked it over and said, that she thinks I don’t need a podiatrist. She said, you probably cut your toe, and cut too close to the skin, when you first initially trimmed your toenails. I said, yup that sounds about right. She prescribed me an antibiotic to prevent infection and suggests that I get a pedicure in at least 2 weeks, and suggested that I don’t trim my toe nails anymore, but get regular pedicures every so often and leave it up to the nail techs to cut my toe nails, I agree. I also got set up with a health coach. I will have to reach out to her here soon.
When I left her office, I called my mom and told her what they said, and even texted Drew and told him what she said, about a pedicure, “Doctors orders.” He thought it was funny. She also suggested that I not go to the gym tonight, just clean off my toe. She said, you don’t want that to get worse. It’s true, I don’t. I did want to go to the gym though.

After work, I met up with Drew. We rode the bus home. When we got home, I texted Anthony and asked him what he was doing tonight? He said, “Going home and crying into a Lean Cuisine.” I told him Drew is going to the gym and I am staying home. He said, “Let’s go out to eat!” I said, “Okay, where? Applebees?” He said, “Yes! girl!”
When I got home, I  got into my car and went to Giant Eagle, I needed to pick up my prescription, that I wasn’t sure I wanted to take, nail polish remover, cotton balls, and peroxide. The pharmacist suggested that I not take the antibiotic since I am allergic to Ceclor, and the antibiotic is from the Ceclor family. I didn’t want to take it anyway, so I told them that I would hold off and just keep it clean. They thought it was a good idea.
When I got home again, I got a shower, took my toe nail polish off, cleaned my toe, and got ready for Anthony to come over. When we arrived, we got in my car and drove to Applebees. I was so hungry.
When we got to Applebees, we got seated in a booth and then ordered our food as quick as we good. I was really in the mood for spinach dip, so we ordered that and boneless wings, first. Then for dinner, I had some chicken, bacon, and cheese dip topped on top, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans with garlic and bacon bits. I ate about half, and then threw in the towel.
During dinner, Anthony and I caught up on all the gossip, and then went back to my house. He came inside and we had a glass of wine and watched Paris and Nicole: the Simple life. We laughed so hard. Shortly after that, Drew came home and we turned on the Kardashians and watched the new episode.  We played the game Would you rather, and Either or. We looked up questions on line. Some were stupid, others were naughty. He stayed until 11pm. Drew was finishing up working on his project for Thursday. Then it was off to bed. I had a great evening all things considered.