Tower of London, Tower Bridge, & Rain Delay

This morning, we woke up early got showered, got dressed, and then went downstairs to have breakfast. After breakfast, we went back to our room, and packed up our book bags, grabbed our umbrellas and we were out the door to the metro station. We took the metro to the Tower of London. When we got off the metro, you walked through a tunnel and I saw this image of Anne Boleyn in the tunnel:

As soon as we saw the tower, I had a feeling that came over me like no other. It felt like an eerie feeling like some bad things went down here. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect.
When we entered into the courtyard of the palace, there were guards in period costumes, who kept everything in order. They were not pleasant and didn’t like to help you or give you any history. They kept it very simple and straightforward.

The first part of the tower, we entered was the Medieval part of the, also known as St. Thomas’ tower. This is where King Edward the 1st stayed when he would visit the tower.

After the Medieval Tower, if you follow the map, it takes you to Lanthorn tower, this where they kept artifacts of Courtly life, from King Edward the 1st’s reign.

After Lanthorn tower, you enter Salt Tower, and this was probably the most chilling of all. People carved their hands into the wall before they died.

After you leave Salt Tower, you enter Broad Arrow, this is where the guards would protect the palace from being infiltrated by peasants, and the enemy. Look at that view of tower bridge!

One thing, Drew and I did, but I do not have pictures of, because they were not allowed was the Queen’s Crown Jewels. The building that houses the crowned jewels a guarded by British Military Guards. After we saw the crowned Jewels, I was standing in front of the Waterloo Barracks (those green tanks)  When, all of a sudden, I heard “Make Way!” It was so loud in my right ear. I jumped a bit and then moved out of the way.

Another set, of guards, was coming to relieve the guards, who guard the Waterloo barracks and the building where the Queen’s Crowned Jewels are kept. Drew said, “That is probably the only man, that you are going to let tell you what to do.” I laughed, because it is true!

After the crowned jewels, we went to “Lower Wakefield Tower.” Supposedly, there are only 23 documented cases of torture in the tower. England wasn’t big on Torture I guess, but the methods they used were so creepy.

All these methods look painful, and I would certainly tell them the truth, and all I knew, if I was being tortured like this. One thing that really gave me the creeps the most was seeing Traitors Gate. This is where Anne Boleyn entered:

Lastly, we saw the final resting place of Anne Boleyn and the others who were executed by hanging.

While they were waiting to be hung, they had to stay in Beauchamp tower. This was such a cool experience and awesome to see, but very creepy and very eerie. After we left the Tower, we went to go see Tower Bridge. We got to climb up to the top and go across to the other pillar, of the bridge, you could see the water below our feet!
Due to a rain delay, we stopped for Fish and Chips to wait out the rain:

After we finished our fish and chips, we made our way back out again. It was still pretty windy and rainy. We thought let’s just go back to the hotel for a nap and dry off, and try to see the Millennium Bridge tomorrow. I felt bad. He really wanted to see the Millennium Bridge.
Once we got off the metro, at Westminster station, we saw these amazing cupcakes, they were gourmet.  We had to get some for a snack and dessert later. They were from Lola’s Cupcakes: Pomegranate Apple Blossom, Vanilla, and I can’t remember the two Drew picked out. When we got back to the hotel, I made us some tea, and we one cupcake each, and then got showered, and then took a nap.
When we got dressed and wandered around Westminster Pier, and decided to have a beer on Thames. After our beer, we wandered back to our hotel, we had another busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Lab Drama

This morning at work the morale was low. Victoria and I didn’t have the energy to cold call, so we mostly just bullshit. Chris went to Costco and bought some more coffee for the office, and had lunch there. Our cold calls were duds, no one really answered, and when they did we got the corporate answer.

In the afternoon, once I left work I went to the gym. While I was on the elliptical, Chris called me. He asked me about our trip to the bank on Tuesday. He said, that he was missing $20, either the bank counted wrong, or $20 was missing from the zipper bag on the journey from the office to the bank. I didn’t like what he was saying. I said, “Chris, stop right there. Call the bank and see if they counted it wrong. I don’t know how much was in there. PNC does everything for you. I don’t count money when I go, they count it, and they fill the slip out.” He said, “Oh okay, so it is my fault for not going over how a deposit works. I see I should have been more specific.” I tried not to laugh in his ear. I could tell how pissed he was. I said, “Chris I am not interested in taking $20 bucks from you.” I couldn’t believe he was doing this. So, he got off the phone with me and went to the bank. Victoria called me while he was out, I said, “is he serious right now? I would never take money from him.” She said, “he is so pissed.” I said, “I don’t know what comes in and out of the office anymore now that I am part-time.” Victoria said she also told him before you go assuming Danielle did anything wrong why you don’t go to the bank and talk to them first, and then check quick books.” Well it turns out this was a book keeping issue.

After I got off the phone with Chris, I continued my work out, and then I called Chris and he said, that it was a book keeping issue, and we will have to figure out how to keep better organized in the future. No apology, just stating what happened, and here is how to fix it. I would have rather had an apology, but whatever. I need RMU to call me next week and offer me the position.

After my work out, that could have been more relaxing, I went home and got a shower. I heated up some dinner, and then finished the show the Handmaid’s Tale, and can’t wait for Season 2 next year.

I think I will start watching the White Princess, when Drew goes to the gym. I finished the laundry, as well.

Image result for white princess

When Drew got home, he got ready to go to the gym. I told him about today, and the phone call from Chris. He thought it was bullshit. Drew had a long commute, I was actually ready for him to leave to go to the gym. I needed to get caught up on my blog, and he wasn’t in the mood. Now to start the White Princess and hopefully tomorrow will be better.