Dermatologist and the “C” Word

Today, I had my first ever Dermatology appointment at 8am. My mom was going with me. I dropped my car off at my parent’s house. Then we got in her car, we stopped for coffee on the way to Wexford. I was so nervous. I didn’t want to have skin cancer. My mind was racing.

When we got to the Dermatologist, they took me right back. His resident doctor was the frist in the room and she examined my face with a light. Then Dr. English came in and he examined me with the light and wanted to take a biopsy today, but he is pretty sure it is cancer. He has seen enough of these to know. He explained how important it is to wear sunscreen from now on, and especially since I am so young to possibly have cancer!

When I heard the “C” word, I freaked out inside. It was like someone punched me in the gut. I vowed to myself, no more tanning beds, and vowed to put on sunscreen when I go to the wave pool. They said I would know the results in about a week, but I had to wear a Band-aid until I got my stitches out. This was going to be an extremely long week!

After my dermatology appointment, mama and I had some retail therapy at Kohl’s and went to lunch, and then it was time for me to go back to my parent’s house and get ready for my interview with Bradford Schools, which I wasn’t even sure I wanted the position. I just needed something to hold me over in the interim.

When I got to Bradford Schools, I sat in the lobby. There was a woman sitting on the other side, and she had the same public speaker handout I had. Perhaps she was my competition. Then a man walked in wearing a business suit, and took the same handout,  that I had as well. I thought great more competition, and here I am with a bandaid on my face.

Nikki, the hiring manager escorted all of us to this classroom, where she went over the details of the position, and said that we cannot create our own schedule, she hands us a schedule. We tell her how many days we can work. They told us on the phone that we could create our own schedule, which was partly the reason why we all wanted the job. There were many inconsistencies in her explanation that day, compared to what they had said to us previously, on the phone.

One by one, we were pulled away separately to sell ourselves and for her to evaluate us. I was last. When it came time for my turn, I told her upfront about my biopsy, and she felt so bad for me. At the end of our conversation, she handed me a script and asked me to memorize it the best that I can and what time would I be available to come in on Thursday to audition? I thought Thursday, like Thursday! That is a day away! I said morning, preferably. She said, “9:30am?” I said, works for me. What did I get myself into?

When I left the building,  I went outside, and sat down outside of Buckheads and started reciting and memorizing my speech. My mom came to pick me up, and asked how it went? I told her and she said, Yea I don’t think you want that. Well until Pitt calls what am I to do? She said, I agree, but this job isn’t for you. Well that maybe true, but I need to do something until Pitt calls.