This morning, I woke up and got a shower, I looked in the mirror and saw how red I was on my chest and arms, not so much on my face. I finally got that sun that I wanted to get so badly! Today, is Stephanie and Mike’s youngest son’s birthday, Stephen. I looked outside and thought today looks like a great pool day! We thought about going to the wave pool, but Drew said it was supposed to rain around 2:30pm (it ended up not even raining). It was probably a good thing we didn’t I needed to work on this market assessment evaluation for my adviser. I meet with her on Thursday and I need to have something to show her and I do have a few questions. I am finding that it is not as easy as I thought it was, or maybe I am thinking too much about it.

After we ate breakfast, so Drew could get ready to go to the  grocery store, I put in his work clothes. He was going to grill out tonight, but also wanted to go to the gym. While he was at the store, I started researching. He called me to check and see if we had olive oil, so I got up from my computer and checked. I said, “No, we need some.” Then, we got off the phone. I went back to researching and then he texted and said I am on my way home. I ignored his text and kept working on my project. When he came to the door with the groceries, he rang the door bell. I got up from my computer, and opened the door for him. He carried the groceries into the kitchen and set them on the counter. i asked if he wanted help? He said, “no I got it you go back to researching.” I said, “Your clothes are done in the washer. Do you want me to get them or are you going to hang them up after you put groceries away?” He said, “can you hang them up for me please?” I went down to the basement and hung them up. I put another load of clothes in the washer. He was on his hands and knees looking for a mixing bowl to marinate the steak and the chicken. I walked into the kitchen and saw him I said, “Why don’t you just go to the gym with me tomorrow and prep dinner, and help me around the house so I can get this project started on?” I felt like he was doing too much with little time.  He said, “Alright, I can do that.” I smiled and I helped him with the marinade and then went back to the project.

As I was working on the project, I was running into some road blocks and needed to ask her some questions on Thursday. Luckily, it is not due until end of August, and we are just collecting raw data. I took my computer outside, around 4pm when we started to grill and tried to research one more piece and then I put it aside for the night to enjoy my evening. I was able to get most of the laundry done and I assisted him clean up in the kitchen. Dinner was amazing! Steaks, asparagus, chicken (marinated on the grill). We made extra food for the week. I need to get back to eating low carb if not keto.

Goals of the week ahead:

  • Hopefully hear about an interview for the GSA position
  • Gym
  • Happy Hour with my music Friends on Tuesday
  • Meet with my adviser on Thursday to go over this project
  • Long weekend next weekend

Sunday Matinee

I arrived at RMU by 12:30pm to set up and sell tickets for the Matinee. I hope I get to help out at the theater in the future. I really did have so much fun meeting the theater students. It brought back some memories.

Anthony and Dylan my friends that I met at RMU in theater class are coming to see the play today. When they arrived, I hugged them both and said, “this is where we first met.” I am very sentimental person.

After I finished selling tickets and the show was about to start, I walked into the theater with them. We sat in the back row. We didn’t sit in the back row during class, but it was still so cool to be there with them. The show was experiencing technical difficulties. I only stayed until intermission, then I had to go home. I wanted to see my husband and I had some homework to do for Leadership class.


Low Key

This morning, I was up at 7:45AM. Drew had to work from home today. I finished laundry, showered, made coffee, and pancakes for breakfast. I am supposed to hang out with Anthony today. I am waiting for him to come over so we can start the day. I am not sure what we are going to do. I am also waiting for my cousin Mackenzie to come over and drop the stuff off that my mom and I ordered from Amway. The business she is starting on the side. Then, I need to go to my parents to pick up half of the case of Hint water that my mom ordered. She ordered blackberry and peach. Andrew’s mom drinks Hint water. I love it. Then my mom is going to give me the money from her Amway order. Then where ever the day takes me is where I will go. I have thought about starting a new work week yet, but I feel ready though for whatever is coming my way.

Not Feeling Well

This morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. I texted my barre instructor and apologized for my absence at the studio today. She told me to take care of and feel better. I told her I would see her Wednesday if all was well. I just wanted to go back to bed, but I was up. I got a shower, and put some laundry in the washer. Drew made eggs for breakfast and I ate a little bit, but I wasn’t really all that hungry. I laid on the couch and watched Howard’s End. I have two more episodes to catch up on.
Drew went to the grocery store, came back, and I helped him unload the groceries and put them away. Then he went to the gym. I had no energy to even go work out.  I should, but I didn’t. I went back to sleep on the couch, until 3pm. I got up and finished the rest of the laundry.
When Drew came home, I cooked dinner. We had some fish, so it was easy to just throw it in the oven for 20 mins on 375 degrees. Drew cooked the broccoli. We had dinner around 5pm. It was a waste of a day for me. I was hormonal too. I needed to just go to bed and try again tomorrow. I didn’t have a sore throat anymore which was good.
After dinner, we watched Game Night with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. It was so funny. Some parts were funnier than others, but it was cute. After the movie, I went upstairs and got ready for bed. It was Sunday night and I am always restless on Sunday evenings. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday=Homework All Day

This morning, I made bacon for breakfast for Drew and I, had some coffee, got a shower, watched one episode of Reign. Then I and sat down at the computer and started to get to work on my revisions for my paper. I felt pretty confident. Sure there were some areas that I could expand, and minor punctuation fixes, but other than that I feel confident. I am ready to see my final grade and go to England!
After my paper corrections, I saved them and moved on to the next assignment which was my two home work assignments for Methodology, they were easy. Questions like find the answer in the article where this happened, or that. No math, and no formulas. I like easy.  After I finished the homework assignments, I e-mailed the professor and asked her when we would know the grade that we received on our paper. She said, she was working on them now, but won’t be able to release them until Dr. Lane gets back to her about a question she had regarding grading. She did also say, that I would not be disappointed.
After I finished the homework for methodology, I completed my oral presentation prep for Higher Education Administration. This is the same class, that I have been revising my paper for. I feel pretty confident about it. Me and someone else are the last people to give our presentations. I am not all that nervous. Public speaking is easy for me. It is just the time limit I am concerned about.
When I finished up for the day, it was around 4:30pm. Drew finished the laundry and started dinner. He is so helpful and is there for me 100%. After dinner, we watched the Office, and just relaxed the rest of the night. I got an e-mail from Dr. Q saying the grades for the paper are posted. I logged on and I received a 20/20! I got 100% on paper! I was so happy! I am ready to take on the week.

Last Day as Docent

Last night, I didn’t go to sleep until 3:30AM. I had trouble sleeping always happens when I have been out the night before, and consumed alcohol. I didn’t get drunk, but I did have a couple drinks.

This morning, I woke up at 9:30am, got a shower and got dressed. Andrew was due home at some point today from Ben and Tricia’s. I wasn’t sure what time he was coming home, but I texted him when I woke up, just to say good morning. My stomach was feeling off, so didn’t make any coffee. I just had no motivation to go to the Chapel today. It was my last day as a docent and I was totally okay with it. I just wish I could have done anything else but work today. I so need to get ready for tomorrow, orientation, and then I am reporting to my department for the first time. It is going to start full swing, and I want to be mentally ready.

Around 10:30am Drew came home, I was glad I got to see him before I left the house. He asked if I needed him to do anything around the house to help me get ready for tomorrow? I said, “No thank you baby, but that is sweet. I think I just need to make myself mentally ready, and I am the only one who can do that.” I thought it was nice that he offered and sweet of him to ask. He was in such a good mood, and didn’t seem too hung over or cranky.

When I left the house, traffic was terrible on the parkway heading into the city. I didn’t get to Oakland, until 12pm. I had to drive around for a little. Parking was horrendous.  Thank God parking is free on Sunday and that is probably why it is so bad. Everyone is out and about on this beautiful day and I should be at the pool!

When I opened the Chapel, there were a couple tourists out front. I just opened the door, and put the sign out. If they wanted to come in, they could, but I wasn’t going to let them know that we were definitely open. No extra work,. or extra miles today. I was on the phone with Anthony when I opened and few people came in. I had to get off the phone with them, it was too distracting.

At one point, this man came in and asked, “When was the Chapel built?” I said, “1933.” He said, “Oh that wasn’t part of the WPA deal.” He turned and walked away. I googled the WPA deal. It was something Roosevelt put in place, during the Great Depression to get men back to work, well the Cathedral was part of the deal. I approached him and said, “I never heard of the term WPA deal. I did some research and the Cathedral was part of the deal, so the Chapel must overlap in someway, because this was built around the same time as the Cathedral of Learning.” He said, “Oh okay thank you.” Then he asked me all these other questions about the cathedral. I said, “I am not sure of those answers, sir. However, there is an information desk at the visitors center in the Cathedral, they will be able to help answer your questions better.” Damn my curiosity. All I know about is the Chapel, I don’t get paid to know anything more.

Recently, I had a family visiting from Canada. Their daughter is an accomplished pianist. I asked if she wanted to play the organ? She said, “Oh my God, seriously I have been wanting too.” I said, “Yes, sure. Let me turn it on for you.” I turned on the switch the air went through the pipes, but as she was touching the keys the sound wasn’t coming on. I turned on the sound sequence in the ambulatory, and that didn’t work, so I called Frank. Frank said, that if she is organist she would know what knobs to pull. I said, She is a pianist. Then he told me she would have to push the knobs out in order to get the sound she wanted. I told her what he said, and it worked. She was able to play quite a few songs, and she did so well. Her family was so happy that she was able to play. We talked about the chapel, the windows, where they are from, and etc.

When they left, they gave a nice donation to the chapel, and asked where they could drop a line to my Director or my manager about me, and how well I am doing. They wanted to tell them about how great I made their visit. I was glad to get an at a girl, today. It made me feel good on my last day as a docent.

Around 4:30pm, I have a couple coming into look at the Chapel for their wedding. I am going to close up after I am done with them. I want to get home so badly. I am so tired. I feel like I have so much to do to prepare for tomorrow.

When I got home, Andrew had dinner made, and he surprised me with a bouquet of a dozen of pink roses. He wanted to surprise me and let me know how much he loves me and is so proud of me. I am so damn blessed. I am so happy he is in my life and that he is my husband.

Photo shoot at Pitt/ Babysit Nevah

Today, my mom woke me up when they left at 5am. I went into their bedroom and slept with my dogs, until about 9am, then I got up, fed the dogs, and took them outside. Then I made myself a cup of coffee. Drew woke up and texted me and said, hi bub! I brought him up my coffee, and let the dogs crawl all over him. He woke up not feeling so well. He was a little out of it. He stayed until Mike and Crystal came back. They were in Harrisburg for a wedding. They came back around 1pm, then Drew left to go back to Moon. He was going to go to the gym and rest and relax.

That afternoon, we went to take pictures around Pittsburgh. We stopped at station square first, so Mike and Crystal could go to the Steelers store before the game. This was the last thing I wanted to do on a Sunday, but I was glad to spend some time with my family. I chased Neveah around the store, and the little shopping mall. We took some pictures around Station Square, then we went to Oakland and took some pictures around the Cathedral. I had to be there in a few hours for work.  We just finished taking pictures when the rain started! We got back in the car. I had to take them to station square to get their car, so they could go to the game.

img_0063 img_0196

Unfortunately, I was stuck with Neveah. They snuck out the back of the car, while Neveah was playing with her mom’s phone. She didn’t even notice her mom was gone. I took Nevaeh to Primatnis’ in Robinson. When we were seated, they didn’t have another high chair for her to use. All of them were being used. I sat her in a big girl chair. The next thing you know, she falls off and hits her head on the floor. Everyone, starts looking and judging me. I pick her up off the floor and set her on my lap, she puts her head on me, and says she wants her mommy. I said, “it’s okay, I am sorry you fell.” I rubbed her head. I said, they don’t have any high chair’s I am sorry. I couldn’t take her home, because they wanted to stop home and get something before the game and it would be too hard for them to leave if she knew they were leaving.

Finally, she calmed down and I kept a hold of her, and let her drink my sprite. When our food got here, I held her on my lap and let her eat my fries and share my plate. She was going to be a handful. This was the start of a long night ahead of us.

After dinner, we went back to my parents’ house and I gave her a bath. Mike and Crystal were nice enough to feed the dogs before they left. Then I put on the frozen sing a long, which she watched for a little bit. Then I noticed, that she had a smell to her. I said did you fart? She her hand on my shoulder, and I was sitting on the floor. She said, “no, I poop.” I lifted up her night dress and pulled back her diaper, and saw the poop still formed and coming out of her butt. I said, “You have to let me know when you poop.” She said, “okay.”  I took her into the bathroom, and laid her down gently on the floor. I pulled off the pull up. It was all down her leg, and everywhere. I face timed my parents and my dad answered the video call and saw Nevaeh’s poop and said, “Oh God, Honey you have to see this!”

When my mom got on the phone, she was in the shower and I said, “Mom what do I do?” She started laughing. She said, “You are getting some practice that’s for sure. Clean her up front to back, and then you may have to put her in the tub.” I face timed Crystal and Mike and showed them. They both laughed and said, “This is practice Danni. You may have to put her in the tub.” I hung up the phone. I wiped her down and then took her back up to the tub and cleaned her off again. Then, we watched Bubble Guppies, and I told her that it was time to go lay in Aunt Marilyn’s bed.

When we went upstairs, I brushed my teeth and put on Bubble Guppies, then we laid in bed and she cried herself to sleep. Mike and Crystal didn’t get home until 1am. I let them in the house, because they misplaced the key. Mike picked her up out of my parents bed and took her downstairs. I went back to sleep and Mike had the television blaring. I asked him to turn it down. He said, “Oh I didn’t know you were staying.” I said, “Yea I have to take care of the dogs.” He said, “Oh okay right on.” Right on? Island folk. Finally, the house went silent, and they left at 4:30am.