Pitt Power Couple

This morning Andrew and I both got some homework done. We sat on the couch and I read for class and Drew worked on his accounting homework. We had the Pitt game playing in the background on the TV. We are a Pitt power couple!

In the evening, we went to dinner at the Café with his parents in Aliquippa. On the way home, we drove past the Windmill and they are having their Haunted Mini Golf! We go every year! I am so glad they are still doing it this year. We are going to go next weekend. I need to get my annual Michael Myers picture!

Balancing Commitments

This week I was extremely busy. I might have taken on much more than I can balance. I academically assist with the baseball players at Pitt. I have been doing it now for a year. I enjoy helping them with academic coaching, tutoring, and some administrative tasks. I helped my supervisor conduct grade check-ins. I told him I would try to meet with as many of the guys that I could. I only needed to meet with them for 20-mins to go over their grades, and enter them into a spreadsheet. I think we are going to do this a couple times a semester. I think the next time would be after midterm grades are submitted. On top of the 20-minute grade check-ins, I was academic coaching them, and tutoring them.
                There were some times throughout the week, where I would be behind in getting in touch with them, but they were accommodating and willing to give me 20-mins of their time. I scheduled my last grade check-in in the evening on Thursday. I was planning to submit what I had to my supervisor on Friday. 
                Also, I admittedly did not really put that much energy into the 2-3-page reflection that I had to write for class next Wednesday. I needed to make sure I could still get my homework done, and help the baseball players as well. I am perhaps maybe being a bit too hard on myself, but I could have done a better job at balancing my commitments this week, but it was almost the weekend and I am determined to make some time for myself this weekend.

Pitt Panthers First Home Game

Pre COVID-19, Andrew and I would be at Heinz Field today taking in all the festivities of the first game of the season! We would probably be meeting up with a professor I used to work with in the Sociology Department, tailgate a little. Then head into the stadium to cheer on the Panthers!

However, due to COVID-19 there will be no fans in the stands for now. So the first home game of the season looks a little different this year. We decided to make the most of it, and invite our families over for dinner.

In the morning, I put the pork in the crockpot I order to make pulled pork. I took a 5.85 mile walk in a local office park. Then came home home and made the buffalo chicken dip and waited for our families to come over.

My mom and dad brought the baked beans, buns, and a little dessert. My mother-in-last and father-in-law brought her famous coleslaw. I spent most of the time in the kitchen with the women, while the men watched the game.

The Pitt Panthers won! It was not even a close game. I loved having everyone over. It’s so nice when we can all get together.

Graduation Application

I wanted to get my application for graduation in December submitted. Then it hit me. I am applying for graduation from my Masters program! How in the world is this happening?

It feels weird my last class of my last semester will be in a virtual setting. I can’t believe this how my last semester at Pitt will end.

However, I am grateful to have the opportunity to get my masters and to be graduating in December!

From Agony to Activism Webinar

I attended this webinar and it was so powerful and so moving. The Dean of the School of Education was on of the panelists. I also knew one of the other panelists. In the beginning of the webinar, we were asked to hold our breath for as long as we can. I think it was like 19 seconds. When we were told release our breath, we were asked to imagine how long George Floyd had to go without breathing. I was so moved. I enjoyed hearing from the panelists and learning about ways we can work together to change systemic racism.

To be honest, I am learning about my privilege and my whiteness and how I can use my privilege for the good. This has been hard for me and it is not easy. I have read books about white privilege and tried to really understand how best to stand up and help all students. I am trying to learn and to open my eyes to what is going on out there, and to not ignore it anymore. Imagine what humanity would be like if we took the time to understand our privilege and how to channel it in the right direction.

I reached out to the person who asked us to hold our breath. We are connected on LinkedIn and I told her how much it meant to me, how I appreciate her, and how that moment will remain with me.

Last Assignment Completed

Well the Spring semester is officially over. I just completed my last assignment which was a three minute video on an influential author from the course. I chose Johnson. I am officially done with the Spring semester. It feels weird. Typically, I would be ready to go out and celebrate, and hang out with friends, but nope social distancing is important right now I guess. I am getting to the point where I am over it a little.

I have no plans for the rest of the week. Over the weekend, I will be reviewing nominations for the SLICE Awards and ranking nominations. Andrew and I were just talking what is a weekend anymore? Since there is nowhere to go and nothing to do really except stay at home. I guess a weekend is just a couple days where you don’t have to log onto work. I already miss the old way. I know people are going to say the old way wasn’t working, but ignorance is bliss….

I hope everyone is taking care.

Passed my Lit Review!

This evening I was getting ready to take dinner out of the oven, when I got a text from my friend who is in my grad program. She said, results of her lit review was up and that she passed! I immediately grabbed my phone and logged in. I checked to see if my results were posted and they were. I passed!  I was so relieved. I am so glad that the hardest part is over with. I dropped my phone in excitement. Drew said, “Babe, talk to me! What is it!?” I said,”I passed!” He congratulated me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. He said, he was so proud of me. I am so grateful for him and for his support. I can’t believe it. I am one class away from my Masters degree! I called my parents and told them the news. There were so happy for me. I texted Andrew’s mom and told her. She congratulated me. This was a huge weight off my shoulders. I am ready for summer! One more assignment for Ethics class due next Thursday and the Spring semester is over!

Ethics Homework

Today, I worked on the first half of my ethics homework, and I planned to submit the second half later in the afternoon, or perhaps maybe even tomorrow. I had to read the first half of the book facilitating moral growth in college students, then read a blog entry. The professor sent us our grade on our ethical dilemma papers. I got an A-. He also graded our discussion post from last week, and I got an A on the post as well. I am not too worried about this class. I am anxiously awaiting the results of my lit review! The 20th can’t come soon enough.


As I write this blog post, Drew is vacuuming. Our lives are so exciting right now.  I am just glad we are able to be together during this time of the coronavirus.

Today, I finally submitted my lit review for my Masters of Education. I feel good about it. I am nervous, but I think it will be okay. I am anxious to receive the final feedback and see my grade. It is a Pass/Fail class. I imagine the only you can fail is if you don’t hand in a lit review, so I have to Pass since I turned one in right? It is hard to believe I have one more semester to go and I graduate in December.

At some point today, Andrew’s parents are dropping off our Easter dinner. His dad made Ham, easter bread, and a few other things. I just have to whip up some scalloped potatoes for us tomorrow and we are set. We are excited for our first Easter dinner by ourselves, but a little sober, because we miss being around our families. Hopefully, we will be able to see everyone soon.

I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy.