Worst Monday Ever

This morning, I went to work and I was tired. Drew’s neck was still sore. I need another weekend.  Work was slow Nancy is on vacation until next Monday. Quiet is not the word for it. I have to have some music on, or some noise. It won’t be a fun week. I forgot my lunch at home, it is on the stairs. I sit on the stairs to put on my shoes and left my lunch behind. I have done this before.
At lunch, Wynn and I ordered a small pizza and a tossed salad to share. Nicollette joined us and ate lunch with us. We all talked about work and how quiet it is down there. It was fun to eat lunch with the girls.
After we ate, they went walking, and I went back to my desk. I got organized and got some small tasks done, and checked on the dogs on the camera. They seemed like they are okay, but not happy. She isn’t interacting with them, petting them, or playing with them. It is sad. They are used to much warmer behavior. It is heartbreaking to watch.
When I got home and got settled for the evening. It was around 8:30pm, and I opened the camera app on my phone. Louie was howling and crying. I called my mom and asked her where the dog sitter was. My parents said, they are trying to find out, but they don’t know she isn’t answering. I said, “oh okay, well I am going over there.” If she arrives, then let me know, and I will turn around and go home.”  I am so mad at this woman.

When I arrive at my parents, she is out back with the dogs. I park behind her car, and I get out. I didn’t want to creep her out. I introduce myself and she tells me her name. I said the reason why I am here is that the rules are not being followed. The dining room light is not on, and he is howling. It is 9pm at night and he is upset. She said, “I know I am sorry. I went home to see if my SIM card arrived. I broke my phone at the Dierks Bentley concert. I didn’t mean to alarm you.” I said, “okay, well please leave the light on in the dining room, when you go out.” She said, she would next time. I bent down to touch my dogs, who were going crazy because I was there. I felt so bad. I didn’t go into the backyard through the gate. I didn’t want them to think I was staying. I said to them, “See you Friday.” I got into my car and backed out and Louie watched me leave and gave me this look like you are an ass for leaving.
On the way home, I called my mom and I cried. I said this is so sad. This is not what they are used to. She said, “I know honey, but I don’t know what else to do. You will be there on Friday.” I got home and I told Drew and he feels bad for the dogs, that they are being treated this way, and that this girl is not following the rules. I can’t wait to see my dogs.

Traveling Back to the States

Traveling Back to the States

This morning we got up early, got dressed, ate our last hotel breakfast in England, then back to the room to make sure we had everything packed up. I did not want to leave at all. This was the best trip ever! We had an 8-hour flight ahead of us back to the states. Once again, another layover in Philly. I was so bummed, so was Drew.
When we arrived at the airport, we got checked in and went through security, and decided to check out the shops in the airport. I was checking out Harrod’s. They had two stores one that was just clothes, and high-end designers. The other was their name and accessories.  I forgot to go to Harrod’s when we were in London, but it was nice to go there now, even though we were at the Airport. Drew realized he forgot his Fitbit in security, he went over and gave them his information, and said they would page him if they found it.
Then we checked out Harrod’s accessories in their brand. Drew bought me a super cute tote bag. He surprises me sometimes. We got coffee from Starbucks and picked up a London mug. It was from the Starbucks anywhere collection. Then it was time to head to our gate. It was soon time to board the flight. We got on the plane, got settled in our seats. As we circled the runway, I said goodbye to England. I was so upset. I had to hold it together though.

When the plan was in the air, the flight attendants eventually came around with the beverage cart. We ordered our drinks. I had two vodka tonics, and Drew had two whiskeys over ice. Dinner was yummy, it was a roast, potatoes, and veggies. It was hard to be sad about heading home when you had such good service.
At one point, I finished the last episode of the Miniaturist that was uploaded on to the televisions. I can’t believe what happened and how the guy died, but his wife will be just fine I know it! I was hoping to catch more episodes at home, our Firestick. I also wanted to check for GoggleBox, as well. I am already missing English television.

After the miniaturist, I watched I, Tonya.  It was pretty good, better than I thought it was going to be. I was surprised. Margot Robbie did a good job. I do feel a little bad for Tonya Harding, so crazy though! I do remember that controversy and what happened to Nancy Kerrigan. I was young, but it was a big story.  After the movie, I read some more of Hemingway. I couldn’t sleep. I was running on adrenaline.

When we arrived in Philly, it was 3:00pm. We were in desperate need of a beer. We were drained from our flight. Drew said, the first bar we find. We found this one bar, (I forget the name) everything is a touch screen. We took a seat, ordered our first American beer.  I chose a Summer Shandy. We ordered some cheese fries to hold us over until we got home. The fries were so salty and the beer made me feel so bloated. Ugh, I already miss the food and the beer over in England, it had no preservatives and just made fresh and so good.

After our beer, we made our way to the gate and waited to board the flight to Pittsburgh. I couldn’t believe it we were in the states. Once we landed in Pittsburgh, my mom met us at the baggage claim area. Once I saw her I gave her the biggest hug. I did miss my mom and I know she was glad we were home safe and sound. She helped us with our luggage and my dad pulled up the curb and gave us both a hug. He loaded up his car with our luggage. They had so many questions for us about our trip and wanted to hear all about it.

When we arrived at our house, we brought our stuff into the house and then we ordered pizza. They wanted to hear all about our trip. We gave them their gifts. We bought my mom a little plate with Harry and Megan’s picture on it from the Royal Wedding. We bought my dad a shirt with Union Jack on it. He requested one. We showed them the gifts we bought for ourselves and they were so happy we had such a good time.
After the pizza arrived, we sat down and told them more about our trip, but we were ready for bed. I couldn’t wait to just lay in our bed and go to sleep.

Graduate Student Visitation

Finally, the day was here for the perspective Grad students to come visit the department and see what we have to offer! I was going to be in and out of my office all day. In the morning, as the students arrived I gave them the folders that I made for them, and walked them to the conference room. They filled out the W9 so they could be reimbursed for the cost of their flight.
At one point, one of the grad students arrived and he introduced himself. As soon as our eyes locked, I knew it was going to be an instant  friendship. His name was Juan. He had the best personality, and we were going to be fast friends I just knew it. He said, he felt it too.
After everyone is the conference room, I took a seat next to Melanie and he explained the department and how it is organized. The admins and our roles, as well as the faculty and their areas of study. It was nice to have a refresher.  I did learn some things I didn’t know.
When the pizza arrived, I helped to set it up with plates, forks, ice for the pop, etc. I love organizing events, so this kind of stuff was one of my strengths. During lunch, we talked about Pittsburgh; things to do and see, places to go, places to eat, etc. After lunch, Melanie and I took them around the department, and showed them the highlights of Posvar Hall. I know two of them committed already, but I wanted the other two to commit as well.
After the tour of the building and the department, I was able to go back to my desk and check my e-mail. I processed some requests, but I couldn’t get started on anything big. At 3:30pm, we all met in the department and walked over to the UClub for the happy hour. I brought a sign-in sheet for me for expenses purposes. It was my job to make sure everyone, who was in attendance had their name on this list, so we could get reimbursed. I stayed until the end. Drew came by after work. He had a beer with Melanie and I and we congratulated ourselves on the job well done. Whew I was ready to go home.



Today is Friday, I am so excited. I love Fridays! This morning, I woke up and still no monthly visitor. I got a shower and got dressed.  It was cold today and we were expecting snow off on throughout the day. We did get some other night, so I dressed in long underwear, because planned on taking the bus. Then Drew gets out of the shower and asks me if I just want to drive in today? Since we didn’t get too much snow overnight. I said, “Okay, I will have to change.” I put on some jeans and a sweater. It makes a difference. No need really to wear long underwear, if we are going to drive in.
When we left the house, we drive my car, which is the newer one to Oakland. It was an easy drive on the way in, nothing major happened, no traffic jams.

When we got to Oakland, we walked to the cathedral. Drew said, he wasn’t going to get coffee, he was going to just make some with the k-cups. I said, “Okay, I am going to get some hot coffee downstairs before I go to my building.” He then remembered that he forgot to pack a hard-boiled egg, so he wanted to at least get a breakfast sandwich. I thought about a bagel too.
When we arrived at the coffee shop, I got my hot coffee with a shot of espresso, and a blueberry bagel. Drew just got a breakfast sandwich. Then we kissed and went our separate ways.

On my way to Posvar, I called my mom for our usual morning talk. She didn’t answer. I felt like it as a long walk to Posvar. It was so cold out. I am ready for spring and much warmer weather. When I got to my building, I toasted my bagel, opened the department, and tried to call my mom again. She picked up and said, she will call me when she backs out of the driveway, so I hung around and waited for her to call me. I sat down and started eating my bagel and then I got the call. I told her about my rough night last night, my hormones, and about the cupcake pancakes. She wishes it wasn’t so rough on me emotionally, but she knows I have had a tough time with my periods. Well, my visitor came, when I was on the phone with my mom, so it is back to normal now for another month.
When I got off the phone with her, I started my day. Hopefully, today won’t be long and it will be an easy day. It already is nice and relaxing so we will see. I have plans to meet with Nicolette for lunch. I haven’t seen her in so long. I am excited! I met Nicolette outside of my office. We decided to go to Panera. She wanted a bread bowl.
When we arrived at Panera, the line wasn’t too bad. It usually is for lunch. She ordered a bread bowl and I ordered a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup. I really wasn’t too hungry. We sat down at a table and started updating each other on our lives, since last time we hung out. It has been so long. We went to lunch to celebrate the end of our 6-month provisional period. Wynn was with us that day too.
After lunch, we walked back to our offices. We couldn’t wait for the day to be over with, and get the weekend started. Nicollette and I walked into the Sociology department. Wynn and Nancy were talking outside Nancy’s office. We all stood around talked with each other. Then Linda came around the bend and saw us standing around she said, “Oh my God. I know nothing is getting done.” We all laughed and Nancy said, “these two just came back from lunch, Danielle and Nicollette. Wynn came down to tell me how her training went.” Nancy always sticks up for us. I went back to my office and tried to look busy for the rest of the day.
When it was time to leave, I walked to the cathedral to meet Drew. He and I drove home together. We stopped at the store, I had to get a shower card for Lisa and we had to pick up a few things to get us through until Sunday when he was going to grocery shop. We got home, and I got a shower and Drew ordered pizza. It seems to be our usual Friday ritual. I changed into some PJs and went downstairs. We watched the Office until the pizza arrived. It was a nice relaxing evening. Pizza, beer, and the office. It was a long week and it was finally over!


Today we had to go to Monroeville to see my cousins. This was supposed to be our Christmas celebration. Drew and I spent Christmas Eve alone this year and Christmas Day with our families, at his parents. Our traditions have changed a bit, so we don’t get to see my cousins on Christmas Day anymore. It is different, but it is what it is.
When it comes to going to Monroeville, the drive out there is semi-long for Drew and I living in Moon Township, so that is annoying, it is not such a nice area, and it’s a huge chunk of time spent out there when we visit my cousins. It’s not that I don’t like seeing them. I would prefer to see them at my parents or have them come to my house, but Katie is getting older and it is harder for her to get around anymore. I get it.
On the other hand, Drew hates going to Monroeville. He would much rather not go, but he attends because it is important to me. When we arrived, my parents were already there. We walked in, and Angie immediately wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. I smiled and said, “hey.” I hugged Angie. I did notice that she is dressing differently these days. She is less girly and more tomboyish, and almost like a boy. Her hair is cut short, and she wears jeans and flannel along with a knitted hat. I don’t know why. She looked so cute when she was dressed all girly. What happened? Angie had a friend over Asia. We met her before. She said some really disturbing things about her home life, the last time I met her, and I was shocked at what I was hearing.

Well, Dorcas, went to get the pizza. Drew and my dad went into the living room and my dad was watching basketball. Angie and her friend were running around, laughing and screaming.

Finally, Dorcas arrived with pizza. She said they didn’t have it ready when she arrived she had to wait for it. At one point Mackenzie, came downstairs to grace us with her presence. She was in bed sleeping! How could you sleep through this? Plus two dogs are jumping around.  It was madness. We ate pizza and I was just trying to be surface level with Angie. I didn’t want her hanging on me. I wanted her to know that I was not having it anymore, so I kind of ignored her a bit, and only talked to her, when she addressed me. I was not in a good mood.

After we ate, I noticed that Angie and her little friend were in the living room, so I went into the living room see them. I didn’t want to be mean to her. I just don’t want to be hung all over. I don’t want her thinking that is okay. I sat on the couch with her and she came over to talk to me.
When we finally left, I talked to Drew about it and he was like I think you handled that well and you are going to be a great mom. I said, don’t ask me how I did it. I was floored, but then again, I did kind of call this years ago. . When we got back to Moon, we did some grocery shopping, then it was home to relax with what was left of our evening.

Sociology Grad Student Orientation

The day was finally upon us. I was hoping that I had all my stuff together. Yesterday, at 3pm, I realized that I forgot to give the Pizza place a day’s notice about lunch for today. I called them yesterday placed the order and it should be here by 12pm today we will see.
Around 9:30am, I went into the conference with Melanie to help her set up for today. I took the binders with me. For a minute there, we thought that no one was coming. I did take the holds off of two accounts, so perhaps maybe I should have done that, but they came to see me early, proactively and they already had their binders. I thought they weren’t coming.
Finally, they all showed up, except for Natalia. Natalia was due in tomorrow, but that is okay when she came to see me, I would lift her hold and give her, her binder. All will be well. After Melanie, went over the binder, and the role she plays along with everyone else’s role. We were able to go into the conference room. I went to set up the conference room while Melanie was talking. I was worried the pizza wasn’t going to get here on time. At around 12:15pm, I got a phone call from the Pizza place and they were having trouble finding out office. I had to go outside and guide him up. It was annoying.
Everyone was excited when I walked into the conference room with the pizza. I set down the pizza and opened the boxes.  Everyone started grabbing slices left and right. I opened the salads and set the bread sticks on a plate. When everyone else got settled, I got a couple slices and sat down. We all went around the room and introduced ourselves and the various types of faculty and their studies. It was nice.
After the pizza lunch, we had part two of the orientation, Chris from the library was coming in to talk to us about what the library had to offer by means of research. It was very informative. Around 3pm, I had to go to People Soft Financials training. I was hoping this was going to be how to use People Soft, not the financial part. When I finally found the conference room, and walked in they were just about to get started. However, I noticed a familiar face. It was the guy from Heinz Chapel that I met in the rain. The one that was telling me about the patients from Western Psych. He must have been hired on, in the position he was temping for. He looked at me, but wasn’t sure if he recognized me. You know that look like this person might be familiar, but I am not sure.
Well when the training got underway, it was about the financial side of Peoplesoft. I thought to myself, what? I don’t need access to this. I don’t deal with fiances, weird. What am I doing here? The first part wrapped up and then there was going to be second part, but he looked at the confused attendees and asked, “How many of you don’t think you need access to this?” I raised my hand and so did a few other people, including the man that I met in the rain. He said, “Alright well you can go if you want, but you have the packet that tells you how to do it, if you by chance do need it.”
So I left. I walked out into the hallway and so did the man from the rain. He turned to me and asked me if I was the girl who worked at Heinz Chapel? I said, “Yes, we met in the rain, congrats!” He said, “Thank you, but it’s not the position that I temped for.” I said, “Oh?” He said, “Yeah, it’s different, but sort of in the same department.” I said, “Very cool.” He said, “I knew you were that cute girl that I saw in the rain.” I smiled and said, “thank you.” I will admit I was flattered.  I know I shouldn’t be flirting but I was curious. It wasn’t like we had sex or kissed. It was just conversation. I didn’t even remember his name. I did hear him say his name in training. He congratulated me on my job and he asked how it was going. I told him it was going well there is so much to learn. I am just glad to be full-time at Pitt. He agreed.
When I arrived to the corner, he was going to wait for the bus and I was going to walk to my building. He was like well I will see you around then. I said, “Yea, see you around.” I walked away towards my building. I turned to look back at him. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. He was watching me. I smiled and so did he. I turned my head and kept walking. I kept saying don’t turn around, but I did.
That evening, I went to the Dietrich Arts and Science’s Happy Hour on the roof top of the UClub. I sat with Gene, Jessica, Andrew from IT, and another IT guy. I saw Pam the woman that I interviewed with at Theatre Arts, and who didn’t offer me the position, because she didn’t like me. I went up and said hi to her. I want to be the bigger person. She was surprised to see me I think. I saw Pat from Heinz Chapel. She and I talked for a bit. I saw Amy Janocha, she gave me a hug and was glad to see me. I also talked to Jacob Bacharach, who I met on my interview at Theatre arts. He welcomed me into the Department and was glad to have me. I was so happy he knows who I am. Nancy eventually joined the Happy Hour. I stayed for awhile after she arrived, but I was ready to get home. It was such a long day.

First Week

My first week as a full-time employee of Pitt was awesome! Yes, it was a bit overwhelming with all the information, but my office is beautiful. It is so big, and I have so many shelves. I am just so happy. Today, I finally feel like I had a grip on what exactly they were talking about, but there is still so much to learn and a whole different vocabulary, as well. I need to add to my acronyms list.

Today, I met with Mel in the morning. She and I developed a list of things we need to do, orientation is one of the top priorities, and updating the binder, as well as creating them for the students. It is hard when the previous person isn’t here to train. I am trying not to get too overwhelmed, but it is difficult to pick up where someone left off, and not know really where they left off, or where anything is.

When it was time for lunch, Wynn and Nancy asked me if I wanted to go with them to get Chinese food. I was so happy, my first lunch date with the women from the office! I am fitting in so well here already. At lunch, I learned more about the people and the department. I am sure whatever we talk about at lunch, stays at lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the office. Nancy and I had no clue what we were doing, or what we needed to get done. I finally was able to finish this project I had been working on with Mel regarding student eval letters and OMETS. I had to upload them in the Box, and make sure everything on the box was on the Z drive. I have so much still to do, but Monday will be here soon enough.

Around 5pm, I sent the final update to Mel. Then, I got a phone call from Frank at the chapel, asking me where I was? I said, I am finishing up at work. He said, Oh okay, well how much longer do you think you will be? I said, Wendy is supposed to be there until I get there. He said, “Oh she much have forgot, because she left at 4pm.” I said, “Oh okay, I will be there in 10-15 mins. I have to shut down and walk over. He said, “okay great.” I hung up the phone and said, “really?” Nancy said, “Whats up babe?” I said, “Wendy is supposed to be there to cover and she left at 4pm. I mean I am sorry it’s not my problem. I am helping you out. I will get there when I get there.” I shut down my computer, pulled my office door shut, said Goodbye to Nancy, then walked to the chapel.

When I arrived at the chapel, Frank was lining up the wedding party to go down the aisle, I walked down the aisle and set my purse to the side, and he gave me my clipboard, and introduced me. I was still trying to catch my breath. The first Bride didn’t seem to happy with anything. She hardly smiled. They took forever to leave, as well.

The third bride wanted her party to be up at the altar with them, in a horse shoe type shape. It made it hard for Frank to gain control of the rehearsal. Everyone was up there talking, and carrying on. It just made it drag out. I was so annoyed and crampy. My period just started. I was ready to get out of there. I kept looking at Frank, and giving him looks like, get control of this so we can leave.
When we finally practiced the procession, it went down much smoother. she wanted to practice the recession twice. I told Frank, “Hey I got to go.” He said, “No problem go ahead, see you tomorrow at 12:15pm.” I thought to myself yeah yeah. In all my temping careers, I have never wanted to put an assignment behind me so quickly, as I do this one. I really can’t wait for this assignment to be over and I am so glad I got hired on full-time.

However, I loved the other half of my job, which was being a docent. I liked giving tours, and talking about the building, the windows, and the architecture more than people’s weddings.

When I got home, we ordered pizza and just relaxed. I had weddings tomorrow and I was not looking forward to it.