A Day of Appointments

It was a short work week for me since I was off sick on Monday and Tuesday. I reported for work on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a planned sick day. I had a dentist appointment to attend and a dermatologist appointment to go to. I also need to help out at the Colonial Theatre for the musical “All Shook Up”. I am typing this entry as I sit in the Colonial Theatre. It has been a day!

At the dentist, I have no cavities, but they did want me to consider MTM, minor teeth movement. My bottom teeth are crowded a bit. They could be straighter I will give them that, but it is not too bad. It could be worse. MTM is comparable to Invisalign and it will cost $3,800. Now, our insurance does not cover Adult ortho, but it could cover children ortho under 19. I am too late. I have never needed braces and if my teeth were a big deal when I was younger, then I would have had them if I needed them. Whatever.

After the dentist, I went to Wexford for my Dermatologist appointment. No skin cancer, no biopsies. I am thankful. After I left the dermatologist, I went home to kiss my husband and to change. I had to get ready to go to RMU. I had a 3:15 apt with the director of student success.

When I arrived at RMU, I went to the office of student leadership and development where my internship supervisor’s office is. I put my things in the back room and changed into my heels. I pranced up to ROMOs and bought a French Caramel Latte. It is the same thing I used to get when I was an undergrad there. I love it. Then I went back to the office of student leadership and development. I saw an email from my student loan provider and had to clear up some issues with the amounts they were going to charge me. I looked around the cafeteria and thought this is what you have to look forward to kids after you graduate, don’t be in such a hurry!

After I got off the phone with them, I went to meet with the Director for the Center of Student Success. He wanted to give me a mock interview for the position that I applied for. Unfortunately, he is not able to consider me for the position because I do not have my Masters yet. I get it. It just sucks. I was hoping that they would work with me until I got my Masters.

After I completed the interview, he gave me some great advice. Things I never even considered before. He wants to continue working with me to help me perfect my skills. He even asked if I would present with him at a workshop on April 2! I have never been asked to present before at a workshop. I felt so honored.

By the time I got back up to the Student Leadership Development and Activities office, John had already stepped out. I talked to Mikhalia and she said, that he said he would meet me at the theatre.  She also said that he wants me to do the front house manager position. She and Jordan will sell tickets and swipe people in. I said, “okay, perfect.” I changed my shoes and went and grabbed her and I some dinner. We ate together, and then I got packed up to go to the theatre. She said she was going to go back to her dorm for a bit and meet me at the theatre. I asked her to give me the money since she was going back to her dorm. I didn’t want her walking around campus with the theatre money.  I put the money in my tote bag. She asked me to take the bake goods over for the ZTAs to sell at the theatre. I said I would do so.

When I left to go to the theatre, I took the forest of fun. I am remembered of my memories on campus. Every time I get so damn nostalgic. I love it there. I am going to end up working there one day. I know it.

When I arrived at the theatre,  I put the baked goods in the concession area. I was feeling stomach sick, it must have been the chicken that I ate. It was not agreeing with me. Eventually, Jordan showed up and we got the lobby set up. Jordan yelled at me for drinking Voss water. She thinks that is why my stomach was upset. She and I hung out until Ray came to set up the lights and he was going to tell us when to open the house. Mikhalia arrived with the tickets and I handed her the money that I had on me. I helped the ZTA girls set up the concession table. Then we waited for the guests to arrive.

Once John showed up, I gave him an update and he said, we would chat soon about McDonough and how my feedback/mock interview went. My parents arrived to see the musical. Once the show started, I only stayed for the first half then I went home. I was not feeling well for some reason. It was a long day.

RMU Winterfest

This morning I got up at 7:45am. I got a shower and put on some gym clothes. I had to head to RMU to help out with Winterfest, but I wanted to go to spin class first. John Locke, my supervisor of my internship as well as my previous professor was the spin instructor. I was so excited about my first spin class.
Image may contain: one or more peopleWe listened to Christmas music, throughout the class. It was challenging, but fun.

After class, I went home showered, changed into black jeans and a red Colonials top. I dried my hair and then I was off to help out at Winterfest. I was going to be on hand to help with anything until 4pm, then we were going to Anthony’s Christmas party.

The student program board, set up the build-a-bears and the vendors came and set up for the wax hands, and the bead bracelets. It was nice.


When things started to get underway, John and I went into his office and had our meeting about McDonough. We talked about the abstract that I was tasked to write 300 words and I would have to submit it to him by Tuesday. He also wanted me to come back to campus on Tuesday.

While we were meeting, Ray walked into John’s office. I was surprised to see him. They talked about Theater stuff and Ray is going to stage manage for the musical in the spring. Ray told me that he and Anthony are looking for a place together in the Northside. They fell in love with the one duplex. I knew that was Anthony’s dream to live in the Northside. He is trendy like that.

After the meeting, I went back to the cafeteria and helped the kids clean up. Jordan and I got our pictures taken in the photo booth, and then we had lunch together. Shortly after lunch, I left campus and went home.

When I got home, Drew had the house cleaned up and was cooking dinner. I got up and got a shower and got changed into some party clothes. After dinner, it was out the door to Anthony’s.
Image may contain: Anthony Lombardo and Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing and closeup
When we arrived, Anthony greeted us, but Dylan seemed moodier than usual. He must be upset about the move. However, we still managed to get some Titanic references in. Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak and Dylan Murtha, people smilingHe wrote on my cup Rose Dewittbukater. He is my Jack Dawson.

We all sat around and talked about Anthony and Ray’s potential new place. We talked about Anthony’s job, and love life. Then Ray and Tony arrived, along with Rebecca and Shelley. Everyone was there.

Ray, Dylan, Tony, and Anthony did the gift exchange game. It was hilarious to watch because there were only a few of them participating. Then we played the game where there is a giant ball and you have to unwrap it with oven mitts, without tearing a hole in it. It is so fun. Meanwhile, someone is rolling dice to get doubles so they can steal it off of you.
After that game, we all took pictures and I think it was around the time to go. I had such a long day and tomorrow was Sunday.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing

Halloween 2018

This morning, I helped out at the RMU football game. It was student government day, so every student, who swiped their freedom card and received a ticket, could vote for the organization of their choice. The organization with the most votes would win $500. The band, who belongs to the KKY organization, didn’t swipe in but wanted to vote for their organization. The student worker that I work with, Jordan, she is a member of Sigma Kappa and wanted her organization to win. I actually am not sure, who won, but KKY did get the most votes, but not sure if they count since the band didn’t swipe in.

After I got home from the football game, I went home and grabbed my acrylic dip powder set, and went to my parents. I did my mom’s nails. Then I went home to do some homework until it was time to go to Leanne and Dan’s. I couldn’t wait to get all dressed up.

After I got my witch costume on, I put my make up on and ended up dropping the eyelash glue cap down the drain. Drew had to take off the p-trap and get the cap out. I was a little off that night. I was starting to get a headache as well. I was a little hormonal, but I just had a day of being on the go and no time to catch up.



When we arrived, to Leanne and Dan’s, we knocked but then walked into the house. No one was in the living room. We walked inside the living room and I yelled, “Hello?” Maci came down the stairs dressed as a mermaid. She gave me a big hug she looked so cute.
44946624_10156822124644712_6338108845302218752_nShe is getting so big. I miss her being so little. I could tell that she is kind of a little uninterested in hanging out with me anymore. I am not around enough. It breaks my heart a little. I don’t live close to her anymore, so I don’t get to see her as often as before. Leanne hangs out with other moms, who have children that are friends with Maci.

One of the moms was there and Maci was playing more with her and not really sitting with me, and being around me like she used to. I will always be her Daniel, but she is growing up now.

I walked over to the stairs and shouted up to Leanne and said Happy Halloween! She said, “Hey broad.” she was up getting ready. Drew went down to see Dan and the rest of the boys. I went upstairs to say hi to Leanne before making my way down to the basement. Leanne was still getting ready with her friend. Eventually, I made my way down to the basement to join Drew and the guys. At one point, Nikki and Paul came in and Paul was dressed up as the mad hater and Nikki was dressed up as Alice and Wonderland. It was good to see them. I haven’t seen them in a while.

Andrew and I didn’t stay long. We left around 10:30pm. I was tired of having an early day that day. I needed to go home and go to bed. I had some homework to do tomorrow. Halloween was different this year

RMU Homecoming

RMU Homecoming

This morning Drew was still trying to recover from being in Orlando, but we got ready and left to go to RMU’s homecoming. I knew of the lot that we had to park in, but when we arrived on campus it was full. We were told to go straight and find other parking. All the parking towards the stadium is full. We parked in Massey’s parking lot.

We walked to Nicholson. It was fun to be there together. Andrew and I both went to RMU together. He went for his graduate degree and I went for my undergrad. We walked by the department where I intern. We went to Nicholson where he could get the RMU shirt that he has on in the picture below. RMU is so special to me and I was so glad to be walking around the campus with him. 43319863_10156770765764712_4845979606865412096_n

After this picture, we went to the field. We cut through the tailgating lot. Some college students were drinking and playing corn hole and there was music. It was crazy. I felt a little old. When we arrived down to the field, on the plaza we stopped at Will Call and Andy Toole was standing there on his phone. He didn’t recognize me with sunglasses on and I didn’t want to interrupt his phone conversation, but I did want to introduce him to Drew.

When we approached the Will Call booth, they asked for my name and I said, Danielle Hornyak. They asked are you with John Locke? I said, “Yes, I am his graduate intern.” He said, “Cool, he told us you were going to be here.” I laughed a little inside.  I looked back at Andy Toole and lifted up my shades so he could see me. I waved a little and he waved back. When we walked away, Drew said, “That is so cool that you know him!” I smiled. We met up with Maureen and Nancy. They told us that the pizza should be arriving around 12:20pm. She pointed to the tent where we will be located. Shes said, Right now the students are selling tickets, but when the pizza arrives they will leave. I suggest you stack the pizzas on the side tables, and just plate the pizza and put it on the table out front for people to grab and go.” I nodded. They seemed like easy directions. she also said it would go fast.

After meeting with her, we spotted Andy Toole again and he was off the phone, so we approached him and I introduced him to Drew. Drew shook his hand and said, he was a big fan. I smiled watching the two of them. We chatted with Andy for a bit before heading into the stadium.  Once inside, I didn’t want to sit because I wanted to be able to be by the exit when we have to do pizza duty and I wanted to look like I was there to help out not watch the game.

When the opening ceremony started, I  felt this overwhelming sense of pride and honor to be a Colonial. I remember when this was the easiest time for me and also the hardest time in my educational career. I am so proud of where I went to school.

Pizza duty was fun, but as we were under the tent it started to rain. Luckily we were under a tent. It was hard to tell when it was half time due to the rain delay, so at one point we just decided to start handing out the pizza. Some of the students wanted a whole pie for the cheer team, or for the band, etc. We had to tell them no. One of my friends from my literature classes came by. She was telling me that they used to give whole pies to the band and the cheer team because it was Hometown pizza and it was dirt cheap. I said, “that makes sense.” It was good to catch up with her and hear about her life after RMU. She asked me about my life after RMU. I filled her in and she was happy for me.

After pizza, we went home and got showered and then got ready to make some dinner and then to the movies to see Venom. I was so excited for this movie!


New Freedom Card

New Freedom Card

Today, I left work at 3pm. I was on my way to RMU. Traffic was too bad probably because I left at 3. I arrived to RMU around 4:30pm. I got a visitor’s pass from RMU police and then put it in my car and walked to the Revere Center.

When I walked into the building, I couldn’t remember which way to go. I read the sign and it pointed downstairs, but when I went downstairs, I forgot the freedom card office is straight back. I stopped into another office, I think it was Student Accounts. A work study was working the front desk. He told me freedom cards are down the hall. I said, “Oh okay, thank you.” I turned and walked down to the hall and there it was on the door, “Freedom Card Office.” I walked in and approached the work study, who was sitting in a cube. I told her I was here for a freedom card, my name is Danielle. I am a graduate intern with John Locke. She said, “oh okay, he told me you were coming.” I smiled. She said, your name isn’t coming up in our system. I said, “Oh I am alumni, and it is under my maiden name.” I gave her my maiden name and there I was. She said, “She couldn’t edit my name, but she could add to it.” I said, “Okay, I guess I will be a hyphen then.”  I truthfully didn’t care. I always joke with Drew about being a hyphen and he always says no. Honestly, it is nice to see my maiden last name next to my married name. I don’t mind it.

When they created my card, they used the same picture I took for the first one when I was an undergraduate. I thought that was great. I didn’t mind it. I was going to wear the same shirt, but it was so hot outside. They also gave me a staff card. I thought that was pretty cool as well.

After I got my card printed, I reported to John Locke’s office. He was pretty busy. We got my e-mail set up, and he gave me a parking pass. He said, he didn’t have anything for me today, but we will be in touch. He asked, if I could help with the Colonial Theater and sell tickets at the Box Office, next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? I said, I can do that. I will see you then.

I left his office and called Drew and told him about working the Box office and my RMU ID. I said, can I get something at the bookstore to celebrate. he said, go for it Bub! When I went down to the bookstore, theater music was playing in the store. I liked it. I shopped around for an ID holder, an RMU lanyard, and went to the counter. A there student who graduated around the same time I did sold me the items, and then he saw my freedom card. He said, Oh I didn’t see that you were staff you get 15% percent off. Here I will return those items and you can buy them back, and I will give you 15% off. This is so sweet.  I said, “Oh but I am intern.” He said, “Doesn’t matter you have a staff ID.” I also bought a Colonial Crazies shirt. Why the hell not? I am enjoying this. I would have bought more, but I didn’t want to over do it.

When I left RMU, I took some pictures. I had this overwhelming sense of pride to be an alumnus of RMU. I feel blessed and grateful.

When I got back to my parents, I finally met Alyssa. We talked for a bit. She is helping with the dogs during the day, while I was at work. She is also my distant cousin. She was telling me how she loves Paris and how little she is. I smiled. I said, they are both good dogs, but Paris has a little personality to her. We chatted for a bit, but I had to get ready for Drew to come over.

When Drew arrived it was 7:30pm. He wasn’t feeling too well, but wanted to be here with me to help me with the dogs tomorrow, so I could work on my paper. I am nervous about sitting down and crafting it, but I should have all that I need.

In the evening, we relaxed and watched Smallville before going to bed.

Internship Meeting RMU

After work, when we arrived back home, I hopped in my car and drove to RMU. I parked in the visitor’s lot and went to get a parking pass. I asked the police officer if I had to purchase one or keep getting a visitor’s pass. He asked what I am doing on campus and I told him that I was a graduate student intern, but I was alumni here. He said, who ever is your supervisor should order you a pass, but if he doesn’t we can just write you up one that you can use and keep with you. I smiled and said, “Thank you!” I was going to put that on my list of things to discuss with John when I saw him.

When I walked into the Nicholson building, which is the main building I walked down the middle stairwell. John told me to meet him in the food court. He was going to buy me dinner. I wasn’t expecting it. I had a Paleo bar on the way there. When we met up, he had already ordered his food, so he went back with me to the counter to order mine. I got a Keto Diet friendly cheeseburger with just lettuce, and no fries. The guy behind the counter said, “no fries?” I said, “no thank you.” He said, you are breaking my heart.” I said, “it breaks my mine too.” We all shared a laugh. John was doing the Whole 30s diet there for awhile, and trying to get back into it.

Once he paid for our burgers, we went back to his office and we sat down at the table and ate. We talked out Keto, his play, and then we were finished eating. I took out my notebook and we got to talking about the narrative for the Leadership challenge, and etc. Then we talked about things I could do and get involved in. He gave me a key to the office and told me that I need to come back in on Friday to get a new freedom card, since my old student one won’t work.

At the end of the meeting, he asked me to complete a powerpoint for him for the Homecoming Court. He showed me what last year’s looked like, and when I saw it I thought it looked like an easy thing to replicate, but we will see. He sent all the pictures I would need to my e-mail with the copy that he wanted on the slides.
I sat down at the front desk where his admin sits, and turned on my computer and looked back into his office. I said, “Wait am I going to have a problem getting on wifi here?” he said, “Yeah, you are. I forgot.” I said, “I did too. I will go home and work on this remotely and get it to you before I fall asleep tonight.” He said, “okay, thanks.” I told him I would see him Friday after I got my Freedom card. I walked out of the office and up to the parking lot.

On my way home, I called Drew and told him he said, “oh wow baby.” I said, “yea, I am on my way home now to do this remotely for him.” he said, “sounds good, see you at home.”

When I got home, he had dinner cooking. I was so happy to see him. I sat right down and started working on the Powerpoint for the Homecoming Court. I couldn’t help but notice that they all looked so young. I created the powerpoint and tried to replicate it from last years’.

After the powerpoint, Drew and I packed up the rest of my things. I was heading to Crafton tomorrow morning and taking the bus into work. whew!

Labor Day

We spent a few hours at the wave pool, soaking up the last pool day of the year. I am already looking forward to next summer. I will miss laying out by the water and going to the pool. It was pretty packed. The guy got on the intercom and made the announcement that they will be closed for the season at 3:30pm today. He made that announcement every hour.
When we left the pool, we went to Bath and Body Works. I needed some scent plugins for Fall. When I do homework, at home in our office I like to plugin the stress relief scent. I wanted to get a couple of those as well. We also bought a Halloween candy dish, but I think it is a dish that you set your jar candle on.
After Bath and Body Works, Drew dropped me off at home and then he went grocery shopping. I needed to get a shower and sit down and do some homework. I wanted to finish my summaries for my Monday night class, or at least start them. They are due next Monday (9/10). I am just trying to take it one assignment at a time.
When Drew came home, I helped him put away the groceries, and we watched the Season 6 finale of Smallville. I can’t believe we are about to start Season 7. I haven’t watched this show in so long. I am glad I got him into it. I look forward to seeing Tom Welling!
After the season finale, I worked on the budget proposal for my internship with RMU. I sent him what I had so far. It is not done, but it is a step in the right direction. I heard back from him and said, thanks for doing this and we will be in touch about the official onboarding process soon. I imagine people were taking long weekends being that is Labor Day weekend. When it was time for bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned. I love long weekends, but they throw me off.