Out & About

In the morning we went walking in the neighborhood. We did about 4 1/2 laps. Then got showered, and went to Robinson to see what stores were open. We ended up in Settlers Ridge. There were a few stores open, such as 5 & below, Michael’s, and the Pet Supplies Plus store. We wandered in and out of the stores. We bought a few things at 5 & Below, and I got the dogs some sticks from Pet Supplies Plus. At Michael’s, we wandered up every aisle and enjoyed being out and about. Drew found this cute platter in the shape of the American Flag and it was on sale for only 6 dollars. We picked it up. I could not pass on it.

When we got home, I cooked chicken cordon bleu for dinner, and we hung out with the pups.


After work, I drove to Robinson to meet my mom at Old Navy. I had some money on my gift cards and she had a credit she needed to spend. I wanted to pick up a pair of Pixie pants. They are so cute and the perfect pair of dress pants, skinny-legged, and they come up at the ankle a little.

Once the offer letter comes through for this new opportunity, which I know it will once my background check clears, I will need some new outfits. The dress code in the office is business professional and jean days on Fridays!

After Old Navy, we met up with my dad at Max and Erma’s. I haven’t been there in forever and the menu has really slipped down. It is a shame, they have such good food there.

After dinner, I went home to my husband and showed him my new outfit and he liked it. I got a pair of pixie pants and a top. He had to work from home a little bit this evening. I gave him the rest of my burger that I brought home from the restaurant. Then I took my clothes upstairs and put them in the closet. I was slowly getting ready.

New Hair Salon

Yesterday, I was bound and determined to try to find a new hair salon. I did not want to go to the one I normally go to.  I  wanted to try some place different, even if that meant paying a little more.  I called around Friday morning and everyone was booked up for Saturday. I desperately needed my hair done my last call was to Michael’s Hair Loft. They had an opening at 9am, which is what I needed. I booked the appointment with Misty. I was so excited a new salon and a new hair stylist.

This morning, I woke up early and got a shower. I made some coffee and hung out with Drew for a bit, then I left and went to my hair appt. I was so excited. When I arrived, I was greeted immediately by Misty. I introduced myself and she took me back to her station. I took my hair out of my ponytail and I had some serious regrowth in the back and probably needed a trim. I explained to her that I usually get all over highlights, but I like the dimensional blonde and not all one blonde. She said that she will pull some pieces and had some dimension to them, but keep me mostly blonde. Then she said, how about the roots. I said, Well I like the rooty look, so when the highlights grow out it doesn’t look too streaky. She said, I totally agree with you. We can do that. Then I asked her if she uses bleach or olipex. She said, I will show you. It is a brand called illusionist they have the color and the toner. I said, awesome. I prefer no bleach. She said, not a problem. We decided on layers and a little trim at the ends.

Honestly, I have been getting my hair done since I was 15. I started with highlights. I longer hair, and the hair dresser at the time pulled my hair through a cap and gave me bleach high lights. Sure I was bleachy blonde, but the high light process hurt when my hair was pulled through a cap. She refused to do foils. I changed salons and went to another salon that did foils, which I have been dedicated to for the most part, but I did stray and go to Ulta (too pricey) and then to the Cutting Edge Salon (Stephen moved to Florida). I know my hair products and proper hair care.

After she applied the foils and the color to my root, I sat under the dryer, which was a high tech heat lamp. We talked about the weekend and Easter. After my color was set, she took me to the sink and she washed my hair, and took the foils out. I was so excited to see what it looked like, but it’s hard to tell when your hair is wet, if you are a blonde. The anticipation was killing me! I couldn’t wait for her to dry it. She trimmed me up and gave me layers. I already felt lighter and so much better.

After she finished trimming my hair, she blew my hair dry and round brushed my hair. I absolutely loved the color! It was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. I was so happy I almost teared up. She was glad that I loved it. After my hair was styled and dry, I decided to get my eye brows colored. I never had it before, and I hate having to fill in my eyebrows. She took me into her relaxation room and put on some peaceful zen like music and I laid down on the table, and she colored my eyebrows and waxed them. I was so relaxed.

When she was done, she handed me a mirror and I was like I love them! I have eyebrows. She said, “your husband is going to have to take you to dinner tonight.” I said, I know right someone better. 🙂  When it was time to check out, I booked my 6 week appt. I was so happy. I excited for my next appt!

When I got home, I finished my legal paper and submitted it. I am so ready to be done with the semester. When Drew came home from the gym, he said, “I like your hair baby.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” We talked about the end of the semester and what he wanted to do for dinner since tomorrow is Easter. He said, “We should probably go out.” I asked him where he wanted to go? do we have any gift cards anywhere? He said, “I don’t think we have any left.” I said, “We have that coupon for Plaza Azteca.” He said, “We could go there.” We got ready to head to dinner around 5pm to beat the dinner crowd.

We were seated at a table and I ordered the same thing I always get the Burrito Espinaca. We also had guacamole as well. I love Mexican food. After dinner, we went to the mall, we had to get his mom a birthday card. We also wanted to get her a gift card to Philip Pelusi where she gets her hair done.

Then we stopped into Hot Topic, and they had t-shirts on sale buy 2 get one free. Drew and I bought shirts for the new Avengers movie. I bought a Captain marvel shirt. The 1 free shirt I got was a Britney Spears shirt. It was her album cover from “Oops I did it Again.” I can’t wait to wear it! I was thinking about wearing it for Easter dinner tomorrow, but I probably won’t. 🙂

After the mall, we went home and watched tv, until it was time for bed. Tomorrow is Easter!

Christmas Shopping Blackout

After work, we had to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. I don’t want to be shopping up until Christmas, but there were still somethings that I needed to pick up for my mom, and perhaps myself. JOnce we got to the mall, Drew dropped me off at the entrance and he went to go park his car. I walked inside JCPenney’s, a woman greeted me and handed me a coupon for 20% off. I gratefully took the coupon, smiled and said, “thank you.” I walked past the associate and saw all the Santa Claus figures and the Nutcrackers. We don’t have a single Santa Claus in our town home. We need a Santa Claus, but which one? There was one where Santa was dressed in the traditional red suit with sequins, but there was also one where Santa was dressed in a burgundy type cape with the gold staff. Sure, everyone loves the traditional Santa with the red sequined suit with his list and his sack of toys, but I liked the Santa with his burgundy cape and gold wizard staff. There was something mystical about this Santa. I wonder which one Drew would pick?

When Drew walked in, a woman handed him a 20% off coupon and then he saw me looking at the all the different Santa Clauses. He greatly accepted the coupon and said, “Thank you” and approached me. He said, “Look babe they are on sale.” I smiled. I loved those words, that means we are getting a Santa, but which one? I said, “Yes, they are. Can we get one?” He said, “Yes, we can.” I said,  “Which one do you like?” I said, “I like this one.” I picked up the mystical one the burgundy one. He said, “Really? He looks like a wizard.” I said, “you think?” He said, “Yea, I like this one.” He picked up the traditional Santa with the red sequined cape, his list, and sack of toys. I smiled and said, “really? The list is so tacky and traditional.” He said, “This is Santa, he is not some wizard.” I laughed. He said, “We will get both.” I smiled and said, “Are you sure?” he said, “Yes, Babe. I am sure.” He looked across from the Santa Claus section and saw they have Nutcrackers. He said, “Babe, they have nutcrackers too. Do you want a Nutcracker?” I said, “I would love one.” We walked over to the Nutcrackers. He asked me which one I like. I picked up the one that had sequined uniform. He said, “I was thinking that one too.” We both smiled.

After we checked out at JCPenney’s with our 20% coupons. Drew walked the Nutcrakcer and our two Santas to the car. We still have Christmas shopping to do. While he was doing that, I walked to the yoga pants and tops section. I thought about how I need to get back to the gym. I saw this shirt will sweat for Rose. That is the truth. Drew met me and we walked hand-in-hand to Things Remembered to place the order for Grandma’s Christmas Stocking, and his dad’s rocks glass that had a cigar holder with on the side. It was cute and so for him. While I was placing the order, Drew stepped out of the store to call his brother to see what to get their mom for Christmas. I suggested they chip in for a gift card to the Sewickley Spa. Things Remembered Said that my order would be in on the 21st. That is so close to Christmas too close for me.

Our last stop was Macy’s. While we were in Macy’s, we were walking around Home Goods. We picked out my mom’s gifts and I saw this adorable Kate Spade mug that I wanted it. When all of the power went out. Drew was over looking at ornaments and I was frozen solid near the bridal section where all the china was. The lights were out for a brief moment, then they came back on again. Then after a few minutes the lights went out again, and then came back on again. This time it was only the emergency power. Drew approached the China section and said, that was so weird!” I said, “Yes, it was.” We looked around the registers were down. We had to leave our things with the bridal consultant, and he would call us tomorrow when the power was on again and the registers were working again. We tried to be productive.


Today, I woke up around 9:30AM,  showered, then got ready to go to my parents. Drew was working from home today. I didn’t want to stay inside all day. I drove to my parents.

On my way to my parents, I stopped at Starbucks and was going to run through the drive-thru and I saw Dave my parents’ handyman and also the father to both of my ex-boyfriends. I dated both of his sons at one point or another. I bought him his chai tea latte and my caramel latte. After exiting the drive-thru, I parked in the space next to his car and gave him his chai tea latte. We chatted about the work he is doing at my parents, and his family. I had to interject and say, “well I think I need to start my day….” He will keep me there all day taking it I let him. He is a talker.

When I arrived at my parents, my mom, my dad, and my dogs were on the back porch. We sat outside and talked about my schedule and how it will interfere a little with the dog sitting in th evenings. I am going to make it work because I did commit to September. My parents are going on vacation. We seemed to work everything out, and Drew will help me where he can.

My parents and I went to breakfast at Hanlon’s for some reason I wasn’t all that hungry. I had the lighter fare: egg whites, one hashbrown, Italian bread toast, and bacon. I ate everything but the egg whites didn’t taste good to me. I don’t care for restaurant eggs.

After breakfast, we went to kohl’s my dad and mom bought me a nice pair of black simply Vera wang heels. They have memory foam in them. I needed a new pair of black heels for work events and perhaps this internship.

When we went back to my parents, I brushed my dogs’ teeth and then I kissed them goodbye. I wanted to go home and see my husband.

When I got home, I kissed Drew and asked him how his work was coming along. He said it was coming. I feel bad this won’t be much of a weekend for him. I read while he worked, then I made dinner. We had salmon burgers with tomatoes, avocados, and onions. They were good.

After dinner, Drew did a bit more work, then we spent some time together. We watched an episode of Smallville, then went and got ice cream at the Sewickley Confectionary. I could tell it was good for him to get out, but he had his mind on work.

When we got home, I dropped him off and then I went to Anthony’s. Dylan was there and Anthony’s brother was in town visiting from Ohio. We played beer bong, and flip cup. I had one Octoberfest beer and two vodka and waters. Drew offered to pick me up if I drank too much. I had to call Drew to come to get me while we were playing this awful board game. FA9C2A8E-0071-44BB-8AB0-DFDDCE6EA8A5
After the game, Drew drove us home safely and it was off to sleep for this couple. I was buzzed and had so much fun kicking back tonight.

Catching Up

Our first day back home, I had no desire to start laundry, but I knew I would have to eventually. I went to breakfast with my mom and dad, while Drew was at the Chiropractor, and he wanted to go to the gym and do some grocery shopping. We were trying to get back in the swing of things.
When I arrived at my parents, I got to see my dogs for a while, but I felt like my mind was in Europe still. I just wanted to go back. We went to Hanlon’s for breakfast and talked more about our trip. I felt so uptight and snooty, since Europe. I am forever changed. I don’t mind it.
After breakfast, my mom and I went shopping. She bought me a few every day tops things at TJ Maxx, that I could wear to work. One of them was a long sleeve blouse that had the Eiffel tower all over it. I said I don’t care that this is an  XL I will wear it with leggings. I don’t mind. I love it. It is a sign. I also bought a TJ Maxx tote bag, that had the Eiffel tower on it, with Spring colors.
After TJ Maxx, we went to Maurice’s. I typically don’t find anything, but I was going to try. I found a cute little top and a red dress with a few flowers on it. I thought I could wear it to the wedding at the end of this month. Drew’s cousin Kelly is getting married.
After we left Maurice’s, I had to go to Sally’s to get a straightener. I burned mine out in Europe of course. I was looking for the Hot Tools and was trying to avoid Ulta. I didn’t want to spend Ulta prices. The guy working at Sally’s told me about the brand GVP. He said it is comparable to the Chi. I am not a huge fan of the Chi, but I love GVP. I took his word for it. I put the box that contained the hot pink shiny straightener on the counter. He also said I could get a free GVP blow dryer or GVP curling iron with today’s purchase. I said, “really? I saw that sign, but I wasn’t sure if I read it right.” He said, “Yup you did.” I grabbed a blow dryer. I have one that works now, but it is from K-Mart, and if it fries, then I will have this one. I also picked up some nail magic. I was getting such a good deal today. I used to be all about nail magic, but I got away from it. It made my nails go so hard so quickly.
After Sally’s, I kissed my mom goodbye and thanked her for the day. I had so much to do at home. When I got home, I told Drew about my deals of the day. He said he was glad to hear it. He thought my straighter was going to cost $60 dollars. He was happy that I got a deal too. He liked the clothes that my mom got me today too. I did some laundry, and he got ready to grill out. I cleaned the house a little bit, but I figured a little at a time.
In between laundry, I was able to catch up on the Handmaid’s Tale. I missed two episodes while we were away. I was not looking forward to going back to work, but I was excited about our little cookout and what was left of the weekend.