Pool Day/Anthony’s Birthday Dinner

Finally, the weather was going to be warm enough and it wasn’t supposed to rain. Stephanie and I have been back and forth via text about a pool day soon. When we woke up on Saturday, it looked like a great day for the pool!

We went to Stephanie and Mike’s around 11am. I helped her get packed up and ready.  Drew was able to see Mike for a little bit before we left. We decided to take our car to the pool. Stephanie had Stephen’s Birthday gifts in her trunk and she didn’t want him to see them.

When we arrived at the pool, we set up our lawn chairs, and the kids wanted to go in the pool right away. It was so cute. I put sprayed some sun tan lotion on Stephen while Stephanie finished getting things out and setting up.

Stephanie and Mike’s children call me Daniel Tiger. For those of you who don’t know who Daniel Tiger is, he is a character from Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. It is a popular children’s show here in Pittsburgh! Emma is getting older know and knows how to say Danielle, but it is still cute to hear them say, “Daniel Tiger!” 🙂 I got in the water and swam around a bit, but I just wanted to lay out and work on my tan.

Admittedly, I did not put sun screen on just tanning oil. I didn’t think I was going to get burned. It wasn’t that hot and there were some clouds in the sky, but I should have known you can still get burned when there are clouds!

Around 3:00pm, we left and went home. We got showered and changed. Then went to Bakersfield Tacos for Anthony’s Birthday Dinner. My best friend Anthony is 27 years old. Dinner was interesting. Image may contain: 9 people, including Dylan Murtha, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

The tacos are Ala Carte and they are small like three full bites worth. I had two a steak one and a baja shrimp one. Drew had the same. We also ordered chips and guacamole. Plus drinks it was a bit pricey. Anthony chooses places that are  interesting.
After dinner, they had reservations to go on a boat tour of the city. Andrew and I didn’t join them. I wasn’t that interested. I had to go back to my parents and drop off of a form for them that they need to fill out, so I can fax it on Monday at work.

When we said our goodbyes, Drew and I went to the meatball restaurant where Anthony had his birthday last year. They have a beer garden on top of the roof. Andrew and I had a drink there before heading to my parents. It was good to get out, but I was ready to head back.

When we arrived to my parents, I said hi to my pups and held them for a bit, and my mom filled out the form. My Uncle Larry passed away and his funeral is on the 17th. She needed to fill out this form and then I am to fax this form and my uncle’s DD214 on Monday. We talked about the funeral, my dad’s eye surgery to remove a cataract that he has in his eye, and about the family.

Once Drew and I got home, I started feeling nauseous and I had a headache. I wanted to sit outside, but I decided to get a shower and head to bed. My monthly visitor is on it’s way and this usually happens right before it arrives.

Labor Day

We spent a few hours at the wave pool, soaking up the last pool day of the year. I am already looking forward to next summer. I will miss laying out by the water and going to the pool. It was pretty packed. The guy got on the intercom and made the announcement that they will be closed for the season at 3:30pm today. He made that announcement every hour.
When we left the pool, we went to Bath and Body Works. I needed some scent plugins for Fall. When I do homework, at home in our office I like to plugin the stress relief scent. I wanted to get a couple of those as well. We also bought a Halloween candy dish, but I think it is a dish that you set your jar candle on.
After Bath and Body Works, Drew dropped me off at home and then he went grocery shopping. I needed to get a shower and sit down and do some homework. I wanted to finish my summaries for my Monday night class, or at least start them. They are due next Monday (9/10). I am just trying to take it one assignment at a time.
When Drew came home, I helped him put away the groceries, and we watched the Season 6 finale of Smallville. I can’t believe we are about to start Season 7. I haven’t watched this show in so long. I am glad I got him into it. I look forward to seeing Tom Welling!
After the season finale, I worked on the budget proposal for my internship with RMU. I sent him what I had so far. It is not done, but it is a step in the right direction. I heard back from him and said, thanks for doing this and we will be in touch about the official onboarding process soon. I imagine people were taking long weekends being that is Labor Day weekend. When it was time for bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned. I love long weekends, but they throw me off.

Wave Pool Weekend

So I spent the past two days at the wave pool and I have such an awesome tan! I love the wave pool. Anthony joined us yesterday, but today he went to Italian Day at Kennywood. I am not a huge amusement park person. I much prefer a day at the pool. I used SPF 50 on my face, but tanning oil on my arms, legs, and stomach, and chest. I am playing with fire I know, and my dermatologist is going to kill me, but I am loving my tan and the sun. In Pittsburgh, we get so little of it, before it gets cold again.
That evening, Drew cooked on the grill and we made burgers and dogs once again and heated up the corn on the cob from July 4th. I played some music outside for us and worked on my blog. I am not ready for another week ahead.

Eiffel Tower and More

Eiffel Tower and More

This morning, we woke up got showered, and got ready to go explore Paris. We needed espresso, as well. When we stepped outside, we looked around and saw some cafes. Our Airbnb was on Rue Clazel street. If you walk up the street some, you will see some cafes all in a row. One of them was the Stress Relief Cafe. A man was outside spraying off the sidewalk, and the property. When we crossed the street, Drew walked right where we was cleaning off the street. I tried to step around it. I looked at him and did say, “excuse me and sorry.” It still didn’t matter he gave us an evil look and shook his head. It didn’t seem to matter to him. They are big on the little things like that over there. It really wouldn’t have mattered in the U.S. They know it’s a public area and people are bound to walk there eventually. The plan was to go to that Stress Relief Cafe, but apparently we caused some stress for one of the workers, and I didn’t want anything to happen to our food, the place two doors from the Stress Relief Cafe is this little place called, “Tea Follies.”

Tea FolliesWhen we approached Tea Follies, they had the menu up outside. While we looking at the menu, the host/owner said, “Bonjour.” I looked up, smiled, and said, “Bonjour.” He motioned for us to come and said, they were open. We took a seat at the table by the entrance of the restaurant.  He brought us two menus. I smiled and looked up at the water and said, “deux double espressos sil vous plait.” He smiled and went into the restaurant. He had to know I was trying my best. I think he respected it. While he was getting our espressos, we looked at the menu. Drew and I both settled on the l’Anglaise which means in French, that is cooked in the English manner.  The l’Anglaise came with an omelette, fresh greens with a vinaigrette dressing, croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice.

The croissants were amazing, so big, so fluffy, crisp, and buttery. I confessed to the waiter at one point that we were American, and that it was my dream to come to Paris. He said, welcome to Paris in French. I smiled and so did he. Once we were finished, we cashed out and said, “Merci, au revoir. he said, “Au revoir.” We walked in the direction of the metro station and I asked the woman at the information counter, in French if she spoke English? She said, “Yes.” I smiled and I always feel so silly, when they say yes. Then Drew took over and he told her where we were going and she printed us a ticket. It was good for the entire day.
After we got off the metro,  we walked what seemed like forever until we finally saw it in the distance. There she was, this was my first picture of the Eiffel Tower.

As soon as I saw it, I grabbed Drew’s arm. He knew how long I have been waiting for this moment. I was instantly starstruck. I wanted to fall to my knees. I could feel them buckling underneath me. I have been obsessed with France ever since I started learning the French language. Everything, almost everything in my house is the Eiffel Tower. It is a serious obsession for me. I couldn’t believe it and there she was. I took a deep breath and we kept walking.  We had to go to the History Group Center in order to check in for our tour.

As soon as we walked in, the receptionist behind the desk said, “Salut.” I said, “Salut, ca’va?” She said, “Bien, et toi?” I nodded and smiled, “bien, merci.” Then I confessed. I am American and she laughed. We told her we were there for the Eiffel Tower tour. She gave us our tickets and said, to come back in 15 mins, or we can wait in the lobby. I said, “We will be back in 15 mins.” We went together to see the Eiffel Tower. It was so magical.

I couldn’t believe we were finally there. After we took some pictures, we went back to the History Group, we met with our tour guide, Igor. He took us all to the Eiffel Tower, and then we skipped the line, and went through secuOnce through security, we entered the plaza part of the tower. This picture was taken underneath the Eiffel Tower:
 Once through security, we entered the plaza part of the tower. Once we entered into the Eiffel Tower, we had to go ups some stairs to an elevator.  At the elevator, Igor was telling us some primary information about the tower. I couldn’t help it. I took a selfie of me touching one of the beams of the Eiffel Tower.  I was so in love and so in the moment. Below is the view from the top of the second tier of the Eiffel Tower tower.

Igor,  tour guide pointed out that everything in Paris runs on a line and is all connected. The giant sky scrappers in a cluster are called the “financial district.” We would call it downtown Pittsburgh, or corporate. Igor pointed out the area of  Montmaire. This is where the Sacred heart is, and where the events of the movie “Midnight in Paris” took place. Montmaire is where all the writers like Hemingway and Fitzgerald got into some drunken trouble. I would love to have seen that town, but we don’t have time and I heard it is not that safe, which is unfortunate. He also pointed out the Concorde, where Marie Antoinette was executed. I had to stop myself from getting so excited. Unfortunately, there is no plaque dedicated to her, or to mark her execution site, which is sad. She didn’t do great things for France, but still.

This is the military training location. Napoleon built it to train the French military. Drew wanted to go there after. I was excited to see the view of the tower from that area.
After we finished at the second tier, we took a selfie with Igor, our tour guide:














Then we made our way to the Summit. An elevator took us to the top of the tower. The view from the Summit was so breath taking. We had champagne at the top of the Eiffel tower.

On our way down, we found a macaroon stand, so of course we had to have macaroons, while being in the Eiffel Tower!

Image may contain: people standing



We also stopped at a souvenir store and I got Angie an Eiffel Tower key chain, Drew got a bottle of XO; the bottle is in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. I also picked up a miniature Eiffel Tower in the french flag colors for my desk at work, Lord knows I have so much Eiffel Tower stuff at the house already. 🙂









On our way down from the tower, we took the stairs down one of the legs of the tower. It was so cool! I was walking down the stairs of the Eiffel Tower.  Look at at sun! I like to think. It was my Grandma shining down us. My Grandma wanted to take me to Europe when I turned 14, but her knees were not in good shape. It would be too much walking for her. I understood, but there she was that sun, shining down on me, making sure we had a warm and beautiful day for this memory to occur.















The next stop was Napolean’s military training center, but the view of the Eiffel Tower from there is amazing!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, cloud, bridge, outdoor and water

When Germany took over France in WWII. This where Hitler stood to admire the Eiffel tower and his victory over France.










The next stop on the list was the Arc De Triomphe:
The Arc was built to honor the members of the French military. In order to get over to the Arc and see it you have to cross this busy intersection. In order to cross, you have to run. As soon as we found a break in the traffic, we ran so fast to the other side where the Arc is.










So worth it! I was a sweaty mess in this picture. There I am directly under the Arc, so cool!














The next stop was the Louvre. When you think of the Louvre, you think of the pyramid structure and you think that is all it is, right? Maybe it was just me, but I was confused. How is this the Louvre? and where is the pyramid structure thing? I asked a random person if they spoke English, in french? and she said, “Yes.” hehe another. I asked what this place was. She said, why it is the Louvre! I said, “Oh okay. I didn’t know this all was the Louvre. I thought the Louvre was just the glass pyramid structure.” She said, “No, this is all the Louvre. It is the biggest museum in France. This is also where all the Kings of France lived, except for Louie the 14th. He built…” I cut her off and said, “Versailles.” I smiled, and wanted to give off the impression like yea, I know lady. I said, “Thank you.” We walked away and just were in awe of the structure. I learned something.

Oh, there is the glass pyramid structure. *palm to forehead*










After the Louvre, the last stop on the agenda for the day was to see Notre Dame. We walked 18 mins from the Louvre to reach Notre Dame for quick picture, then it was back to the Airbnb!

Once we got back to the Airbnb, we showered and got ready to go to dinner in Pigalle. It was a metro ride away from our Airbnb. We ate at a mistro outside of the Moulin Rouge. This area of Paris was kind of trashy. There were so many sex shops and weird people in the streets. I wasn’t all that comfortable, but this was Drew’s idea.   Rouge Bis

I didn’t want to leave Paris. I wanted to stay. I dreaded the thought of going back to England. I knew we would have a good time, but Paris has been my dream for so long, now just leave me here.
Our waiter at this place was so cool. I tried out my French and he was appreciative, but we communicated better in English. I was in the mood for a burger and fries, so that is what I had. I also had two vodka and tonics, then it was time to go back to our Airbnb for our last night in Paris.

Wave Pool Day

Wave Pool Day

This morning, we got up and got ready to go to the pool. We were going to meet Anthony there. We arrived at 11:30am. There wasn’t a line, which was nice. We got right in. When we got our spots and laid our towels down. I was kind of concerned. I didn’t see Anthony and it was taking him a while to get here. I was hoping everything was okay. I know that he helped his mom move yesterday, but where was he?

After a while, Andrew and I got in the water and swam around. It was so cold. He picked me up and held me. Then I looked at the entrance and saw Anthony walking in. I was glad he was here! He made it! He said there was a busload of people getting dropped off and he got stuck in the line behind them.

At one point, Anthony and I were laying out, and Drew was on his towel. A bug kept coming after Anthony so he couldn’t relax. He got up and went to the towel. he said he won’t rest until he kills the bug. It was hilarious. We all went swimming, and the boys crashed into the waves and annoyed the girls it was hilarious. Andrew tackled me in the water. It was fun. We had a great day. We all are a little burned, but overall it was a good pool day.

After the pool, we said goodbye to Anthony and then went home and made dinner. It was 5pm, when we finally were getting dinner started. We had a nice healthy dinner. Drew cooked on the grill. He made a London broil and grilled zucchini. I made a salad and tomato caprese. I took care of the inside, while he grilled outside. It was nice.

After dinner, we cleaned up and I did some more laundry and took it easy.

July 4th

This morning, we were slow to get up, but we wanted to make a little breakfast and get the buffalo chicken dip made to take to the cookout. We were going to his boss’ house.

After we ate breakfast, I made the dip, which is the easiest thing ever to make. Then, we got showered and got ready. Right before we walked out the door, we watched the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. I planned on not having a hot dog today. I was so turned off and a bit sick to my stomach watching those guys eat.

When we left the house, we stopped at the mall, and dropped my wedding rings off to be rhodium dipped, then we were on our way to his boss’ house, which was in a beautiful neighborhood. All the houses were so nice.

When we arrived, we started drinking and waited for Jim and his family to arrive. When the ly arrived we played a drinking game to the song Small Town by John Mellencamp. Every time he said the words small town, we had to take a sip. We had so much fun. We played so many games of cornhole. I was able to get the bean bag in the hole a few times.

For dinner, we ate hamburgers, macaroni salad and baked beans. Of course we had chips and dip, veggies, and etc. Everything was so yummy.

We stayed until 9pm, then we decided it was time to go. Drew had to work I. The morning. I didn’t have to work, but I was so tired.
I hope everyone had a safe July 4th!🇺🇸🤗

Pool Day

This morning, we woke up and made breakfast. I started the coffee and the bacon, but he took over. He likes to make breakfast, but he was happy I got it started. I watched Jamestown while he made breakfast. I was almost finished with the show.

After we ate breakfast, I cleaned up, and we got ready to go to the pool. We wanted to get there around 11:30am, that is when it opens, and we are always the one standing in line, waiting for it open. I decided to wear my green and black bikini, something different.

Once inside the pool, they weren’t really all that busy, but we figured they would get busy soon. We got our spot. Drew went to go get a bottle water for us, and I laid out our towels, and sat down. I started applying the sun screen, and then Drew arrived. We got lathered up, and then I stepped into the water, and laid out, by the shallow end. I call it sauteing.

When the bell would ring, and the waves would start, I would sit up some, and tie my top. I am not a fan of tan lines, or after I would tie my top. I would go back to the towel and reapply my lotion and check on my Husband. Sometimes I would lay on my stomach, so I can get some sun on my back.

After the waves were over, I would go back into the water. When we first arrived, Drew and I went swimming in the deep end together. I don’t call it swimming. I call it trying to survive and save my life. I am not a good swimmer. Drew was there to rescue me, and help me.  He is a great swimmer. We swam for a wave session, then once the waves were over, we went back to laying out.

When we left the pool, it was about 1:40pm. We decided it was probably time to go. We had a couple hours of sun, and I had a nice color to me so far. We wanted to get our grocery shopping done for the week. We also weren’t sure what to cook for dinner, but we remembered his parents saying something about having Sunday dinner at their place. Ken and Cheryl would be there, and they invited some other friends of Dad’s over. We decided to see if we were still invited.

When we got in the car, Drew turned on his phone, and there was a text from mom saying that dinner would be at 5pm, if we changed our minds. We told her we would be there, and wanted to know if there was anything we could bring. Dad said just to bring 4 little acid cigars. We went to the grocery store and did our grocery shopping. We had to pick up the ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip. We were going to make that for the cook out on Tuesday.

After the grocery store, we went home and unloaded the groceries, and got ready to go to his parents house. I wanted to wear this white little sun dress to show off my tan and some flip flops, very chill and summery. Drew needed to stop for gas, so we stopped at GetGo. After he pumps his gas, we go inside and get some ice tea. When we get to the check out counter, we put our teas on the counter. The guy tells us the total. he looks at me and says, “Nice Dress.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” I look up at Drew. he doesn’t look back at me, so I look at the guy. Then the guy said, “Just wondering, do you both like Horror Movies?” We both said, “Yes we do.” He asked, “What is your favorite series?” We both said, “Halloween.” He said, “Yes Michael Myers is good, but I am a Friday the 13th fan myself.” I said, “Yes, Jason Vorhees. Camp Crystal Lake.” He said, “I am just wondering, because I am getting ready to make my own horror movie.” I was thoroughly crepped out. Now if you know me, you will know that it doesn’t take too much to shock me, scare me, or surprise me. I have a pretty open mind, but today and in this moment, I was officially scared.

When we were on our way out the door, only one door was working. The other door was locked. I knew that coming in, but I was in such a hurry to get out of there, I kind of stumbled into the locked door, before quickly pushing open the working door. Drew was laughing at me. I turned to look at him once we got outside. I said, “What the hell was that? ” We both were a little crepped out by that guy.

Once we got to his parents, we told his mom and dad the story. They laughed. Eventually Ken and Cheryl showed up and then we all sat outside, and talked about everything Poltics, LGBQT community, the word today, history, and the like. Then we all decided to go inside and eat dinner.

As we were eating dinner, another couple shows up. Dad’s friend Larry and his wife. They joined our table, but different really eat. They seemed a bit different. They had 5 children and they home schooled all of them. I find that to be very selfish. I never knew anyone who was home schooled, but talk about wanting your kids to stay in the confines of their home, and never being allowed to experience things that other kids experienced. It is actually pretty sad. I liked Ken and Cheryl better they are more down to earth.

When we got home, while I finished watching the Jamestown series, I painted my nails.  I borrowed some nail polish from my mother-in-law and painted my nails and my toes. I wanted to do white and red for the 4th, but I couldn’t get the red bottle open, so my nails are white, and so are my toes. The color is called a Pearl of Wisdom from the OPI Infinity Shine collection. I like this polish. I will have to invest in it sometime. I wanted 4th of July nails. I think this is the closest I am going to get.

When the Jamestown series ended, I thought it was okay. I am glad I watched it, but it wasn’t all that good. I thought some parts were better than others, but the plot line and the characters were a bit a weak.  I was hopeful for more. It had a happy ending, which is nice. Not many historical fiction shows do, but I am ready to start a new series. I will have to find another one to get sucked into.