Robert Morris University Basketball Game

Robert Morris University Basketball Game

Drew found this deal on his RMU e-mail for “Colonial Couples” couples who went to Robert Morris University. It was $15 and you could eat pregame food as part of the 1921 club. A few years ago, when the 1921 club opened, Drew and I were able to sit court side, so I was expecting to sit court side.

When we entered the 1921 club, they had chicken wings there, and you could drizzle your sauce of choice over the wings, hummus, pita chips, and potato salad. It wasn’t bad. The director of alumni networking approached us and asked us about our story as Colonial couples. I told her that I work at Pitt, and I also attend grad school at Pitt, but I am a graduate intern with John Locke, in the Student Leadership and Development Office. She said, Oh okay, I am actually looking for a graduate assistant. I told her I can be shared throughout campus to gain exposure to different areas on campus and network, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anything I am working on with John Locke. She said, oh I didn’t know that. I told her I would send her an e-mail with my contact information. I am glad I met her.

When it was time to enter the court, the band was playing and it was definitely a little different experience then going to a Pitt game. I approached Guest Services and they said our seats are in the bleachers. I said, “oh okay.” She said, “Yea, you have the 1921 General Admission tickets.” So we took a seat on the bleachers. It is weird the 1921 club section is on the visitors side, so we were surrounded by Mount Saint Mary’s people, but it was a good game. Drew and I are snobs we are not used to sitting on bleachers.
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At one point Romo came up to us, and I see him more now, than I ever did in my undergrad at RMU. He kissed my hand, and shook Drew’s hand.








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I did manage to get a quick selfie with him. I have a couple pictures with Romo.

I made sure to cheer on the Colonials and participate in the chants, “Lets Go Bobby Mo!” &”R-M-U!” The game was pretty intense. It was so much fun to be back at RMU.













Meet the Colonials

Meet the Colonials

After work today, I stopped to grab a double whopper without a bun. I stopped home, and scarfed down my food, and grabbed the mail. My RMU alumni quarter zip came in the mail today.  I love it. I thought it was going to be a bit thicker, but It is so comfy. I am glad an I got the large, that way I can wear a t-shirt underneath it. Drew’s arrived today too I will let him open his up. My mother in law was going to come over to pick up a package that Tommy I guess had delivered here since he is going to be in town tomorrow.

After I threw away the junk mail and threw away my Burger King evidence I put some makeup on and I was out the door. When I arrived at the fitness center, I parked right outside and walked in. I told the student at the front desk that I was here to see John Locke. She said he is in the gymnasium last time I saw him. I smiled and said, “thank you.”

I walked into the gymnasium and he was running around setting up.  I approached him and he said, “Hey Danielle!” I said, “Hey John!” He said, “Doug is over there hanging drapes on the railing. Would you mind helping him?” I said, “Not a problem.” I went over and helped Doug and the student workers hang drapes on the banister and create an 8ft overhang to keep the players hidden in the back, so it was like a magic show. I thought it was pretty cool.
Then John pulled me aside and said, so you are going to be like the defacto stage manager. I said, “okay, cool.” He said, you need to make sure the players are lined up and know their order, and you are going to make sure everyone comes out on time and when they are supposed to.” I nodded and was so excited.
After I got briefed on my assignment, we went into the women’s locker room and made sure the hostesses knew how to pronounce their names. They were cooperative and friendly. John told them this is not sports, this is theater. Tonight is about theater. This is your celebrity moment and a chance to engage with your fans.” They all nodded and we called out their names, then they practiced their dance.
Then we went into the Men’s locker room and John introduced us to the players. He told them the same thing that he told the women’s basketball team. This is their moment to connect with their fans. This is not about sports this is theater tonight. He is so good at this. After we lined the guys up, I asked them if they knew their order if they could remember their order for me to make it easier on me. They all were cooperative and funny.
We went back out on the court and people started to arrive, and then around 9pm, I went outside with one of the work studies and she helped me get the players ready and lined up. All of a sudden I saw Andy Toole the men’s basketball coach. I said, “Hi Andy, do you remember me? He said, “yeah we met before.” I said, “at the radio station.” he said, “Yea.” I smiled and shook his hand. He said, “Do we need to line up now?” I said, “soon yes, please make sure the guys are ready to go.” He went back to the locker room and then I saw the revolutionary band getting ready to walk out. IMG_6570

I went back into the back and asked Jordan to please line up the players. The women will be going out first. The players lined up outside. I stood by the garage door to listen for a knock. When John Locke knocked on the garage door the band started to play and the door opened up, they walked down the red carpet playing Yankee Doodle. I felt so proud to be a Colonial.

I made sure to stay out of sight when the garage door opened. When the players were lined up outside, the band was doing their thing for a little while, so Jordan I made sure they were in order.

While the band was doing their thing, I talked to Andy Toole some more. I said to him “so you probably already know I am not at the radio station anymore.” He said, “I see that.” I said I work at Pitt and I am in grad school there.” He said, “Booo.” I said, “Well I went here for my undergrad.” I said, “I would love to come back and work here. I am really interested in athletics and student affairs.” he said something along the lines of that’s great. We can try to make that happen, or something like that. I said, “Definitely, let’s connect.” He said, “definitely.” I smiled and was so giddy inside. I fangirled a bit.

Then I asked the women’s coaching staff to get on deck and please line up on the red carpet. The garage door opened and they went out. Then the door opened and shut for each player to have the spotlight. When the women’s were down the red carpet, the garage door shut and I asked the men’s coach staff to please come up and stand on the red carpet.  They were so excited to go out.

When the door opened for them, they walked out and the garage door shut behind them. Then I asked each player one at a time to stand at the end of the red carpet. I confirmed their names as they approach the carpet to make sure they were in the appropriate order. I take this stuff so seriously. I so type A and so organized. Once the players were down the carpet and onto the court. Went through the back over the building and on to the court to watch the event for a bit.

As I was setting up for musical chairs, I feel a hand on my shoulder I turn around and it was Skylar my friend from the theater. He said, “Hey, I love you!” I smiled and said, “and I love you.” Then we took a selfie together. I am meeting so many awesome people. I am really hoping things work out at RMU in the long term eventually.
I was out of there at 10:30pm. I fist bumped John Locke and he said, “thank you so much.” I said, “not a problem.” we confirmed the details for Saturday, which is the homecoming game. I am super excited, but I am ready to go home and go to bed. I drove Jordan back to her dorm and then I was on my way home to go to bed.

I am so grateful and so thankful for my opportunities for RMU and for Pitt. RMU holds a special place in my heart.

Possible Internship Idea with RMU

On Monday, I had a phone call with one of my old professors and the Director of Student Leadership Initiatives at RMU. We chatted about how he might be able to utilize me as an intern in his department, and that he needs to stalk to some of his colleagues at the student affairs fair that is coming up. We rescheduled a call back for Thursday.
On Thursday at 10am, John called me and had some good news for me. He said that there are two projects coming up, that I could be apart of. I would be the point of contact for the logistics of the event. I would be working on RSVPs, table numbers, seating arrangements, observation, and etc. The first event would be the African American Leadership Experience event in November. The second event would be in February and that event was the Leadership weekend Challenge, both events go hand-in-hand. I would be doing the same thing with both events, and or more.
The next step is to e-mail Max, get it approved and there would be either a form, or a proposal that John and I would have to put together. I can’t remember. Once I was off the phone with John, I fired an e-mail to Max. I couldn’t wait for him to respond. I was so excited and so impatient.
Well today Max responded back to me, and said both events sound like a great idea! I have to remember to take the Internship class in the Fall of 2019 and have some of my hours completed by then(it won’t be a problem). I am so excited! I e-mailed John Locke and I am waiting for him to tell me what’s next. I think I need a meeting with his team, or something. I am ready to report for duty. Hopefully, I hear something soon. I am so excited!
I am going to be so busy. Until this all gets ironed out, I am going to focus on reading, and getting things ready while I still can. I am so excited to work on this project with RMU and meet some new people in Student Affairs. I feel like I am on my way !

Interview at RMU

This morning, I didn’t wake up completely until a quarter to 10am. I slept so good, and didn’t want to get out of bed. I do remember texting Drew off and on early in the morning about the dogs.

After I got out of the shower, I put on some random clothes until it was time to change into my interview clothes. I wasn’t all that nervous, probably because I slept well. I was anxious though to get on campus. I made some pumpkin coffee, and drank it out my favorite mug.

Then it was time to get ready and get dressed. I was so excited to get on campus. I got there an hour early.

I texted Anthony and told him that the bitch is back. He and I met at RMU and are still best friends to this day. I ordered my usual coffee at ROMO’s, French Caramel Latte with fat free milk. Then, hung out at a high top table and soaked in the memories, and surfed on my phone.
Once I left ROMO’s, I got up and went outside and took a walk through the forest of fun, until I approached the building where my interview was going to be.

I remember when this building first opened. Anthony and I had so many inside jokes about it, especially about the stock market ticker. It makes me laugh a little just typing this entry. I walked up the walkway and paid a visit to the theater.

This is where I met Anthony, Dylan, Ray, and Allie. I keep in touch with Anthony the most

still, but theater to me has always been a sort of spiritual thing for me. I used to dance, and I did dabble in some acting, but it was always so fun to get up on stage and dance or play part. I wasn’t in any of the big productions, but I did take part in small roles for friends who were in Directing Class. I also took a theater arts class, and a dance class at RMU. I turned to the theater for my release from all my stressful classes and I don’t regret for a minute.

When I walked into the theater, I sat inside the auditorium for a bit.


This is like my version of church. I just wanted to sit there for a minute, catch my breath and mediate. I reflected on RMU; my time, my memories there, my classes, friends, and professors. The connections I made there. How happy I am that I chose RMU as my school. I also thought about my occupations and how far I have come in my job life, and what has brought me to this chance to interview for my school. It kind of amazes me, a little.

When I left the auditorium, I went to the bathroom and changed my shoes, and I remember when I used to rush to the bathroom after dance, and change out of my dance clothes and race to myths class, always a few minutes late. Thankfully Dr. Karshner was cool.

After changing my shoes, I left the theater building and went to the business building rang the doorbell to their office door. Dr Robbins, opened the door, and greeted me. We shook hands and he led me into a conference room, where Bethany and Yasmin were waiting for me. The office was no bigger than a living room. It was small and quaint. I shook hands with Bethany and Yasmin, and then took a seat next to Bethany, and the interview got underway.

During the interview, they asked me the typical behavioral questions, tell me when this happened, or a time when that happened, etc. I felt like I did a good job of answering their questions. It was very relaxed, but formal environment, I related most of my answers to my experiences with Pitt. It was the most relevant experience to working within a University type setting. I believe they were happy with me and liked me. They said they would get in touch with me next week, Wednesday or so.

After my interview, I went to see John Locke, but he wasn’t in his office. The receptionist said he was setting up for graduation, so on my way out of his office, I ran into Scott my old boss at the Phonathon. He gave me a hug and almost didn’t recognize me.

After talking to Scott, I went to Sewall Center, and I messaged John Locke on Facebook messager. He told me he was in the arena and to come say hi! It has been years since I seen him.  When I walked into the arena, they were setting up for graduation. I can’t remember my graduation and it was only in May of 2013, but I still don’t really remember it. when I saw John, I gave him a hug. He and I chatted about my interview, and he told me he would drop Yasmin a line in an email for me. I was happy that he was going to help me. I did ask if he needs any help with graduation on Saturday? He said he thinks he is good. I wanted to volunteer any help, so I could be seen on campus and it would be fun to help!

When I left campus, I went back to our house in Moon. I typed up some thank you notes to the people I interviewed with, changed my clothes while I was on the phone with my mother-in-law then it was out the door, and back to Crafton to take care of the dogs for one more night.

When I got off the parkway in Greentree, I drove past Fastest Labs, and called Chris. He said he was getting ready to hop on a conference call, and he would call me back. I figured it would be nice to follow up with him and see what happened today, while I was not in the office.

When I got home, the dogs were crazed to see me and they tore up some paper coasters, and there was poop in the dining room. I know it was a long time to be left alone so I excused their behavior. My parents would do the same. Chris eventually called me back. He asked about my interview, was glad it went well. He told me about his awkwardly busy day, then that was it. I was nervous to show up there tomorrow.

Work/Phone Screen for RMU

At work this morning, I told Chris about the event. He agreed with me that it was kind of pointless for our business. I said that it seemed like a reason to drink with a bunch of people, and for guys to creep on girls. He was glad I at least went and experienced a networking event.

At lunch, I had to leave and go to my parents. I blamed it on the dogs, but I had a phone screen scheduled with RMU and I wasn’t going to miss it for ANYTHING! I sat in the back alley of my parents’ house, during the phone screen. It went so well! They told me that they would be in touch with me next Wednesday or Thursday to set up the in person interview.  I was so excited!

When I drove back to work, and walked into the office. I was talking to Chris, about my dogs, then all of the sudden my wrist band started vibrating. I looked down at the phone number, and it was RMU. I ran outside, and took the call. They said, I know that we just spoke, but I wanted to schedule the in person with you now. I said, wow that is great news, thank you! She laughed and said that they are excited to meet me in person. They scheduled it originally for May 2nd at 9am. I formally accepted the interview date and time. I was so excited!

When I went back into my office, I was hoping it wasn’t going to be awkward. I did my best to make it through the day; cold call, work my leads the best possible, so he wouldn’t ask or have any doubts about me.

After work, I met my dad at my parents’, we were going to church for Holy Thursday. On our way to church, we stopped at Pizza Hut and had dinner before going to church, a little unconventional. Daddy was going to have his feet washed at church. I was not participating in the feet washing, but I was still going to go to mass.

At Mass, the assistant RCIA director, was sitting with me. I asked her if she was going to church tomorrow? she said, yes she was, and asked me if I was going to go? I said, I am thinking about it. She said, she would meet me there if I was going to go? I told her I would try. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend three days in a row at church, but I would think about it.