Staff Apperciation Picnic & Barre

At 12pm today, Nancy, Wynn, Georgia, Nicolette, Brian, and I all went to the Staff Appreciation Picnic. Pitt closes down Bigelow and the picnic is in the street; food tents,  t-shirt giveaway table, Popcorn, nacho, and ice cream stand, character drawings, etc. Roc the Pitt Panther was walking around. I got a selfie with him and the chancellor. The chancellor remembered who I was from the Jazz Seminar and Concert. I thanked him for the picnic and he said, thank you for all you do.  I had to head back to the office around 1:30pm for a schedulers meeting. We were going to get this fall schedule settled once and for all. I had no desire to do anything after the picnic

After work today, I got home and got ready to go to barre class. When I arrived at the gym, I got 5 mins of cardio in. I increased the speed and started to run for the first time since the start of grad school.

Typically, I walk first before I run, and this time I ran. I didn’t care, blasted the metal music in my ears and away I went. After 5 mins were up, I cleaned off the machine and went to class. I grabbed a chair, a mat, and two-pound weights. I was glad we weren’t using stretchy bands today. I can never work with those right. When I saw the instructor, I wanted to ask her what happened on Sunday, when she didn’t show up at the studio, but I figured I would wait until after class.

Barre was intense, we did some ab work, and I was struggling a bit. I was still so bloated, so that didn’t help and I feel like I have no abs, or strength in my stomach. I need to get that under control. I am 5’3″ and 160 pounds. No shame with my height and weight I just need to be healthier. I have no desire to be 110lbs and a size 2 again, but I do what I can, and I eat in moderation and when I do I try to eat the right thing,s  but that time of the month for me is so real and hard sometimes.

After Barre, I cleaned off my mat and put away the chair and weights. I asked the instructor about Sunday and she said,  I am so sorry you went all the way out there. She said, the girls who are regulars weren’t going to be there, because one was on vacation and somewhere not able to attend, so I just went to a client’s house and trained her instead. I feel bad.” I said, “Don’t worry about it, but I should I have texted you. I went to breakfast with my parents.” she laughed and apologized again. I said, “But you will be there this Sunday?” she said, “Yes, I will be.” I said, “okay, I will see you then.” I didn’t care really. She should have texted me, and I should have texted her. It’s cool.

After the gym, I went home and got a shower. I turned on the Handmaid’s Tale. New episodes air on Wednesdays. I am addicted to this show. She got caught trying to escape on a puddle jumper. Yes! I knew she was going to get caught. I was rooting for her to make it, but this is the handmaid’s tale. She is a handmaiden. I love it!

Grad Committee & Pitt Game

Today, I had my one-on-one with Phyllis. I didn’t really have anything for her, but I told her what I was working on, and my documentation. I told her about my one-on-one with Linda, and how she liked my documentation. We talked about self-appraisal reviews that are coming up. They are due in May, but to start thinking about how I am going to answer, some of the questions that are on the appraisal. I need to make a list of the workshops I attended, etc.
In the afternoon, I had my meeting with the Grad Committee. Sometimes they take forever in the meeting. I am to take notes and document the meeting. One of the items on the agenda was how to keep track of our alumni. I wanted to interject, but I didn’t know i was supposed to play the role of the silent observer, so I raised my hand formally and offered a suggestion to their alumni tracking issue. I proposed the use of the software Advance. I was already pretty lucky to have gained access to Cognos. Now didn’t have to fill out a data request form anymore and can generate the data ourselves. I explained what advance is, and how CMU and Pitt’s IA department use to keep track of alumni donations, and how we as a department can use it to track alumni, and eventually develop our alumni campaign if we are able to solicit for donations or not is another discussion. They all were really receptive to it, even the one I didn’t think would be, was and Melanie told me to look into it and get back to her. I was so excited and so ready to go on this project.
My experiences with talking to Alumni have been so positive, and so fun. I loved it when I used to call the alumni at RMU. Even though my main goal was to get a donation for the Presidents Fund for Engaged Learning, but still I was able to hear their stories and connect with them. I wanted this project. I wanted them to get Advance.
Another reason, I want to learn Advance, is because it is a widely known tool in Higher Education. If you know how to use it, you are more marketable within any University position, between that and Cognos. I am golden. I am sure there is more, but that is the only two I can think of now. I couldn’t wait to get started.
After the grad committee meeting, I went back to my desk and did some work before meeting with Ellen. Ellen is a grad student in the sociology department. We were going to go grab a beer at Fuel and Fuddle, then I had plans to go to the Pitt Game. After I locked up the office, Ellen and I walked over to Fuel and Fuddle and it was a bit packed at the bar, so we sat at a table. We chatted about the department, about sociology, about her dissertation. It is awkward to build a friendship from the start because you are so new, you almost don’t know what to talk about. I think we did a good job and avoided awkward silence. We shared a tomato and basil pizza. We both had one beer, then we went back to Posvar.
When we arrived back to Posvar, I had every intention of studying for my midterm until Drew was ready to go the game, but then I went to the Porch and had another beer with Mark. We talked about England and about the Sociology Department after a while Drew texted me and told me to meet him in Hogwarts (which is the first floor of the cathedral of learning).
When I finished my beer, Mark paid for it. I felt bad. I offered to, but he didn’t mind. I left to go meet Drew. Once I saw him I knew it was a long day for him. He has been so busy at work. We walked to the car so he could drop his things off at the car, then we took the shuttle to the Pete. I was excited for the game. This was probably going to be the last home basketball game we go to this season.
When we arrived to the Pete, we went up the escalator, and showed the guy our tickets, he read them, and said, “Wow lower right-hand corner. You must know someone.” I smiled and said, “yeah, I like to think I do. thank you.” I truly had no clue where our tickets were. I think Drew had a good idea but wasn’t sure. We walked down the walkway to our section. We then had to go down some stairs. The attendant looked at our tickets and said, all the way down on the right-hand side. We walked down the stairs, and I looked back at Drew. his face was all lit up like a child. It was so cute. We walked down the stairs, we were practically on the court. The players were right in front of us, and the faculty suite was right next to us on our left-hand side.

This was going to be a once in a lifetime experience probably to sit this close. We saw the one professor that I work within the faculty suite. We said hi to him and his wife. I introduced Drew to Mike, my contact in athletics, who got us such great seats! I was hoping for a Pitt win.

I really wanted them to win. The first half they looked so good and they were on point. However, things turned around in the second half, and the Pitt Panthers fell to Boston College. They play again on Saturday against FSU. The best we can hope for is a win, but no one is really optimistic about the Panthers. It is sad to see, but I still consider myself a Panther fan. Throughout the game, Mike came to talk to us. He brought us goodies. He gave Drew and me t-shirts. I was touched and so grateful.

Pitt Panther Game

This morning, we took the T into downtown, we were going to the Pitt game after work. When we arrived in town, we ran into my cousin Marilyn, who I haven’t seen since that day at her house, when she told me to put my phone away. I really haven’t spoken to her, and she hasn’t made much of an attempt with me either. When we saw her, Drew spotted her first. She was walking to her building. She talked to Drew more than she did to me. I didn’t really care, but I was ready to get to work.  After we talked to her for a bit, we got on the bus into Oakland. Work was good, but I was ready for the Pitt game.

At the end of the day, I met Drew at the bus stop and we took the bus back into town. We were going to freeze at the game, but we were excited. We decided to go somewhere to eat, once we got to the Northshore. Once we were back in downtown, we took the T to the Northshore. Even though I had a parking pass, we were closer to the stadium where we were parked, so thankfully the lot attendants, let us pay ahead of time, without having to pay game day price.
When we stopped into Burgatory, it was going to be an hour long wait, so we walked to Bar Louie and put our names in, but people with bigger parties, we’re going in front of us, and a table for two wasn’t opening up any time soon, so after our drink. We left and went back to check out Burgatory. I spotted a space open at the bar. He told me to sit down and grab it, eventually, something would open up for him to sit next to me, and it did. It felt weird not sitting with him at the bar.
After dinner, we walked to the stadium and got checked in. They were giving out free banners. They opened up and said, “Hail to Pitt” on one side. The other side said, “Pitt for Life.” It was pretty cool, kinda chintzy. I have it up on my board in my office, where all my Pitt pictures are.
After a while, Dr. E. came into our section with his wife and their friends. They said, where were you guys at the tailgate? I said, we ended up going out to eat, and didn’t have anything to bring. They said, so what you could have come to the tailgate. We had all kinds of food. I just looked at Drew and he said, “We should have gone to the tailgate.” I kind of agreed with him. I just can’t go empty-handed to that kind of things.
As the game went on and the wind blew it was cold, but it was a good time. Even though, Pitt lost. We still had fun being there. We were going to be tired in the morning.  I wish it was Friday, but tomorrow is Friday and that is good enough.

Pitt’s Homecoming Game

This morning, we had a chiro appointment at 8:30am. I was nervous about this adjustment, because my neck was really out last time, but I am hoping for a good crack this appointment.

When we arrived, we were there before the doctor. We made a joke and said, we were going to leave if he was 5 mins longer. He laughed. When I got adjusted he said, that I was much more lose than last time, and he is glad I am better. When he adjusted Drew, he as a bit tight. Drew said, “Well we had that demo, and it was stressful, and etc.” Dr. Bailey said, to us that he needs to come once every other week, it is just the way it is. Drew and I just gave each other a look. He said, I am good to go for three weeks. Drew will call when he feels like he needs to come in. We haven’t met our deductible yet, and can’t afford to go all the time like that.

After the chiro, we went to my parents’ house, we got there a little earlier, so I can see my doggies. When we got down to Heinz Field, I texted my professor that I work with, and tried to locate him. We had to park in a garage. He was in the gold lot with some friends and his wife. We had plans to meet up and join his tailgate, if we could find him.
When he called me, he stood out in the middle of the street until I saw him, when I saw him I introduced him to Drew and my family. My mom brought 2 boxes of cookies (She is so cute). Drew and I brought beer. We know how to tailgate. We met some other older couples and even ran into my Uncle Andy.

After awhile, we said our goodbyes and went into the stadium. We wanted our James Conner bobble head. They were only giving them out to the first 300,00 fans. We all got one, my mom, my dad, myself, and Drew.

When we got to our seats, we said Hi to Dave (one of Drew’s co-workers). He was in the same row with us. I had 4 tickets to give away. It was so hot outside. We only made it until the end of the 3rd and then left. Pitt lost, but they put up a good fight.

When we got back to Moon, I got a cold shower, and put a cute and comfortable dress on to go over his parents’ house for dinner. His parents were having a couple over for dinner. Don and his wife, Don calls me his girlfriend.This was the first time I met his wife and she was a hoot. She is from Jersey. She tells it like it is. I like her, but she is intense.
When we got home, it was 9pm. His dad sent us home with some food for the week. Good thing we didn’t go grocery shopping yet.

International Student Event

Today, when I got to work I was dressed for the International Student event. I wore a navy blue dress with beige polka dots. I wanted to dress up and look nice, but I just felt so bloated, and so weird. I wanted to do well, and feel well for the event. I couldn’t wait until 2pm. I went to lunch at 12pm.

When I left for the event, I am going to do what I want to do to get my name circulated in the events department at Pitt. As a temp, we are allowed to make connections and get our name out there within the University. We are still allowed to network.

At the event, I formally introduced myself to Jason. We shook hands, and he introduced me to his team. Jason called the Music Department, looking for the members of the Jazz Ensemble Director. He wanted to see if maybe they would play at the International Student Event. I had to ask around the Music Department about this and supposedly the day of the International Student event, is when the Music Department hosts auditions for the Jazz Ensemble.

When I broke the news to Jason, he was grateful that I was able to try to find out the answer, and then I offered my help at the event. I told him how interested I am in helping out at events, and how I have experience with events. He was grateful that I wanted to help out, and gave me his cell phone number.

Jason placed me with Wendy. Our task was to have the International students sign a poster, and get their picture next to our Pitt backdrop. I love interacting with people, and working events it is one of my passions. I am people person, and I am good at it.

All of the sudden I looked to my right, and saw Roc and the cheerleaders. I was star struck to see the Pitt Panther! I couldn’t believe it! I grabbed my phone and got a selfie with Roc.

I sent it to Drew, my mom, and his mom. I quickly put my phone away after the selfie. I was working and didn’t want to be on my phone.

At one point during the event, it started to rain. Wendy and I ran under the tent. The rain was blowing into the tent. No one thought to save the sign with students’ signatures on it. We all stood around the food and ate from the buffet. Drew came down after he got off work, and met Jason, Wendy, and some of the members of the Special Events team. Jason talked me up to Drew and it felt good to hear. Countless times I have heard people talk Drew up, but now someone was talking me up. It felt so damn good. Jason mentioned to me in front Drew that Obama is coming in to visit Pitt, and therefore needed me to help with that event on October 13, to be in the presence of the President would be so cool! I am so excited to work more events.