Labor Day

We spent a few hours at the wave pool, soaking up the last pool day of the year. I am already looking forward to next summer. I will miss laying out by the water and going to the pool. It was pretty packed. The guy got on the intercom and made the announcement that they will be closed for the season at 3:30pm today. He made that announcement every hour.
When we left the pool, we went to Bath and Body Works. I needed some scent plugins for Fall. When I do homework, at home in our office I like to plugin the stress relief scent. I wanted to get a couple of those as well. We also bought a Halloween candy dish, but I think it is a dish that you set your jar candle on.
After Bath and Body Works, Drew dropped me off at home and then he went grocery shopping. I needed to get a shower and sit down and do some homework. I wanted to finish my summaries for my Monday night class, or at least start them. They are due next Monday (9/10). I am just trying to take it one assignment at a time.
When Drew came home, I helped him put away the groceries, and we watched the Season 6 finale of Smallville. I can’t believe we are about to start Season 7. I haven’t watched this show in so long. I am glad I got him into it. I look forward to seeing Tom Welling!
After the season finale, I worked on the budget proposal for my internship with RMU. I sent him what I had so far. It is not done, but it is a step in the right direction. I heard back from him and said, thanks for doing this and we will be in touch about the official onboarding process soon. I imagine people were taking long weekends being that is Labor Day weekend. When it was time for bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned. I love long weekends, but they throw me off.

Family Birthday Party

Around 4pm, we arrived at the Haufbrauhaus for my Aunt’s 75th Birthday Party. I was nervous and excited to see everyone. There has been some drama with my family in the past, that makes me nervous when I am around them. There has been a lot of hurt and tension. Things are better, and more tolerable now. I think people are getting older and are finding things need to change for the better, but the quirks of their personality still remain and remind me of the drama that was once there.

Of course, I was nice to everyone and we had a good time. The beer flowed for my Aunt’s birthday, cake, and gifts. My cousin, Marilyn, and her husband paid for everything. I was surprised. It is good to see everyone.

At one point, my Uncle Tom was teasing us about having children. He said, we better get a move on. We are running out of time. I just smiled and said, “well we are enjoying taking care of each other right now.” He said, “I know, but the clock is ticking.” I said, “Well are you going to pay for them? Do you have money?” I know how to handle these questions and how to play it. Drew, on the other hand, was feeling some sort of way about the comments, and I hadn’t realized it.

After the party, we went home it was around 8pm by the time we left. I didn’t expect to be there that long. I kind of had an idea that we were going to be there a little late, but not that late.  When we got home, we changed and relaxed with some Smallville. Another Birthday party in the books.

Don’t get me wrong about my family. I am not bitter. I am just over it. I am ready to start a new chapter with my own family and decide who I want to continue a relationship with when it comes to my family. I love my cousins, but there is still some awkwardness and some of the personality quirks, that I just would rather not be around. I don’t have time for weirdness and prefer to avoid it, if possible.

Pool Weekend

This weekend we spent most of the day at the pool. Lately, it has been raining here and it was not a good pool weekend last weekend, but we wanted to try to get some sun time in this weekend.

Yesterday, I got my hair colored. I get it done every 6 weeks. My hair is a little darker at the top at the roots, and the rest is all blonde. It makes my green eyes just pop. I love it. My hair girl does such a good job and it is definitely Boujee on a Budget.  She didn’t charge me for layering my hair and angling my bangs, all she charged me for was the color.

After my hair appointment, since I was in the neighborhood, I went to see my parents and my dogs. Once, I parked next to my dad’s SUV, I saw the dogs come running up the back walkway. I got out of the car and opened the gate, and stepped inside my parents’ backyard. I love when they run up the walkway. I bent down, kissed them, and pet them little, before going inside. I hugged my dad and went inside the kitchen. I love stopping by my parent’s house even if it is just for a brief minute.

In the kitchen, my mom made us coffee, and I got a bowl of cereal. We chatted for a bit, and told them about last night (Drew and I went out with his Aunt and Uncle for dinner.) We had a good time out with his Aunt and Uncle and are hoping to eventually one day buy their house when they are ready to move, but we have a while to go and so do they, but it something to think about. My parents want to move, but they are waiting to see where we end up.

After spending some time there and catching up, I went home to my husband so we could get ready to go to the pool. When I walked in, he just finished making breakfast. Then we were going to get ready to go. I brought in the rest of the Hint water. I was raving about this water to my parents. We drink it all the time at Drew’s parents. It has no sweetener, no calories, just fruit infused water from non-GMO plants. I love it. I haven’t tried all the favors yet. I have tried Peach, Blackberry, and I think I tasted the Lemon Cayenne ( I wasn’t a fan). I do like Lemon anything mostly, just not mixed with Cayenne. My mom said, that the Hint water might have been giving her a headache. She didn’t want to chance it anymore.  I understood and didn’t mind taking the cases of water home. Andrew and I inhale it.

When we arrived at the pool, it wasn’t as packed as we thought it would be. We laid out our towels, and put some sunscreen on. I wasn’t sure if I should get my hair wet being that I just got it done. Kim said, if I wet my hair before going in the water, I should be okay.  I didn’t want to chance it, so I put it up in a ponytail, and put a hat on and played it safe in the shallow. I did lay in the water, but my head was on the steps. I didn’t want to risk it.

We stayed until 2:30PM. We had errands to run and dinner to make. I wasn’t feeling it since I couldn’t get my hair wet. We were planning to come back again tomorrow anyway. When we went home, we got showered and then got ready to go to Walmart. We needed a shower caddy to hang over the shower head to hang out loofahs on. Also, I got some Olay micro bubbles body wash. He needs hair styling creme, and deodorant (so exciting.) I also grabbed a case of Lemon La Croix sparkling later there. That is also very Boujee on a Budget. La Croix is cheaper at Walmart but you only get 8 cans vs. 12 cans at your local grocery store.

After Walmart, we went to the grocery store and got our groceries for the week. Lately, we have been on this fish kick. We try to eat a lot of fish. I got some salmon burgers and this giant thing of salmon that was marinated in sweet bourbon. We picked up some chicken. I get tired sometimes of the same old, same old, but our work schedules don’t allow time for us to really change up our dinners. I would love some suggestions if you have any!

On the way home from the grocery store, Andrew said, “oh wow it is going on 7pm. I think it might be too late to cook. Do you just want to order pizza? Pizza Hut had that $7.99 deal for a large two-topping.” For some reason, we both were craving Pizza Hut. I agreed to the pizza. I honestly didn’t feel like cooking with it being so late.

When we got home, we unloaded the groceries, I put in some laundry, and he called for Pizza. I took some more laundry downstairs. When Andrew, left to go get the pizza I picked up my book the Death of Mrs. Westaway. I haven’t had much time to read it lately. I need to finish it before I start grad school, and before it is due back to the library. I am not going to have time to read for pleasure here soon at all.

Once he came home with the pizza, I put the book away and opened the door for him. We ate pizza and watched Smallville. We are on season 4 now. I have such an affinity for Superman, especially Tom Welling.

Today, it was more of the same. We went to the pool, and once we arrived there I wet my hair in the locker room, and then came outside. I was excited to get in the water and swim around. Once we found our spot, we laid our towels down and put some sunscreen on. The weather app on our iPhones said, rain around 2pm-3pm. We were hoping we would have time in the sun before the rain arrived.

The clouds rolled and the first couple raindrops fell around 2:00pm. We packed up to leave, as I type this it is now 4:11 and the sun is out and shining through my living room window. It never fails. When we got home, I got showered, and then made some guacamole. We are addicted. We watched one episode of Smallville, and he is now doing some work from home.

Eventually, I will have to cook dinner. I am not looking forward to starting a new week. The weekends go by so fast. I hope everyone had a great, safe, and happy weekend!



Sunday, Drew’s Parents for Dinner

This morning, we took it easy. We drank some coffee and watched Smallville. We are on season 3 now, Clark meets Lois for the first time. I am such a sucker for Superman, especially Tom Welling. After Smallville, we got ready and went to the gym. I was going to try to get a really good work out in and run again. I am really trying to get back into it, without thinking about it too much.
The gym was a bit packed, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to stay, but whatever. I went to it. I got on a treadmill started out at a 3.5 speed on a 3.5 incline for about 10 mins, then I turned the incline down to 0.0 and increased the speed to 4.5 and started to run for at least 4 mins. I used to be able to run for 7 mins, but it’s not happening as of late. I can’t wait to get back to that. I did another walking session back at 3.5 speed and a 3.5 incline and walked for 10 mins, before kicking it back up again and running again. I did this for about 30 mins, and then I got off the treadmill. I used to do an hour of cardio, but I have been talking to a few people and they said, that all you need is at least 20-30 mins of cardio anymore than that is ridiculous.
After the treadmill, I did some weights. I did the lat machine three sets of 20. I was sore the last time I did this, and I like that feeling. After the lat machine, I did the hip abductor. I looked over and saw Drew in the weight room lifting weights, he looks so in his zone. I am struggling so bad getting back into this.
After the strength training machines, I went home to get a shower and get ready to go to his parents. I put on some comfy beach pants that I got at Old Navy. I am so in love with that store. I paired the striped blue and white pants with a white tank top. I was just going comfy. When Drew got home, he got showed and then we were on our way to his parents.
When we arrived, his dad was already cooking on the grill and the dinner was almost ready. It has been a while since we were over there for dinner. His dad made steaks, potatoes, hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, some cheese spread with cut up pastrami over peppers, baked potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I was ready for a steak. I was so sick of hamburgers and hot dogs. We talked about work, school, grandma, Tommy and Megan’s new dog waffles; I can’t wait to meet him. For dessert, we sang happy birthday and had cake, chocolate covered pretzels, and because they know I am not a fan of chocolate cake they bought me a piece of vanilla cheesecake. I am so hormonal and thanked them for the cheesecake, but told them I am going to have a small piece of cake today.
After cake, Drew opened the gift he got Bose wireless headphones. We are not too sure what happened to his other headphones. The cake was so good. It had pieces of chocolate chips in it, so yummy. I got up and went into the living room and laid on the couch. I was so full. I ended up falling asleep.
While I napped, Drew helped his mom set up her Fitbit. We gave her his old one. After he finished setting it up, Drew came over and kissed my cheek to wake me up. He is so sweet. He said, “Want to go soon?” I said, “Okay.” I smiled and got up from the couch. His mom packed us up at a doggie bag to take home. I love when they do that, because it is helpful to us. The leftover food will help with his lunches and dinners for a couple of days. It seems like Drew had a great birthday weekend, now to get home and start a new week again.

Belated Father’s Day Gift

That morning, I woke up kind of restless and bored. I watched some more Riverdale, made us breakfast. I put my laundry away and cleaned some more around the house. Drew was feeling restless too. Drew got invited to go watch the World Cup game in the afternoon around 2pm at his friend Tony’s. I laid on the couch and watched  Riverdale until it was time for me to go meet my dad at the movie theater. I drove out to Bridgeville to Phoenix Big. Last time I was there was with Drew to see Avengers: Infinity War. The theater was just cited for mouse droppings.  I don’t mind going there. Mice won’t keep me away. I bought my dad Snocaps at the dollar store and I bought Sour Patch kids extreme for me.
Once I arrived at the theater, he was parked out front and I parked across from him. I gave him a hug and wished him a happy father’s day! He said, thank you! come here look what I got for you and Drew.” I go to the back of the car. he lifts up the trunk and pulls out a huge box, 75.00 worth of fireworks. I think the sunglasses were able to hide the shock on my face. He said, “don’t tell your mom.” I said, “oh wow. um, Daddy thank you, but I am not sure where we are going to be able to set these off at.” He said, “Oh you will find someplace, here open your car.” He put the fireworks in the backseat of my car. I texted Drew and told him about the fireworks. He said the same thing I did pretty much, thanks, but where are we going to set these off at?
Once inside the theater, I kept thinking oh my God I have 75.00 of fireworks in my backseat. I bought us popcorn and a drink. He was grateful. We walked to the theater room and took a seat. The theater was pretty much empty. The movie was okay. It was called hereditary. There were parts that made me jump and gruesome special effects, but it was just weird. There was so much hype calling it this generations “Exorcist,” etc. I didn’t think that was true. I noticed sometimes Daddy would close his eyes and fall asleep a little, but then wake right back up again. He is slowing down a little bit. My mom is too, but we will always have horror movies and are going to continue making as many memories as we can.
After the movie, I hugged my dad goodbye and drove home. Once I arrived home, Drew wasn’t feeling too well, but he was happy to see me. He said he had a headache. I told him I had one too earlier. I took some Motrin, I had a headache coming on.  I made dinner for us, and then we watched Smallville until it was time for bed. Another week was coming up fast.

Dog Sitter Drama

The morning went slow. I had lunch in the kitchen with the girls. I remembered my lunch today. 🙂 We were going to the hospital to see Grandma after work today. It has been a roller coaster ride with her.
After work today, I met up with Drew and we drove to AGH traffic was a little backed up since it was rush hour. When we arrived at the hospital, we took the elevator to the 6th floor. When we walked into her room, Drew’s mom and Aunt Paula were in the room. A nurse was tending to her. We noticed that my mother-in-law and Aunt Paula had gloves and a smock on. We asked if we need to be suited up, and the nurse said, “No we rolled out pneumonia, but she does have MRSA.” We entered the room and kissed her cheek. She was so happy to see us. We both gave Aunt Paula and mom a hug. It was nice to be there together.
Drew pulled over a chair and took a seat. I held Grandma’s hand for a moment. Then Drew showed her pictures from our trip. Emotions were lifted and happy. We are trying to stay positive. She beat pneumonia before and a staph infection.  My mom calls her the energizer bunny.
Eventually, my mother-in-law and Aunt Paula left, and Grandma fell asleep. We stayed until about 7pm, and then said our goodbyes to Grandma and left the hospital. On the way home, we picked up some fried chicken for dinner at the grocery store. I don’t know why, but every once in a while I crave it. Then, we went home. Well on our way home, Drew realized that he forgot his house key on the coffee table in our living room. He gave it to me the other day to let me in when he went to the store.
We had to meet his dad at the mall parking lot to get the spare key we gave him. I was so annoyed. I was hungry and ready to go home! When we got home, I said please put the key on your key ring. He laughed and did so. I heated up dinner and platted it for us. We ate and then I got a shower and planned to relax the rest of the night.

Image result for smallville
Well, we were laying there watching Smallville. I have him into the show. I am so glad. It is such a good show and I love Tom Welling, especially as Superman.

After one of the episodes, I checked my phone and turned on the camera app to check on the dogs. The dog sitter asked my mom if she could take the dogs with her back to her house. My mom said, “no.” She said, she will be gone for like 3 1/2 hours to do laundry. My mom said That is okay just leave the dining room light on and give Louie and Paris a calming pill (melatonin) before you leave, they should be okay until you get back. While I was watching the camera, Louie was howling and crying in the dining room. The light wasn’t on in the dining room, only the kitchen light. I said, this woman is stupid. I know she didn’t give them melatonin or else he wouldn’t be this upset.
When I talked to my mom, eventually I got her to agree to fire the dog sitter that night. I said, “She is not following directions, she isn’t being kind to the dogs, and not giving them any love and attention. She is not a good fit for this job.” My parents kind of agreed. I said, “have her leave her key on the kitchen counter when she leaves for work and I will take over starting tomorrow evening.” My parents were so happy and would rather watch the dogs, than anyone. The girl they have during the day is awesome with them, but she won’t stay the night. She is scared. My mom said she is only 19. I said, at 19 I was begging my mom and dad to go so I could stay the night at my house by myself.
After I got off the phone with my mom, I picked up a bag to go to my parents. Drew made my salads for me for the next couple days. I was so happy and so thankful for him. I got the car packed up and then it was time for bed. I was going to have a nonstop couple of days.

Chiro, Shopping, Church, Snow

This morning, we woke up around 7:30am and got ready to go to the chiropractor. We had to leave the house in an hour. Drew is not a morning person and was kind of out of it. I was ready to go and start the day. We are different in that respect. We took two separate cars to the Chiro, and after we got adjusted I was going to go to my parents and spend the day with them. I wasn’t sure what Drew was going to do.
When we arrived at the Chiro, we walked in with Dr. Bailey, who just arrived when we did. We talked about getting over the flu and he said, the flu can really damage your joints, so I know you are definitely out of alignment. I definitely was. I was not looking forward to his adjustment.
After we got adjusted we made our appointment for the same time, but two weeks from now. I was going to need it again I am sure. After we left, I kissed Drew goodbye and got in my car. I drove to my parents in Crafton. I couldn’t wait to see my dogs. When I arrived at my parents, I was able to snuggle my dogs and kiss them. I missed them so much. We hung out for a bit, then went to get breakfast at Hanlon’s.
When we arrived at Hanlon’s we ran into Helena and Vince, my cousins and Lisa and Jim; my mom’s friend’s daughter and husband. In two weeks, my mom and I are attending Lisa’s shower and I am not looking forward to it. Showers are boring when they are not your own. I hugged Helena and Vince. Then I hugged Lisa and Jim. Lisa and I talked about her shower and her wedding. She said that she is so excited. Jim asked me if I was excited about England? I said, yes, I am so excited! I have no clue where we are staying and what our itinerary is, but I am so excited to go and experience it. I asked Lisa, about her honeymoon and where they are going? She said, “We are going to Vegas. We don’t want to travel out of the country right now.” I laughed inside, and I tried to control my reaction. I said, “Oh okay, well to each their own.” Then she kind of dismissed me and said, “I will see you in a couple weeks.” I smiled and sat down in the booth with my parents.
When I sat in the booth, I rolled my eyes and my mom saw and mouthed, “What?” I said, “passive aggressive comments, like oh we don’t want to go to out of the country. it’s not a good idea now, so we are going to Vegas. knowing well enough I am getting ready to go to England. How socially awkward she is.” My mom thinks I am sensitive, but I am right. Something you shouldn’t say to someone, who is going out of town in two months. My mom sort of agrees after I explain it, but it wouldn’t be a shock if she disagreed.
After we finished at breakfast, we went home to get the dogs ready to go to the groomers. I sat in the backseat of the car with them on the way to the groomers. We dropped them off, and then went on our way to Robinson. We stopped at Dressbarn. I didn’t find anything, but my mom found jeans and a top. I was happy for her.
We went to the mall and stopped in at American Eagle and I tried on two pairs of High Rise jeans with the help of Kyle, our fabulous sales associate. He helped me with my jeans and I, in turn, started talking about my friend Anthony and how they should meet. Kyle has never heard of the Blue Moon in Lawrenceville, so I was glad to hear that he wasn’t tainted. Kyle is just like Anthony with his attitude and his sayings. I managed to get them to talk, via text. I added Kyle on Facebook and showed him pictures of Anthony and he thought he was cute.
When we left, Kyle and I messaged back and forth about Anthony and that if they wanted to hang out, then great and if not, then no pressure Kyle and I could still be friends. Kyle was cool with it and Anthony seemed cool with it too, so I helped them exchange numbers and it seems they texted all day and into the evening from what I heard.
After the mall, we went to the groomers to pick up the pups. They looked so good. I love how they look when they first come back from the groomers. I sat in the backseat with them on the way back to Crafton. The roads were starting to get sick and I wondered if I should just have my mom and dad drop me off at home. I wasn’t sure what the best thing to do was, but I needed to get on the road.
When we got back to my parents, I said goodbye to them and the dogs. I drove to Greentree and looked at the time I had 15 mins until 4pm. I thought well maybe I will go to 4pm mass. I drove to Saint Simon and Jude, parked, and got out of the car. I walked inside and took a seat at the third pew. I had such a spiritual experience here last year and I want to get back to that feeling make it last. I was so close with my faith last year and revisiting my faith as an adult has been so different.
When mass started, I stood up and noticed a particular priest was presiding the mass. I was a little excited for all the wrong reasons. He and I had a few moments of flirtation, last year while my dad was becoming a Catholic. He was easy on the eyes, but he was a priest and most importantly I am a married woman!
When he was up at the altar preparing the Eucharist, he noticed me and his eyes went up some in surprise, but he had to stay in the moment. It was nice to be acknowledged. After mass he said the sin bin is now open, I will be back in the confessional after mass today. I went to confession. I swear I did go for the right reasons. I was due. I went inside the confessional and knelt down at first, and he said: “Wow it is nice to see you again.” I said, “same here Father.” He said, “What are you sorry for?” I looked down and raised my eyebrows some if he only knew. I said, “Well I haven’t been able to attend church as much as I should be, and I am in grad school and that takes up a huge chunk of my time. He nodded his head and congratulated me in grad school. He encouraged me to make time for prayer and maybe write in a journal, how did Jesus love me today?

Throughout the confession, he provided me with guidance on homosexuality in the Catholic faith, because I told him about my friend Anthony that I am very close with, and he said that he wants me to make sure my friendships are not above my marriage, and that is my job to get my husband to heaven. I was floored and never thought of it like that. He asked me if I would want to share my experiences with newly engaged couples, who are looking to get married within the Catholic faith. I was excited and thought that I would definitely want to do that, but when am I going to have the time now?
After the confession, he gave me my penance, which was to go home and give my husband a big hug and tell him I love him. I was surprised. I typically have to say quite a few prayers for penance. He absolved me from my sins and told me to not be a stranger and how great it was to see me. I feel better so much better and so determined to be the best version of myself.
On the way home, I called Andrew and I told him about my day, and he had just woke up. He was not feeling well all day. I felt bad, but he really needed to just take the day. I asked him about what the priest said, about sharing our story of marriage, and giving advice.  He was excited about it, but asked me when we were going to have time for that? I agreed with him. It may not be something we can take on, until after grad school. He supports me being involved in my faith and for that I am glad.
When I got off the phone with him, I stopped at WalMart and got his shampoo, and a cute St. Patrick’s day skirt, that lights up and two hair bows for when we guest bartend at the Cafe on St. Patrick’s day. I need to amp up my gear for St. Patrick’s day. I already have wings and beads. Drew has a t-shirt and a bow tie. We should be good, but we will see. Then, I picked up Chinese food take out for us, and then it was finally homebound.
When I walked in the door, Drew walked over to me and gave me a big hug, and my penance was finished. I was so happy to see him. He looked like he was better, but I felt bad that he was out of it. We ate dinner, and he helped me bring stuff in the house. I got a shower, then we watched Smallville together. I am trying to get him into it. I think it is working. We have 10 seasons to watch. It was a long show!